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  • 20-24 May - The Last Week of Classes
    Wait... What!?

    I have been counting down the weeks until summer and the fact that we're already on our final week of classes surprised me. You have six more class days to impart all the remaining learning to your students.

    After school on Tuesday, our seniors will be giving their Transitions Presentations. It's a good experience to see what a Faith finished product looks like. See the information sent out by Steve Hong last week.

    Friday evening is the end-of-year party, the ExCo Circus. If you would be willing to chaperone and help run our carnival games, fill out this form; you don't need to commit to the dunk tank in order to chaperone, but it would be fun if you did.

    If you have any remaining requirements from last Tuesday's ASERT time, please complete them ASAP. The list and instructions are here.

    This week, think through your last days on campus and plan how you will use your time. Make sure you've got the time you'll need to clean up your space, put away materials, and wrap up grading. Before you can check out, you will need to:
    • verify all grades have been posted
    • verify course materials are stored and accessible
    • return all library materials
    • return all equipment to ITS (including school Chromebook if you borrowed one) and fill out their end-of-year form
    • turn in keys if you are leaving
    All of those things will be on your teacher checkout forms you will be getting shortly. 

    Please continue to pray for both the staff transitioning away from Faith Academy, as well as the staff who will be transitioning to Faith next year. Right now, I only know three names of new high school staff: Ashli Moon and Nikki Nisly who will be teaching art, and Anthony van Engel who will be teaching biology. That's a short list compared with all the people we will be losing. Keep praying.

    And, if you have not already done so, respond to the links below... right now.
    Posted May 19, 2019, 4:53 AM by HSD Principal
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Thank You

  • The ending of year things...
    A huge thanks to the performing arts faculty for directing an incredible concert last week. It was a great showcase of the talents our students have and a meaningful culmination of all their work.

    And another huge thanks to Joyce and Linda for all their hours of effort getting us through exam season (although they both have some more to get done). Joyce had an especially rough year this year between sick students and a very persnickety Optical Media Board.

    And one last thanks to Dennis who put in heaps of effort with the grade 10 students to organize and run the White Elephant sale on Saturday. 
    Posted May 19, 2019, 5:02 AM by HSD Principal
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Teaching Thoughts

  • Here's What Teens Say They Need
    Here's just one quick article during this busy time of year.

    The May edition of ASCD has an article on what teens say they are hoping for in school. The sample size was small, but you can read through the article for the researcher's findings. Her conclusions fall into five main categories:
    1. Teens want explicit proof that the adults in their lives know them as individuals.
    2. Teens want easily accessible resources.
    3. Teens demand authentic, meaningful work.
    4. Teenagers crave human interaction.
    5. Teens want the opportunity to fail.
    Posted May 12, 2019, 1:44 AM by HSD Principal
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