Weekly Information

  • 25-29 September - One Quarter of the Way
    I was in transit yesterday and didn't get around to finishing this, so sorry it's a day late. I didn't get too many emails, so hopefully last week ended smoothly for you all.

    I will be wrapping up goals meetings Monday and Tuesday this week. I have really enjoyed hearing your plans for how you hope to help students learn better this year, and I hope we can all encourage each other to keep making progress on our learning goals.

    We will be working in biblical integration during ASERT. Whether or not you are doing Truth Project, come to Tipunan and we'll get organized from there.

    If you had updates or additions to make to any of your courses on CurriculumTrak, those should be done by the end of the week. If you think you won't quite finish in time, let me know.

    As you start to think about October, click on the calendar link above and take note of the sports trips, tournaments, PSAT, etc. taking place during the first three weeks back. A list of students who will be missing school were sent out from Miko last week, so check it twice and give the traveling students any work you are able. Also remember that we will start off second quarter with the all-school assembly at the beginning of the day on 9 October.

    We will hold our high school Parent-Teacher Conferences on Friday. Review the conference tips and come ready to have some good talks with parents. If you need a Chromebook so you can access Sycamore during conferences, just pick one up from the high school office on your way over. 

    Friday schedule:
    • 7:10-11:00 - half-day schedule, periods 1-8; bell schedule will be posted
    • 11:00-11:45 - lunch in staff lounge provided by parents
    • 12:00-4:00 - Parent-Teacher Conferences in Tipunan
    Have a great break! Rest up for second quarter.
    Posted by HSD Principal
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Thank You

  • It took a team
    Thank you to all of you this past week for:
    • helping coach your houses through Spirit Week activities
    • being flexible after classes were called off on Tuesday and we had to change schedules - again - on Wednesday and Thursday
    • cheering on our students as they competed
    And another big thank you to the ExCo team for putting everything together. The number and variety of activities was great.
    Posted Sep 17, 2017, 1:23 AM by HSD Principal
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Teaching Thoughts

  • Do we get more than spirit out of Spirit Week?
    Spirit Week takes a lot of students' - and teachers' - focus off academic matters and takes time away from learning, but we continue to value it and schedule it every year. It turns out there are some good reasons for that, even though we may not have been able to articulate them.

    Several studies, including this one by Harris Poll, have found a positive correlation between students having an affinity for their school ("school spirit") and academic success.

    Just how Google is known for its culture in the business world, achievement is linked to spirit in the educational realm.

    Full disclosure since we want to model proper evaluation of sources: this study was conducted by an independent polling company, but was commissioned by a conglomerate that sells athletic wear, class rings, yearbooks, and sporting equipment to schools.

    And this study (conducted in New Zealand!) also found positive correlations between school spirit and academic success, but in this instance the results were connected with how these types of activities make students feel:

    [School spirit activities are] a vehicle for conveying the values and the ethos of the school... In addition to the collective values which are part of the school identity, school spirit played a role in reinforcing individual worth. “School spirit says this school is a place where I am valued and wanted”.

    Posted Sep 10, 2017, 3:08 AM by HSD Principal
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