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  • 22-26 February - The Prep Week
    We're pushing through January pretty quickly. Thanks for getting students off to a strong start this semester.

    We have had several issues recently with students skipping classes. If a student is not in your class who others say is on campus that day, send an email to Mars. Some seem to think attending classes is optional. Skipping a class gets students an immediate detention.

    Also please keep up on students with dress code. I am nabbing students every day for not wearing uniforms, and I'm in the office most of the day.

    For ASERT on Tuesday, those participating in the Truth Project will meet in their normal locations. All other teaching staff will assemble in the library to break into book study groups.

    Thursday during homeroom (weather permitting) we will take an all-school photo. If you can afford to let your 3rd period students out a couple of minutes early, that would help us get set up quickly. We will be asking that no one wear hoodies that day - at least during the picture - so everyone is in a uniform top.

    Friday we will have our assembly with Josh McDowell. We will use a Tuesday schedule through 7th period, then hold the assembly in Cadd Theater. Students in 8th period classes should be prepared to go immediately to class after the event. The schedule will be in the bulletin.

    Thursday afternoon the Hardeman Tournament begins. Check out the game schedule and come cheer on our basketball players. And Saturday on Sy Field, we will host the rugby league finals for our high school and middle school boys teams. So you can bounce between rugby and basketball games on Saturday and cheer until you have no more voice.

    Next week is SEW, so be praying for our speaker, Benji, and our students in preparation. If you are at a site, think about the best way to use the Tuesday prep time for Ministry Day and come prepared to help students get involved. Except for Friday, most of the week is pretty normal, with just slightly shorter periods. Here is the schedule so you can plan. The reflection / sharing time on Friday will be held loosely as several sites will not be back in time for it. But groups that are finished and back on campus should plan on attending.

    The following week is Outdoor Ed. Here is a list of students who will be missing that week. As I confirm groups traveling for other reasons, I'll update the other tabs and reshare that sheet. Students will also bring their planned absence forms around before they leave.

    And if you are going on Outdoor Ed, make sure you get subs sooner rather than later. That week is a scramble to cover things with all the traveling staff.

    Have a great week!
    Posted by HSD Principal
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Thank You

  • Faith's Got Talent!
    A huge thanks to the class of 2019 and their advisors for putting together Talent Night this weekend. It's a lot of extra-curricular hours on top of full days, so thanks for helping to showcase the talents of our community.
    Posted by HSD Principal
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Teaching Thoughts

  • Building Literacy in Your Classroom
    We all ask for examples of what specific teaching practices look like in our own disciplines. If you have been asking how developing literacy fits in with your subject area, the article "But What Does it Look Like?" is for you. The authors share the 4-Es theory of what content-area literacy should accomplish:
    • Engaging and apprenticing students in the problem- and text-based work of the discipline in question;
    • Engineering classroom experiences so students understand and use the discipline’s cognitive strategies;
    • Examining how words, language, and other representations are used in the discipline;
    • Evaluating the ever-evolving cultural practices of the discipline and connections with students’ own cultural practices.
    The article then gives examples from a history class and a physics class of what literacy looks like in those two contexts.

    Another article lists the four key variables in adolescents’ reading development as:
    • The volume of material they read (ideally 2-4 hours of literacy content learning a day);
    • Text difficulty (ideally students read a variety of levels, including some challenging texts, with support, to stretch proficiency);
    • Background knowledge (a crucial element in comprehension); and
    • Motivation (hooking students’ interest is helpful, as is experiencing success).

    They conclude that one way to enhance all four and accelerate adolescents’ reading proficiency and confidence is the use of text sets – carefully chosen groups of material that complement each other, provide different perspectives and reading levels, build students’ interest and confidence, and deepen the reading experience. What text sets have in common, say the authors, “is their focus on providing students the chance to look across texts and build both general and disciplinary knowledge.”

    Posted by HSD Principal
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