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FA Daily Bulletin - February 17, 2017 (Friday)

posted Feb 15, 2017, 10:45 PM by Rose Castillo

This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

~1 John 4:10 NIV


  • An incorrect time was announced in chapel this week for the Sadie's. The dessert banquet will be held next Saturday from 8 to 10pm. We are sorry for any confusion that was caused. ~Sadie's Committee

  • Sadies ticket sales begin from February 16 at lunch in front of the High school office until Friday, February 24. Auditions: sign up sheet is in the High School office. Auditions today at 2:30-4:30 pm, Tipunan Hall. ~Sophomore Class Leaders

  • Service Hours! Do you need SH? Childcare is needed for the All Staff Meeting on this Tuesday from 1:35 pm to about 3:15 pm. For details contact Marsha Silva in HR in the Central Office.

  • PRS Basketball offers HS students an opportunity to gain the kind of skill and experience working with kids and parents that looks great on a college resume! Plus, you also will make a little spending money or collect service hours. PRS is on Saturdays 8:30-11:30 am, from February 25 - May 6. If you would like to participate as a referee or coach, talk to Robin Hardeman, or let someone know who was a referee last year, or join the PRS Referees and coaches 2017​ FB group.

ATTENDANCE (2/16/2017)    

Grade 3

Riggins, William (A)

Virtue, Colin (A)

Woo, Bryan (A)

Grade 5

Nadapdap, Sara (A)

Grade 8

Bland, Zoe (A)

Gorre, Stephanie (A)

Habana, Jose (A)

Hardeman, Joshua (A)

Hong, SaeYoung (A)

Roldan, Alfonso (A)

Wang, Suyang (A)


A - Absence

AE - Absence Excused

AU - Absence Unexcused

HE - Half Absence Excused

HU - Half Absence Unexcused

LE - Late Arrival Excused

LU - Late Arrival Unexcused

FT - Field Trip

TRAV - School Travel

HLTH - Health Office

PE - Planned Excused

PU - Planned Unexcused

PHE - Planned Half Excused

PHU - Planned Half UnExcused

Grade 9

Demerre, Gabbie (AU)

Hardeman, Elias (HE)

Grade 10

Jeong, David (HU)

Lee, Joseph (HU)

Lee, Timothy (HU)

Grade 11

Henderson, Tristan (AE)

Grade 12

French, Xandra (HE)

Hong, Yoseph (HU)

Kim, ChanMi (AE)

Sy, Hank (PU)

Wolfenden, Calli (HE)

ACSC Boys Basketball

School Travel

Kim, Ellen (TRAV)

Nichols, Patrick (TRAV)

Zweigle, Graiden (TRAV)

Baik, Grace (TRAV)

Gaudiano, KJ (TRAV)

Hong, Jaden (TRAV)

Im, YeSung (TRAV)

Jin, HoJean (TRAV)

Kim, Peter (TRAV)

Kim, Joshua (TRAV)

Lee, YeaChan (TRAV)

Locsin, Paolo (TRAV)

Eichenauer, Josh (TRAV)

McDougal, Westley (TRAV)

Nichols, Douglas (TRAV)

ACSC Girls Basketball

School Travel

Ishak, Michelle (TRAV)

Lee, YeaSon (TRAV)

Gotcher, Luke (TRAV)

Heppner, Annarose (TRAV)

Asprec, Susan (TRAV)

Baik, HaEun (TRAV)

Guthrie, Paige (TRAV)

Lehman, Rebekah (TRAV)

Pe, Katya (TRAV)

Gotcher, Brynn (TRAV)

Graff, Merry Faye (TRAV)

Kim, Yosep (TRAV)