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FA Daily Bulletin - September 10, 2019 (Tuesday)

posted Sep 9, 2019, 12:37 AM by Rose Castillo

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Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing. 

~Psalm 143:10 NLT 


  • Please be informed that the library will close at 3:30 p.m. on September 12, Thursday. Thank you. ~Library office  



  • Houses, please be ready to perform in Cadd during your scheduled time this afternoon:

1:40-2:20 - Kaio

2:20-3:00 - Tharseo

3:00-3:20 - Anastasis

3:40-4:20 - Machaira


  • Happy Holiday Day! It's time for presents! All day long, search for wrapped presents around campus. When you find one, unwrap it, bring it to the office and put it in your house bucket. Each present is worth points for your house. ~ExCo


  • There will be 4:30 activity vans for this Tuesday for high school students who normally take the van home. So they can rehearse for House performances. ~Mr. Varberg/Mrs. Hardeman


  • Bible Study : Hungry for more? Girls from grade 9 and 10, meet as a small group during lunch in L21 with Mrs. Malessa. ~Mrs. Malessa


  • As you are planning your costumes, please keep in mind the Spirit Week dress code guidelines:

Dress during the week must be modest and inoffensive. 

  1. The body must be completely and properly covered (e.g., thin or short nightwear, swimwear, or short togas would not be appropriate).

  2. Footwear must be worn.

  3. Any changes to hair that fall outside of normal dress code must be temporary for this week only.

  4. Dress code rules on tattoos and piercings still apply.

  5. Students not participating in the dress competition must follow standard dress code guidelines. 

ATTENDANCE (9/9/2019)     

Grade 6

Colenbrander, Pepijn (AE)

Hardeman, Leila (AE)

Wang, Jingyi (AE)

Young, Jaxen (AE) 

Grade 7

Lim, Grace (AE)

Lim, Eiona (AE)

Ng, Seth (AE)

Park, Wesley (AE)

Paul, Richard (AE)

Ross, Eli (AE) 

Grade 8

Colenbrander, Eva (AE) 

Khu, Bianca (AE)

Kim, JeongWon (AE)

Moon, David (AE)

Pardue, Ava (AE)

Park, Yerin (AE)

Park, MeeRam (AE)

Tan-Chi, Caleb (AE) 


A - Absence

AE - Absence Excused

AU - Absence Unexcused

HE - Half Absence Excused

HU - Half Absence Unexcused

LE - Late Arrival Excused

LU - Late Arrival Unexcused

FT - Field Trip

TRAV - School Travel

HLTH - Health Office

PE - Planned Excused

PU - Planned Unexcused

PHE - Planned Half Excused

PHU - Planned Half UnExcused

Grade 9

Isles, Sophia (AE)

Park, OnYu (PE)

Grade 10

Ng, Stanley (AE)

Grade 11

Callao, Elijah (AE)

Cho, Ha Eun (AE) 

Marquez, Mykah (AU)

Wang, Suyang (AU)

Grade 12

Hardeman, Elias (AE)

Lee, Garam (HU)

Mahendran, Kiara (AE) 

Nam, Gun (HU)

Tirona, Levi (AE)