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Weekly Announcements

3-7 December - The Last Week of Classes

posted Dec 2, 2018, 5:04 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Dec 2, 2018, 5:10 AM ]

Are you ready for the end of the semester yet? I know I am. Here's a quick run-down of what's happening this week.

Maddy shared the Semester Exam Schedule with you. Please check it over right now and let her know about any problems - or forever hold your peace. The schedule will be made public early this week.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have a quick HSD meeting, followed by teachers meeting in their curricular teams again. 

It looks like we will have almost 40 students on detention this week. If you need some student help on Wednesday afternoon, let Mars know and we will send some students your way.

Later this week, Mars will share a Student Feedback to Teacher form with you. There are a standard set of questions on the form, but there will be space at the bottom for you to get student feedback on your annual goals. Include at least one question specific to your goals, then share the form with at least one of your classes so you can have some feedback on how the first semester has gone. Student feedback is for your benefit; students see you at work the most, so they have the most insight on your practices as a teacher. 

Thursday during homeroom, houses will meet together again to participate in activities planned by the house chairmen. Again, you can check with your student leaders to see if they need any help from your end.

Friday during activity period, the seniors will take a class picture in caps and gowns so that the early grads can be a part of the photo. Other classes will have the time free.

Our Staff Christmas Banquet is this Saturday. Come join us for a time of celebrating our savior's arrival as Emmanuel. 

Thank you for all your hard work this semester. Keep at it for a few more days until break. Hebrews says that anticipating these times of rest should remind us to anticipate the true rest - the true Sabbath - we will ultimately receive.

26-30 November - So Close You Can Taste It

posted Nov 25, 2018, 3:01 AM by HSD Principal

There are only two weeks of classes left this semester. Make the most of your time before exam week rolls around, I'd like you all, along with your students, to be satisfied with the progress you've made this semester.

Once again, when you submit eligibility entries this week, make sure to at least enter teacher concerns for students who you feel may be in danger of failing. We want students and parents to have all the information possible as the semester winds down. If you have not yet, also have personal conversations with students who may receive a D or F.

Tuesday's ASERT will be a short HSD meeting followed by a CPoE session or time for individual PD work. If you have not done so, make sure to get your teacher visits in during the next two weeks. 

Wednesday we will have our first senior chapel of the year. Our graduating students will both lead us worship and challenge us with messages. Come to recognize the people these students have become through their time at Faith.

During homeroom this week and next, each house will create a plan for how to use the time together. 

The Staff Christmas Banquet is next week on 8 December. Make sure you plan ahead to join us for an evening of worship and celebration at the end of the semester.  

The following Tuesday - 11 December - we will be serving the annual Admin Christmas Breakfast. We will start exams a bit later that morning so you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast with your colleagues. You'll get the official invite soon.

We will hold our bi-annual Academic Awards during exam week. The ceremony will be combined with the early graduation ceremony. Use this nomination survey to submit students for awards.

19-24 November - You're a Good Man

posted Nov 18, 2018, 2:50 AM by HSD Principal

I'm away this week for the ACSC and ICEC conferences. I leave campus at 3:00am Monday morning and will return late Saturday night. For the week, Maddy is high school OIC. Try not to do anything that she'd need to respond to.

On Monday, please post whatever grades you've got available. As an extra precaution this week as the semester is winding down, if you've got any students who you feel may be in danger of failing, please submit a teacher concern so that parents are alerted to pay attention to their child's progress.

Monday is also the hearing for our EIIC bill. See Joyce's email and be praying for that process. Our God is big enough to move mountains on our behalf. 

For ASERT on Tuesday, there is an All-Staff Meeting - really, this time. See the email from Todd E. After the meeting, use your time to work on your classes / grading / planning.

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown runs this week. It opens on Wednesday and students on the cast and crew may wear their show shirts to school that day to promote the show. A list of involved students is to the right. Please give those students grace this week on assignments and assessments. The show runs Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, because...

Thursday is American Thanksgiving, and to allow families and missions to celebrate, there are no after school activities on that afternoon and no 4:30 vans.

Remember to be working on your goals for the year and teacher visits for the quarter. 

I'll see you next week.
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

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Chan Kim
Tori Medlin
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12-16 November - All the Small Things

posted Nov 11, 2018, 2:13 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Nov 11, 2018, 4:16 AM ]

We are down to only four weeks of classes before semester exams - one month from Wednesday is the end of the semester. Use that time well. Later this week, you will be getting a survey about your exams so that I can begin to schedule that week.

Tuesday is the field trip to see Hamlet. About 90 students - mostly in grades 10 and 11 - will be missing the day to attend the show. Students should have brought absence forms to alert you last week.

For Tuesday's ASERT, we will have a 30-minute all-staff presentation (location TBD), followed by a high school divisional meeting. Sorry for the change in order, we have an outside presenter coming in.

Wednesday, we will be hosting the high school Academic Bowl. Again, the involved students (I believe it's about 14) should have brought you absence forms so you would be aware of their participation. 

There will be an earthquake drill Thursday during homeroom time, so we will not have regularly scheduled homeroom activities. Students will remain in period 3 classes for the beginning of the drill, then we will all evacuate to White Field. More instructions will be emailed from Peter and given in chapel. Hopefully, the drill will conclude during homeroom time so it will not conflict with anything else in our schedule.

Friday during activity period, Linda and I will meet with all grade 9 and 10 students about IGCSE exams. Cambridge has changed some things on us, and that will affect students' exam opportunities. If you are an IGCSE teacher, we will pass information onto you as soon as we have it.

Please post up-to-date grades by next Monday, 19 November so that students can know where they stand as the semester begins to wrap up.

So you know, I will be gone all of next week - 19-23 November - at the ACSC Administrators' meeting and the ICEC conference.

Have a great week of learning with your students.

29-31 October - Reformation Week!

posted Oct 28, 2018, 4:59 AM by HSD Principal

Among other things, this is the week that we remember Martin Luther posting his theses to the door of the Wittenburg Chapel 501 years ago. In celebration, you can take off Thursday and Friday to contemplate the importance of orthodoxy and orthopraxy in your life.

Monday is the one normal day this week. ACSC athletes should be caught up in their classes by the end of the day.

Tuesday we will have an All-School Chapel in Cadd during the regular MSD chapel time. To accommodate that, we will be running slightly shorter blocks this week. The bell schedule is in the bulletin.

Tuesday after school will be PD time. We will have a short HSD meeting in the lounge. After that, those in the Philosophy of Education group will meet. Everyone else will spend the time on their own PD activities.

Wednesday we will also be running a slightly modified bell schedule since we will not be having HSD chapel. The even blocks are a bit short, and we will have a homeroom time and a special assembly in Tipunan to communicate some things to the student body.

Wednesday is the NHS Blood Drive. Come and give blood if you are able. Students need to ask permission before missing class to give blood, so they should be checking in with you before donating. Since it is a block schedule, feel free to have them stay in class to complete activities before going to give blood.

I am planning on placing the book order in the next two weeks, so send me titles of PD books you would like to acquire this year. I've got a pretty good list going already.

You will need to make sure you have accurate grades posted during the week of 19 November. Students need to know how best to prioritize their efforts leading into the end of the semester. 

And it's still a bit early, but be thinking about your end of semester activities. Each class should have a culminating assessment at the end of each semester. You can determine if an exam, presentation, or some other performance assessment would be best. I'll be asking for your plans in a few weeks so we can schedule the exam week. If you've got questions, just ask.

Thursday and Friday, I am requesting that - as much as is possible - you sleep in, relax, put away the planning and grading and do something that will refresh you. It will be a quick ride to the end of the semester, so take some time for yourself while you can.

22-26 October - Change in Seasons

posted Oct 21, 2018, 3:57 AM by HSD Principal

I'm writing this Sunday evening and there is still no internet on campus. Hopefully, it will be restored by the time classes start Monday, or it may be a rough day. Interestingly, students thought that we had intentionally disconnected it to prevent them from using devices after our speaker on Wednesday.

It was really encouraging that all the shout-outs at the all staff meeting last week were directed at high school staff. From my chair, it really seems like you all are working really well together and I hope we are able to keep up that momentum throughout the year.

On that note, be planning your teacher-to-teacher visits for this quarter. They will be more helpful the sooner they are carried out so that you have time to reflect and adjust your teaching practices based on what you observe.

ACSC athletes should all be back in class on Monday. They have one week to catch up on missed work, so they should be on track by next Monday, 29 October. Many will be trying out for second season sports beginning Wednesday, but they need to prioritize catching up in classes first. You can let them know that if they are not caught up by Monday, they will be marked ineligible for the week. 

Tuesday's ASERT will be in the library. All MSD and HSD staff will be together, so you all can go straight there at 1:40.

Wednesday is ExCo's Appreciation Day. Notes and tickets will be placed in student lockers after school Tuesday and food items will be distributed in front of the high school office during lunch.

Aladdin Jr. is running this week. On Thursday there will be a matinee showing, enabling students to get home early and not be so tired during class on Friday. Some high school students will be missing part of the day on Thursday in order to prepare. I am working with the staff to finalize who that is and will send out a list when I've got one.

For homeroom, we will be continuing the AXIS series on relationships. There are no large-scale plans during activity period, so most students will have an extended lunch.

You may have seen Brian's email that we are renewing our subscription to Turn It In after all. That comes with two additional parameters. All MSD and HSD long-form writing assignments should be collected through Turn It In. We had some plagiarism issues first semester that were only caught because teachers got suspicious. We want to train our students well and catch them in the act now when consequences are less severe. Also, the deadline on Turn It In defaults to midnight (11:59 PM, I think). But we want to encourage our students to get sleep, so I'm asking that you change the deadline on your assignments to 9:00 PM on the due date. Please do the same if you use Google Classroom. It's a simple change that I hope will help shift our culture a bit.

No one has let me know about PD books they would like to get. I'm going to place an order in about three weeks, so if there are books you'd like, send the titles my way.

Next week is a short week. We will follow the normal Monday schedule, but there will be an all-school chapel on Tuesday. Tuesday will still be odd blocks, and Wednesday will be even blocks, but the times will be a bit shorter. Then you'll get to enjoy a four-day weekend before the final six weeks of the semester.

15-19 October - ACSC Season 1

posted Oct 14, 2018, 1:21 AM by HSD Principal

We're one week into the quarter, and that means we have eight weeks of class before semester exams. Make the most of that time with your classes.

If you missed last week's ASERT meetings, here is the link to what was shared at the short HSD meeting. Short version: 1) plan on visiting other classrooms this quarter and 2) let me know if you want any specific books for PD. Also, talk to someone in your department since each department reviewed departmental documents and then made goals that teachers will be working on this year. Initial progress on those goals will be discussed at the first ASERT of the month for the remainder of the semester.

It is ACSC week for first season sports teams. The ACSC lists have been updated to include the managers who will also be traveling with the teams. You should see all players on Monday, so feel free to give them work to do while they are away.
  • The boys soccer team and girls volleyball team will miss school Tuesday through Friday.
  • The girls soccer team and boys volleyball team will miss school Wednesday through Friday.
Students who miss class for ACSC tournaments have five school days upon their return to make up missed work. That means that they should be caught up fully by Monday, 29 October. You can work with students in your classes on the best schedule for making sure that happens.

Tuesday for ASERT there will be an All-Staff Meeting in Tipunan.

On Wednesday, we will have a special speaker in chapel. Brad Huddleston will be here to talk about how device use affects us. The original time announced in the Community Bulletin was a misprint; Brad's session will be during the regular chapel time, and we will not be running a special schedule. Middle school students will be joining us for the session, so we will meet in Cadd Theater again.

Thursday during homeroom, we will be using a resource from AXIS, the group that did the seminar for us last year. It is the first part of a four-part series that we will go through this quarter. Depending on how this one goes, we may use more of their programs for homeroom in the future. Homeroom leaders will be sent instructions in a few days.

Friday during activity period, student leaders will have a meeting covering the Leadership Agreement. All other students will have an extended lunch.

If you've got small classes due to ACSC absences, it might be a good week to schedule a classroom visit.

9-12 October - Back for Q2

posted Oct 8, 2018, 4:39 AM by HSD Principal

Welcome back from October break. I hope you all had a restful week and feel ready to jump into second quarter. I was encouraged by your involvement and engagement during the inservice. Hopefully, we can keep up that momentum as we work together to help all of our students succeed this year.

We will not modify bell schedules this week, so Tuesday will start the quarter with odd blocks.

Tuesday for ASERT we will have a 15-minute HSD meeting in the lounge beginning at 1:40. At 2:00, all teaching staff will meet in the library to work on departmental documents.

Wednesday is the PSAT. All students in grades 10 and 11 will take the exam in the morning and will not be in class for blocks 2 and 4. Since Tipunan will be used for testing, HSD chapel will be in Cadd Theater on Wednesday.

Thursday during homeroom, Sandy will be giving a seminar on head injuries to all high school students in Tipunan. You are welcome to attend, but she will be giving a seminar for staff later in the month, so you will be getting more teacher-specific information at that time.

This weekend is the Dan Landry Tournament. Students will not miss class and it should not disrupt the school schedule. Just come out when you're able and cheer on our volleyball teams.

On Friday, I will be off campus with all the house leaders for a one-day retreat. We will spend time debriefing after first quarter and planning for the remainder of the year. They will be bringing around Planned Absence Forms in the next day or two.

Friday during activity period, ExCo will be running an assembly in Tipunan for all students new to high school to explain the service hour program and requirements. I will be off-campus, so I would appreciate a few teachers attending so the ExCo officers aren't on their own with 60 students.

Next week, the varsity teams will be traveling to their respective ACSC tournaments. Those athletes will be bringing around absence forms as well. They will have homework time scheduled into their trip, so feel free to send some work along with them. They will have the entirety of the following week to make up their missed work, so they should be caught up by 29 October.

If you didn't get around to filling out the First Quarter Reflection before break, please take a couple of minutes and do that now.

I am really glad to be working with you all this year. I hope working with our students inspires you.

24-28 September - End of Q1 Already

posted Sep 23, 2018, 4:53 AM by HSD Principal

It's the end of first quarter already. And that means the year is 25% over - which is weird to think about. Five more days and you get a well-deserved break.

Remember that, due to our half day of class and Parent/Teacher Conferences on Friday, Monday we will be running the Friday schedule. During Activity Period, Tharseo has a lunch party and Dennis will be kicking off the GameTogether room. Monday is also a non-uniform day for Tharseo and Machaira.

For ASERT on Tuesday, we will have a brief high school meeting in the lounge, talking about some expectations for conferences. Beginning about 2:00, there will be an all-staff seminar with Paul Campy, an author and speaker; that will take place in Tipunan.

Remember: In preparation for the end of quarter and parent/teacher conferences, please have up-to-date grades that reflect students' progress posted by end of day Wednesday, 26 September. Quarter grades are not final in high school, they are just progress grades for the semester, but students and their parents need to have an accurate picture of their progress up to this point.

On Friday, we will run a half-day schedule with periods 1-8 meeting. It will give you some time to wrap up the quarter, return student work, or maybe get some quarter 1 feedback from your classes. 

And speaking of quarter 1 feedback, please take a couple of minutes to fill out this First Quarter Reflection some time this week. During a free moment at conferences on Friday might be a perfect time since the quarter will be behind you at that point, but feel free to complete it sooner if you have a free moment.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:
High school will have only one afternoon of conferences on Friday from 12:00-4:00 (unlike the other divisions, which have two full days of conferences). As mentioned above, we will run a short schedule on Friday with an 11:00 dismissal.
  • All teaching staff are expected to be at conferences, even if you don't normally teach on Friday. If you need to be gone part of the time (eg. you coach a team with a competition that evening), please clear that with me so we can inform parents ahead of time. (I know about the cross country and boys soccer games already.)
  • Lunch will be provided in the lounge beginning at 11:00, so come and fill your belly before heading over to conferences.
  • During conference time, all high school staff will be at tables in Tipunan. Tables will have nameplates on them so parents can find you. Please be there by 11:50 to get yourself set up and organized. 
  • Parents will be able to sign up for 10 minute blocks with teachers. There will be an alert that sounds when the time is up. Please ask parents to be polite and move on when their scheduled time is complete; someone may be waiting for an appointment in the back of the room, but be too shy to interrupt your conversation. 
    • If it's obvious in once a block begins that a teacher is free, a parent may ask to speak with him or her.
  • This is a time for parents to ask specific questions about how their children are doing in your courses, so be ready to speak to that. They should all have been able to see updated grades, so it's likely you'll be seeing parents whose children are not doing as well as they hoped in your class.
  • Bring a laptop so you can access Sycamore and share it with parents. You may also want to bring other grades if they are not accessible yet online, student work if it would help parents understand their child's progress, or other materials that you may want to reference (eg. course resources).
  • You will likely have free time, so feel free to bring work to grade, a book to read, a game on your phone/tablet/laptop/etc. to pass the time if you are not currently with a parent.
  • Please plan to be there until 4:00. Some parents do take off work early and come later in the afternoon. So just because no one may be looking for you at 2:30 doesn't mean no one else is coming.

17-21 September - Some Normalcy

posted Sep 16, 2018, 5:00 PM by HSD Principal

The hijinks of Spirit Week are over and we are returning to normal school until October break - with one schedule change next week mentioned below.

You all should have received both your Yearly Goals Sheet and a teacher rubric. Fill out the rubric and goals sheet according to the instructions here. Mars will soon be scheduling goals meetings for us to review your plans for the year.

You may have noticed that there is a new PD reading shelf in the HS lounge. The PD box was sad and lonely, so I beefed it up a bit and found the few books some new companions. As you have need or desire, feel free to sign out books from the shelf to use in your classroom. The shelf includes titles such as:
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Advancing Formative Assessment in Every Classroom
  • How to Grade for Learning
  • How to Plan Rigorous Instruction
  • How to Assess Higher Order Thinking Skills in Your Classroom
  • Making Standards Useful in the Classroom
... and many more!

There is also a shelf for personal reading. The books on that shelf may be borrowed, but write your name and date read in the cover. Then, as you read, feel free to annotate, mark up, add notes to or stick notes in, add personal comments, etc. to the books. That way, we will create a running commentary as we read books together and hopefully start some good conversations around literature. If you have books you would like to add to that shelf, feel free to do so.

A few policy reminders:
  • No underclassmen should be going to the V during class time unless accompanied by teacher. You may not send underclass students to the V unattended.
  • Students should not be wearing anything other than the blue or gray uniform hoodie. Sports team jackets, class sweatshirts, or any other sweatshirts are not allowed.
  • If you have students submitting written work, please refer them to the Style Manual and ask that they follow its guidelines. 
Next week is the final week of the quarter, so there are a few things to note.
  • Because of the half day on Friday, we will run Friday's schedule on Monday, 24 September. That means the week starts with a second period block, so remind your students - and yourselves - of that. The schedule Tuesday through Thursday will remain unchanged.
  • Since the quarter is ending, students need reflective grades in all their classes. Please plan ahead and make sure will have up to date grades posted by end of day on Wednesday, 26 September, in order to prepare for...
  • High School Parent / Teacher Conferences will take place on Friday, 28 September from 12-4 after a half day of classes (short periods 1-8). Even if you do not normally teach on Friday, you need to plan on attending the conferences; it is the only scheduled day for high school parent/teacher conferences all year. If for some reason you need to leave at 2:30, clear that with me this week, but as it is a school day, everyone needs to be there from at least 12-2:30.
I will be away on the Admin Retreat Wednesday and Thursday this week. Maddy will be high school OIC while I am gone, but she's teaching, so don't have any problems she'd need to solve.

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