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Weekly Announcements

20-24 November - Blood Drive, Academic Bowl

posted Nov 19, 2017, 1:18 AM by HSD Principal

The NHS blood drive is Monday. Students wanting to give blood during your class should be checking in with you first. If you have the time and inclination, you are also free to donate your cells as well.

We will be hosting the first semester high school Academic Bowl on Tuesday. Students who will be missing class should have brought absence forms around to you.

I will be sending out feedback forms on the double double block weeks in a few days. I'm working on the questions now, so if you would like to contribute or if there is a specific question you would like either students or staff to answer, you can add things to this document.

In about a week, I will be asking your plans for your end-of-semester assessments. So if you haven't thought that far ahead yet, start planning so we can figure out our exam week schedule.

Also in about a week, we will put out the initial poll for academic awards for first semester. Your departments will need to coordinate to determine which awards you would like to give. Awards for this semester will be tied to specific SLRs, so you can start thinking ahead about how you would like to handle that for your classes.

For those celebrating US Thanksgiving, we will not have after school activities or sports practices on Thursday this week - 23 November.
And as we finish the semester, please make sure you are flagging all students who are performing poorly in your classes as ineligible each week. We want to make sure students and their parents have had ample warning and time to catch up if they are in danger of failing.

6-10 November - Double Double Doubles

posted Nov 5, 2017, 1:57 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Nov 5, 2017, 3:42 AM ]

This week begins our second run of double block weeks this semester. After next week, we will get feedback from teachers and students to see how it went and determine what we will do for next semester. Here is the schedule we will be running for the next two weeks.

Since the double weeks provide us with two additional activity periods, here is how our extra time will be used over the next two weeks:
  • Homeroom, 9 Nov: planning for next week's extended homeroom activity (more below)
  • Activity, 10 Nov: combined meetings for all ExCo committees, training for student homeroom leaders
  • Homeroom, 16 Nov: extended homeroom activity, combined with lunch
  • Activity, 17 Nov: house games in the gym organized by ExCo
ExCo echoed the sentiments you expressed at the last HSD meeting that it would be good for homerooms to have some longer, unstructured time to spend together, so we have scheduled that for next week. This week you will have a chance to plan an activity with your homerooms for that time - it will be just over an hour. If you would like to leave campus, your students will need to get permission slips and you'll need to organize transport. If multiple homerooms would like to coordinate on an activity, that is ok as well.

I will try to get more classroom visits in this week. I enjoyed the ones I got to before the long weekend; there was a lot of diverse student learning happening. If I visited your class, the feedback will be in your goals/PD folder for this year. If I did things correctly, you should be able to find it by clicking on the Professional Dev't link above. Your folder should be in the box on the right side of that page; you can click on the responses tab in the walkthrough form to see your feedback.

Here's your next reminder to schedule some teacher to teacher visits if you have available time this week. Once you visit a class, have a quick conversation with the teacher you observed, telling them one thing you appreciated, found effective, or hope to use in your own class.

If you class borrows Chromebooks for the period, remind them to sign out and return the Chromebooks at the end of the period. We often have Chromebooks go wandering as students don't return them - unintentionally or otherwise.

This week, we will continue looking at biblical integration during ASERT. All teaching staff not involved in the Truth Project should assemble in Tipunan. Next week we will have a high school divisional meeting, so let me know if there are any topics you would like addressed during that time.

And as we finish the semester, please make sure you are flagging all students who are performing poorly in your classes as ineligible each week. We want to make sure students and their parents have had ample warning and time to catch up if they are in danger of failing.

23-27 October - Seasons Change

posted Oct 22, 2017, 5:38 PM by HSD Principal

Things should be returning to normal with most of our first season sports ending and our traveling teams back - with the exception of the soccer girls who will return to class Tuesday. They will be playing in Cutts Cup this weekend, but they will not miss any classes for those games.

Please check the homeroom sheet to make sure your student leader is listed.

For ASERT this week, all teaching staff (even those normally in Truth Project) will meet in the meeting hall (due to Honk being set up in Tipunan) to work on biblical integration. If you were at the last meeting, come prepared with a lesson in which you integrated biblical truth. 

It's late enough in the semester that we need to make sure students and their parents have an accurate picture of progress. Make sure you submit eligibility entries for students who are struggling in your classes. If you feel students are in danger of not passing the semester, make sure that is clear in your eligibility description, but also have a conversation with them to make a plan to improve.

I plan on starting classroom walk-throughs this week. And this is your first weekly reminder to plan on teacher-to-teacher visits. If you've got a conveniently free period this week, think of using it to watch another class in action.

This Wednesday is ExCo's Appreciation Day. One of the options is a non-uniform day for Friday, 27 October. ExCo is currently working on a way to differentiate students who are allowed to be out of uniform.

FYI, try-outs for second season boys' sports have been moved up to this Wednesday through Friday. Due to Cutts Cup, girls try-outs will still be Thursday and Friday next week.

There are 9 high school students involved in Honk, the JV production, this week. Since they are running a matinee on Thursday, those students will miss the end of day Thursday. I'll send out a list of involved students later today.

Classes are off Monday-Wednesday next week, and Thursday and Friday are single-block days. Tuesday and Wednesday we will have in-services; Brian will send out information with the schedule and content for the two days.

16-20 October - Sports Travel Week

posted Oct 15, 2017, 1:43 AM by HSD Principal

This will be a short update since we have a divisional meeting on Tuesday after school. See you in the lounge at 1:40.

If you haven't gotten around to filling them out yet, here are links to the HSD First Quarter Reflection and the staff feedback form to help admin focus on ideas from the BCWI survey last year. You will have time to fill them out at the end of the faculty meeting if you don't complete them before then.

Because the field was soggy and we didn't want you to get your socks wet for the sake of a drill, the earthquake drill scheduled for last week was postponed. I'll let you know as soon as it is rescheduled.

This is first season sports tournament week. Four of our teams will be traveling, and we will be hosting the ACSC boys volleyball tournament. Don't be pressured by students to let them attend games, but if you can spare the time and your students would like to watch a game, you may bring your class.

I'll save the other details for Tuesday afternoon. Remember that Tuesday mornings are high school staff devotions: join us for a short Scripture reflection and prayer to start your day.

9-13 October - Picking up the Pace

posted Oct 6, 2017, 9:30 PM by HSD Principal

Hopefully you all had a restful break and feel ready to take on second quarter. If you haven't yet, please take a few minutes to fill out the First Quarter Reflection; it will help me prepare for the remainder of the year.

We still begin the week with the all-school assembly Tom talked about a few weeks ago. Everyone should assemble in Cadd Theater at 7:10 on Monday morning. Students likely do not know this is happening, so be in the hallways after the warning bell directing them. After the short assembly, we'll follow a slightly modified bell schedule the rest of the day:

Special Assembly (Cadd Theater) 7:10 - 7:30

Period 1 07:35 – 08:17

Period 2 08:22 – 09:04

Period 3 09:09 – 09:51

Period 4 09:56 – 10:38

LUNCH 10:38 – 11:17

Period 5 11:22 – 12:04

Period 6 12:09 – 12:51

Period 7 12:56 – 01:38

Period 8 01:43 – 02:25

Wednesday morning, 11 October, all students in grades 10 and 11 will take the PSAT before lunch. So all those students will miss blocks 2 and 4 that morning. Due to the testing setup, high school chapel will be in Cadd Theater that day.

On Thursday, 12 October, at 12:42 we will be holding our first - and hopefully only - earthquake drill. This is the longest drill we conduct and usually takes a full 20 minutes to complete. You can read the full instructions for the drill on page 18 in the Crisis Plan Manual, but here are the highlights:
  1. An alarm will indicate that 'shaking' has begun; everyone should Drop, Cover, and Hold as outlined in the manual.
  2. The alarm will end, indicating 'shaking' has stopped, but everyone should remain still for 60 seconds in case of aftershocks.
  3. After a minute, a gong will sound signaling everyone to evacuate to White Field. Avoid going under or through building as much as possible and lead your classes down to the field via the road.
  4. High school will assemble at the north end of the field closest to the gate and students will line up by grade and gender as in a fire drill.
  5. Please make sure your students are silent throughout the drill so instructions can be given and heard.
All the stuff is happening in the next few weeks:
  • The Landry Volleyball Tournament is this weekend - 12-14 October.
  • The MUN team will travel to ISM on Friday, 13 October, so some students will miss the end of the school day.
  • Our varsity teams have their tournaments next week - 17-21 October. Information and lists of students involved can be found here. The girls soccer team will arrive from Thailand at 1am on 23 October, so they have been given permission to skip school that day. Some may still choose to attend classes.
  • The Cutts Cup is the following week - 26-28 October.
  • Honk, the JV drama show is also 26-28 October. They will be holding a matinee show on the 26th and students involved in that will miss the end of the school day to prepare.
  • But following all that, students get a 5-day weekend at the end of the month. You all will have a 3-day weekend with inservices on 31 October and 1 November.
I will be starting classroom walk-throughs this quarter - possibly this week, but likely next week. As I come through your classes, I will be looking for a handful of specific things. I am working on the rubric/chart, but I will share it with you before I start walk-throughs.

Saddle up, it's going to be a quick ride to the end of the semester.

25-29 September - One Quarter of the Way

posted Sep 24, 2017, 5:35 PM by HSD Principal

I was in transit yesterday and didn't get around to finishing this, so sorry it's a day late. I didn't get too many emails, so hopefully last week ended smoothly for you all.

I will be wrapping up goals meetings Monday and Tuesday this week. I have really enjoyed hearing your plans for how you hope to help students learn better this year, and I hope we can all encourage each other to keep making progress on our learning goals.

We will be working in biblical integration during ASERT. Whether or not you are doing Truth Project, come to Tipunan and we'll get organized from there.

If you had updates or additions to make to any of your courses on CurriculumTrak, those should be done by the end of the week. If you think you won't quite finish in time, let me know.

As you start to think about October, click on the calendar link above and take note of the sports trips, tournaments, PSAT, etc. taking place during the first three weeks back. A list of students who will be missing school were sent out from Miko last week, so check it twice and give the traveling students any work you are able. Also remember that we will start off second quarter with the all-school assembly at the beginning of the day on 9 October.

We will hold our high school Parent-Teacher Conferences on Friday. Review the conference tips and come ready to have some good talks with parents. If you need a Chromebook so you can access Sycamore during conferences, just pick one up from the high school office on your way over. 

Friday schedule:
  • 7:10-11:00 - half-day schedule, periods 1-8; bell schedule will be posted
  • 11:00-11:45 - lunch in staff lounge provided by parents
  • 12:00-4:00 - Parent-Teacher Conferences in Tipunan
Have a great break! Rest up for second quarter.

18-22 September - Back on Schedule

posted Sep 17, 2017, 2:18 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Sep 17, 2017, 2:26 AM ]

We made it through a very busy Spirit Week - made even busier due to the unexpected day off on Tuesday. Thanks for being flexible and working through all the craziness. ExCo is still in the process of counting the coins from the coin drive, so it will be a couple of days before we know the official winner of Spirit Week.

Homeroom groups will meet this week for the first time after 3rd period on Thursday. Please fill out meeting locations on this sheet by Tuesday afternoon. We'll post them on Wednesday so students will know where to go. Since your homerooms have met during retreat, hopefully you'll have an idea about whether your group is large enough to make it worth splitting. If you have multiple staff covering your homeroom, feel free to split into two groups if your homeroom would like to. If you don't have a homeroom since you did not attend retreat, feel free to jump into one of the homerooms in your house. More information about how you can spend that time this week will be sent out in a couple of days.

I am remarkably on track to finish yearly goals meetings before break. If you have not completed your goals yet, heed the friendly reminder from Mars to get them completed before our meetings. The teachers I have met with have had some good learning goals; we want to keep serving our students better.

If you have not completed all the sessions for the Truth Project in the past, you should have received an email from me about a week ago alerting you that you will be attending it this year, beginning during ASERT next week. Walt Spicer sent an email with information you will need for the first session. If you completed the Truth Project, we will be doing other learning related to Biblical Integration.

High School Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place next Friday, 29 September on the last day of the quarter. We will have a half day of classes, dismissing at 11:00. Then from 12:00 to 4:00, we will be in Tipunan for conferences. Parents will be able to sign up for 10-minute slots with the teachers they would like to talk with. More information will be coming out in the next week, but in the meantime, keep grades on Sycamore as current as possible so that parents have an accurate picture of how their children are doing in your classes.

Two weeks ago we had issues with students clogging toilets on campus with tissue. This past week, it has been issues with students wasting supplies in the CRs: throwing entire rolls of toilet paper out windows and emptying soap dispensers. The Lambert CRs are the preferred victims. As you are able, pass through the CRs in your areas - even if it's just to just rinse your hands quickly. Right now, it seems like students feel like the CRs are off teachers' radars and therefore their behavior is inappropriate. I want students to feel like they will be discovered if they misbehave in a CR.

I will be off campus Wednesday morning for a Philippine Rugby Football Union meeting scheduling our season for this year. I will also be out on Thursday and Friday this week for a conference in Singapore.

11-15 September - We've Got Spirit!

posted Sep 10, 2017, 3:50 AM by HSD Principal

It's Spirit Week! Be prepared for a wide assortment of costumes, high energy games every day during lunch, and squirrelly students. Here is the Spirit Week info sent out by ExCo last week. If you have a 4th period class, ExCo officers will be coming around briefly each day to tally students in costume according to the daily theme.

In place of meetings during ASERT this week, you may help your houses during their final presentation preparations and rehearsals in Cadd. We will run activity vans on Tuesday in the hopes that all students will be able to attend and participate. If you were part of an accreditation committee that was scheduled to meet that afternoon, you can email your committee chair to let him or her know that you will not be attending.

On Wednesday, house presentations will take place during chapel time, but that hour has been moved to the end of the school day. The adjusted schedule has been posted in the Daily Bulletin and is also on the HSD Events Google calendar. Coaches have been alerted that students will be late to practice so that everyone can stay and make sure materials used by their houses are cleaned up and any borrowed items are returned immediately. 

Wednesday this week is also our scheduled lock-down drill. At the sound of the alarm, you should turn off the lights and aircon in your room, lock the door cover your windows if possible. Refer to the Crisis Plan Manual for full instructions. It is during 8th period, so it is likely we will need to wrangle wandering seniors into classrooms. Make sure students remain quiet for the duration of the drill. After the completion of the lock-down drill is announced, have your students practice a Drop, Cover, and Hold drill as outlined in the Crisis Plan Manual.

Mars has been busily scheduling goals meetings for those of you who have completed your goals sheets. If you haven't finished yours yet, get it done as soon as possible. Then be on the lookout for a calendar invite for your meeting time. Along with your goals, come ready to share what's been good or hard about this school year so far along with your furlough plans - as much as you know them at this point.  

The business office was able to activate a new SIM for the HS principal cell phone number, so I can now be reached at the number that was published at the beginning of the school year - it's in the sidebar. But I will also maintain my personal cell phone number so you don't have to all update your contacts.

There are only three weeks left in the quarter, so make sure you keep your grades up to date as much as possible and use the eligibility procedure to flag students in academic danger.

4-8 September - Double the Fun

posted Sep 2, 2017, 1:09 AM by HSD Principal

This is our first Double Double week. I emailed the schedule last week, but it is also at the bottom of this post for your reference.

We have our first fire drill at 8:05 on Monday morning. Turn off lights and aircon in your room, but don't lock your door. Please make sure your students are quiet on their way down to the elementary court and while they are on the court.

It doesn't feel like it with all the days off, but we are more than half way through first quarter. So students and parents can have an accurate reflection of their progress so far, please post grades by the end of day Wednesday, 6 September.

If your primary responsibility is high school this year, you should have received copy of your goals sheet from Mars this week. Complete it by this Friday, 8 September. We will begin goals meetings next week. If you complete your sheet early, I may try to get some meetings in this week as well.

Two procedural reminders:
  • As you are giving assessments, make sure to check to see which of your students have ESSPs and provide the appropriate accommodations.
  • Use the eligibility reporting procedure (policy) to alert students and parents about academic concerns, but pair each eligibility report with a conversation with the student involved to make sure you both correctly understand the situation.
And two reminders about rules:
  • Enforce the English Only Policy and give demerits as needed. From 6:30 until 4:30, you should not hear students speaking in other languages in classes, hallways, or other activities.
  • We have had some problems with students disrupting chapel; please spread yourselves out in Tipunan and call students on disruptive behavior. Again, feel free to knock students with demerits for inappropriate behavior.  
One week until Spirit Week: break out those costumes.

double double schedule

29 August-1 September - Back to Reality

posted Aug 27, 2017, 1:44 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Aug 27, 2017, 3:56 AM ]

I don't know how you all felt, but that was a pretty great retreat. I hope you all got a chance for some good interactions with each other and with students. As you have the opportunity in your classes, help students recall what Pastor James spoke about and connect it with your subject matter.

Hopefully you all have had a chance to rest and will enjoy having a bonus day off on Monday. Except for that day off, we will be following a regular bell schedule this week. 

Tuesday's ASERT will be an HSD divisional meeting. We'll meet in the staff lounge starting at 1:40. Bring whatever you need to work on lesson plans for the following week.

Homeroom time on Thursday will be given to houses to continue planning for Spirit Week presentations.

Next week we will have our first double double block week; we'll spend much of our staff meeting preparing for that time.

So you can put it on your calendars now, we will have our first fire drill next Monday, 4 September, at 8:05. Students will be told it's coming that week, but will not know exactly when.

FYI, I will be off campus Wednesday and Thursday this week - 30-31 August - for the Admin Retreat. Yes, you heard correctly, I get two retreats in the span of a week. But this one will have 100% fewer students and pig feet.

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