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Weekly Announcements

30 March-3 April - First Week of Online Learning

posted by HSD Principal   [ updated ]

Here we go: This week is the full roll-out of our online learning. I hope working through Friday helped you see where potential trouble spots may be so that you can adjust and provide your students the best experience possible. I will continue to post relevant things on the Online Learning Resources page as I find them.

Since we are still following the school calendar, there will not be any online classes this Friday (3 April) for Family Home Weekend. And yes, I get the weirdness of having a day off to be home with family during a time when everyone just wishes they could be anywhere besides staying at home with family. Based on my experience and feedback from others, students appreciated seeing each other in homeroom, so you may still choose to have an optional homeroom on Friday this week. Just let your students know.

Next week, there will not be classes on Thursday or Friday for Holy Week. To adjust, we will have time for all 8 classes on Wednesday, 8 April (the way a typical Friday would run (although, what is typical at this point?)).

We will pick back up with morning devotions this week: HSD devotions will be on Tuesday mornings in the HSD Zoom Room; all-staff devotions will be on Wednesdays in the Personnel Zoom Room. Devotions on those days will begin at 8:30am and run for about ten minutes.

After Tuesday this week, I will share a sheet with you all so you can let us know if there are students who have not shown any activity in your classes. That will help us see if there are trends across classes and know how better to respond. Moving forward, we will use a system similar to eligibility to raise flags about potential problems.

Later this week, you will all receive a candidate evaluation form. We are looking for teacher feedback on everyone running for ExCo or house chair to try to avert potential problems before putting someone into office. It will be similar to the NHS evaluation you received early in third quarter (back when we only had volcanoes to worry about). Be on the lookout for that.

Please remember to cross post assignments to Sycamore, tagging them as 'Current' and setting their due dates. You will end up putting them all in your grade book anyway, and putting them there sooner really helps parents track with their kids' work.

If you give any instruction over Zoom or another live platform, make sure you record your session and post it to your Classroom so it's available to students who may not have been able to attend the Zoom session. Due to a variety of accessibility issues, attendance at live sessions is not required for high school students. Last Friday, our family was able to make it work with five people in our house attending Zoom sessions at different times, but I can easily imagine having to pick and choose which Zoom sessions our family members will attend in the coming days.

I am putting together an Easter video for next week. If you would like to help me out, record a video of yourself saying, "He is risen, indeed!" and send it to me. I need videos by this Friday (3 April), and it would be helpful if you could record them in landscape, not portrait - even though I know that's counterintuitive now. Recording with a phone or webcam is sufficient.

Thanks again for all your work in modifying your classes to happen online. I hope things go smoothly as we move into making this happen for a longer stretch, but don't be hesitant to adjust if you realize something isn't working out as you had hoped. And please don't feel constrained to cover all the material you would normally cover if your classes were meeting in person.

9-11 March - The End of Q3 and One Last Disruption

posted Mar 8, 2020, 5:38 PM by HSD Principal

Just when we thought third quarter couldn't be disrupted any more than it already was... School was called off for Monday, 9 March, to honor the call the mayor of Cainta made to delay the start of classes - not because anyone in our community feels that our school is potentially unsafe. The plan - as of Monday morning - is to have classes again on Tuesday. We will follow our regular block schedule the remainder of the week. That will be adjusted if classes on Tuesday get called off for some reason.

If having Monday off throws your schedule for the week and you need to adjust plans for assignments or assessments, contact your classes today (via email, Google Classroom, Sycamore, or however you usually do that) and let them know what the new plan for the week is.

The instrumental concert was scheduled for Monday afternoon. That is being rescheduled and is expected to take place on Wednesday, but we will need to confirm that time and date once it is settled.

On Tuesday, ASERT will begin with an HSD meeting. That will be followed by either TIP or Growth Groups, depending on who you are.

Senior Trip is still a go for this week. There are not any cases of COVID-19 in the area to which they will be traveling and there have not been any bans or restrictions on travel to that area. So we will push through with the trip. Seniors will miss class Thursday and Friday, so get what you need to get out of them by Wednesday.

Homerooms will meet individually again this week. Seniors will be away, so think of a fun way to celebrate the end of the quarter with your underclassmen. That would be a good time to encourage qualified homeroom members to run for an ExCo or house chair position for next year.

All students interested in being an ExCo or house chair need to attend an informational/explanatory meeting during activity period. Elections for those positions will be held on 15 April.

For all of you, there will be lunch in the HSD lounge during activity period and lunch on Friday. Come enjoy the end of third quarter with your colleagues. I'm still deciding on what it will be, but will most likely include chili again, because tradition. 

The quarter ends on Friday, and as soon as possible after that time, you need to posts updated grades for your classes. I have been discovering more and more classes that, as of last week, had no (or almost no) second semester grades posted. Students need feedback on their progress and, while they are not perfect, grades are one of the primary ways we can do that. Generally, they are also the only concrete feedback parents get, so it's important that students have reflective grades posted in Sycamore.

And then... March break. I hope your week is full of good people, good rest, and good fun. Continue to pray for the potential effects of the virus as we move into fourth quarter. 

2-6 March - The almost finally made it through a crazy third quarter week.

posted Mar 1, 2020, 5:25 AM by HSD Principal

Two weeks to go until break. Do not grow weary of doing good.

In case you have not already heard, Morrison postponed the ACSC Choir Festival due to travel restrictions on several of the participants. The students who were planning on being away will instead be in class this week. They are all obviously disappointed, and may be grateful for some extra compassion and encouragement. They are hoping to host the festival during first semester next year.

We've got the first regular Monday we've had in a while. The combined MSD/HSD Choir & Guitar Concert is Monday afternoon beginning at 3:30 in Cadd. The band and strings concert is next Monday.

The traveling rugby boys will be back in class on Tuesday and may wear the shirts they got in Thailand along with uniform bottoms. 

For ASERT on Tuesday, we will begin by having the first HSD meeting we've had in a while. After that, TIP participants and those in the CPoE cohort will go to Tipunan. Others will work independently. 

During homeroom this week, all students of the same house and gender will meet together and do something planned by the students. You may need to check in with your homeroom leader to make sure something is in the works.

The NHS Blood Drive will be held on Friday. Students hoping to give blood during the day should ask permission to miss your class. If there is something they should not miss, feel free to encourage them to donate at a different time. You all, of course, are encouraged to donate as well.

Seniors will be away on Senior Trip next Thursday and Friday. If you have seniors in your classes, plan to have their assessments complete by next Wednesday, 11 March.

The quarter ends next Friday. Although quarter grades are not official in high school, your classes should all have reflective grades posted for the end of the quarter. Students and their parents need to know how they are progressing as they start the final quarter of the year. Between volcanoes and viruses and travel complications, I am hoping that fourth quarter is a bit quieter. 

Enjoy March Break. I hope you find something to do that will refresh and energize you. Fourth quarter flies by, so it's good to enter it fresh. We will pick up on Monday, 23 March, with an inservice. Brian will send out details about that. Classes will begin again that Tuesday.

And again, we invite you to keep walking with us through Lent this year. The Lent in Action book is available, and there will be some opportunities to celebrate together as we move into Holy Week.

24-28 February - ELL Week #2 & Ministry Week

posted Feb 23, 2020, 2:49 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Feb 23, 2020, 2:59 AM ]

Third quarter is flying by. There are only three weeks of class left before March break. There are still a bunch of things going on, so here's your run-down of what's happening. 

On Monday, we will follow a Friday schedule to accommodate Ministry Day later in the week.

Again on Monday, Jan Dormer will be with us in high school. As of Sunday evening, she still has 4 available slots for conferences or observations. If you would like to take advantage of her time, sign up here. Any open slots as of the start of the school day will be scheduled as class observations.

During the activity period on Monday, houses will have their final meetings before Ministry Day. House chairs will be covering the information here, so that everyone knows what to expect on Friday. Anastasis and Tharseo will be given permission slips that they will need to get signed and return by Friday morning.

Monday evening is the NHS Induction at 6:30 in Tipunan. If you are available, come celebrate the achievement of the students being inducted. 

Tuesday is EDSA Day - a national holiday. Rose will not be in that day due to the holiday, so requests from the office may not be handled as speedily as usual.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will hear from Jan Dormer again. Everyone will once again meet in Tipunan. 

The boys rugby squad will be away the second half of this week. Here is the list of students involved.

On Thursday, individual homerooms will meet (for the first time in what feels like forever). The plan will be sent out to everyone. 

Friday is Ministry Day! I think everything is arranged and we'll be ready to go that morning. It is also International Week, and their parade is that morning. So houses will meet first thing to take attendance and go over last minute details. Then we will watch the cute pre-school kids dressed like penguins march around the circle and get rolling before 8:30. 

Here is the list of who I am expecting to be involved on that Ministry Day. Transportation plans are on the second sheet of that doc, listing how we are getting everyone where they need to go. Hopefully, your house chairs have communicated all the plans to you all, but here's the master list of what each house is doing and what is needed. Everyone should be finished and back on campus by 2:30.

Next week, the ACSC Choir Festival participants will be away Wednesday through Friday. Again, here is the list of who's attending.

One more week with no teaching tip. Again, put your capacity for change towards learning from Jan Dormer and applying what you learn to use in your classes.

17-21 February - ELL Week #1

posted Feb 16, 2020, 4:56 AM by HSD Principal

This is the first of two weeks we will have with Jan Dormer, a visiting professor from Messiah College. She is a speaker, professor, and author whose specialty is language acquisition and helping ELL students. She will be helping us in a variety of ways while she is here, beginning with the inservice on Monday. You can refer to the schedule for the inservice and the following weeks that Brian sent out earlier. As you can see on the schedule, Dr. Dormer will be available for individual consultations with high school teachers on Friday of this week and Monday of next, so plan on taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

Tuesday morning, we will be taking part in ACSI's Day of Prayer. We will have a brief time of prayer at the flag pole beginning at 6:50 instead of the usual Tuesday morning staff devotions.

Tuesday the ACSC basketball players will be back in classes. They may wear their tournament shirts with uniform bottoms that day. Students who were away for Outdoor Ed or basketball should be caught up in classes by this Friday.

During ASERT, we will have another session with Jan Dormer. Everyone will meet in Tipunan.

We are hosting the high school Academic Bowl on Wednesday. The following students will miss classes to participate in the competition: Korban Miller, RJ Sun, Peter Kim, Jan Pieren, Jongchan Kim, Dongwon Kim, Zac Yatco, Samuel Myung, Joshua Diener, Jinwoo Park, and John Cheock. (On a related note, if you have the chance, encourage some girls to join our Academic Bowl team.)

Next week is Ministry Week. There will not be classes on Friday, 28 February, so the houses can participate in their planned ministries. To accommodate that, we will run a Friday schedule on Monday, 24 February. 

For those of you not in Kaio, if you are able to help with transportation for Ministry Day next week, fill out this form so that we can make sure we've got enough rides for everyone who needs one.

That Monday, 24 February, is also the National Honor Society induction. If you are able, feel free to join us in celebrating the students who achieved this recognition.

I will forego an additional teaching tip this week and ask that you use your capacity to learn about helping ELL students from Dr. Dormer.

10-14 February - All the Things are Happening

posted Feb 7, 2020, 8:11 AM by HSD Principal

This week is a bit of a confusing one since there are several things going on at once - but not quite at the same time.

I will be away with Outdoor Ed from Saturday, 8 Feb., through Thursday, 13 Feb. In my absence, Maddy will be the high school OIC. I will be back in school on Friday.

The juniors and seniors participating in Outdoor Ed will also be away beginning Saturday and through classes on Thursday. They will return to class on Valentine's Day, and may wear their OE squad shirt that day with uniform bottoms.

Tuesday for ASERT, everyone who's left on campus may use their PD time in whatever way they determine is best.

Wednesday through Friday, the boys and girls basketball teams will be out of class for the ACSC tournaments, which (as of now) we are hosting both of. Managers will miss class when games are in session and for the morning of ministry; otherwise, they will still be in class. If you have a student athlete who you are particularly concerned about in your class, talk with Josh to see if the student may still be able to attend your class(es).

There are no plans for homeroom or activity period this week. Josh is going to try to schedule home games for our teams during those times so that students who cannot stay after school may attend at least some games.

ITS is trying to determine how well our current stock of Chromebooks is meeting our needs. If you use Chromebooks for your class(es), please take a couple of minutes to fill out this survey.

The week after this one will be a 4-day week with no classes on Monday, 17 February. Instead, there will be an inservice that day with Jan Dormer. Brian will send out details about that day this week.

Please be praying this week for both the ACSC tournaments and Outdoor Ed. We are hoping both events go smoothy and are great experiences for the students involved.

3-7 February - The In-Between Week

posted Feb 2, 2020, 3:30 AM by HSD Principal

I hope you all were blessed and encouraged by Pastor James' messages last week. Continue to reflect on them personally and with your students. We don't want the benefits of SEW to last only one week. 

The girls touch rugby team will be back in class on Monday and they may wear their tournament shirts to school that day.

Tuesday for ASERT we will have an all-staff meeting in Tipunan. Following that, those in TIP will remain in TIPunan!; all others have self-directed PD time to use in whatever way would be most helpful. If you want to plan ahead to work on something by yourself or in a group, next week all teaching staff will have self-directed time during ASERT.

Next week is a bit irregular with student groups traveling different days. All students should be bringing planned absence forms around this week. ACSC athletes will have time to do school work during the tournaments, so pass them work if you are able.
  • Outdoor Ed students will miss class Monday through Thursday.
  • Girls basketball will miss class Tuesday through Friday.
  • Boys basketball will miss class Wednesday through Friday.
Here is the complete list of students traveling this semester. It does not include Senior Trip, which is the final two class days of the quarter (12-13 March). All grade 12 students will be away those two days.

I submitted all HSD budget requests last week, so we're already prepping for the coming school year. Any significant curricular changes need to be approved by the Leadership Team, so now is the time to be thinking ahead if you plan to change benchmarks for one of your courses, or hope to add a new or different course in your department. If you were thinking about either of those things, please talk to me by the end of this month. 

As I will be away with Outdoor Ed beginning this Saturday, 8 Feb., Maddy will be the high school OIC until my return next Friday, Valentine's Day.

Remember that next next Monday - 17 February - there will not be classes and we will have an in-service on language acquisition with Jan Dormer. The remainder of that week we will follow our usual schedule.

Former staff members Dave & Lori French and Andrea Cary will be on campus this week. If you want to catch up with them, make sure to hunt them down to say hi. They are all planning on being at morning devotions and around the HSD lounge.

27-31 January - Spiritual Emphasis Week

posted Jan 26, 2020, 4:59 AM by HSD Principal

It's SEW this week. We're hoping it will be a great week to be challenged by Pastor James. The schedule was shared a few times, but the most pressing thing to remember is that Monday will begin with a chapel service in Tipunan before periods 1-8. Also note that lunch is - awkwardly - between periods 3 and 4. I will be slightly adjusting the Wednesday schedule that was shared. Period 8 got inadvertently short-changed on class minutes so I'm going to give some back to them.

Tuesday for ASERT, we have one of our few longer divisional meetings in the lounge. Among other things, we'll be talking about assessment and the Faith Challenge.

Starting Wednesday, our girls touch rugby team will be traveling. They will miss classes Wednesday through Friday this week.

There will not be homeroom or activity period this week since those times have been commandeered for SEW purposes.

The week after next, students will be away for Outdoor Ed and ACSC basketball. We will send out the lists and planned absence forms.

That's all I think I need to let you know for this week. I'll save my teaching tips for the week for our HSD meeting on Tuesday.

20-24 January - Hardeman Tournament

posted Jan 19, 2020, 4:32 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Jan 19, 2020, 5:34 AM ]

Thanks for bearing with the unexpected disruption last week due to the eruption of Taal. We should have a long string of uninterrupted weeks so we can get into a rhythm for the new semester. 

We are making a few changes to how we track things this semester:
  • Please take attendance each class period and submit it via Sycamore. That will help us better know where students are and alert us when a student decides not to attend a class.
  • We changed the way merits are logged. Each merit will now be attached to an SLR so we can track them. When you log a merit, please assign it the appropriate SLR.
We will be starting our eligibility checks again this week. If any students are showing signs of struggling already, submit their names before Tuesday morning.

Tuesday will be a standard ASERT: HSD meeting followed by TIP or Growth Groups. 

Thursday we will have house meetings during homeroom. House leaders will share their plans for Ministry Day with the house and explain how house members will be involved.

Friday we will have a Faith Spirit dress day. Students may be out of uniform to wear Faith-related attire (sports jerseys or jackets, class shirts, etc.). During activity period, second season team photos will be taken, so teams will be changing into uniform for those pictures.

This weekend is the Hardeman Basketball Tournament. Players will not miss any classes for games, which also means that you all will be able to watch our teams compete. Watch your email for a schedule from Josh. 

Next week is Spiritual Emphasis Week. We will have shortened classed to allow for activities each day. I'll get a schedule to you in the next couple of days. Continue praying for our speaker, James Aiton, and for our students to be open to the Spirit speaking into their lives.

Also next week, the girls rugby team will travel for their tournament; they will miss Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The list of involved players will be emailed to you and the girls will bring around planned absence forms this week.

13-17 January - Talent Night Week

posted Jan 12, 2020, 4:50 AM by HSD Principal

You likely heard by now, but Taal Volcano erupted this afternoon. Several of you noticed that we are getting ash fall up around the Antipolo area - and much further north as well. I don't expect it will disrupt school, but several students have already mentioned that their families may want to keep them home for safety. Also, we were meant to take all the MSD students there for Outdoor Ed next month, and we are not sure what this means for the plans for that program. Please pray for all those affected; many of our families have ministries in the areas closer to Taal.

Welcome to the first full week of the semester. Students may no longer make schedule changes, so your rosters should be stable at this point. No schedules will be altered from now on without talking with all teachers involved. You may also feel free to update Google Classrooms, post grades, etc.

Here's another reminder that students' transcript grades have been updated from last semester. If you need to change a student's grade from first semester, changing your gradebook won't update their transcript, so please email me so we can make the changes manually. 

Starting this week, please take attendance on Sycamore for each period. Sycamore is set up to work that way and taking consistent attendance will allow us to run accurate reports from the system and will hopefully prevent us from having to keep track of attendance in multiple ways in the future. 

Tuesday during ASERT, we will follow the usual schedule with an HSD meeting followed by either TIP or Growth Groups.

And Saturday is Talent Night. Get tickets from the Business Office or at lunch in front of the HSD office. You can also save yourself a meal prep by buying dinner before the show. Come celebrate the talents our community has been entrusted with.

We will finalize the schedule for SEW this week Please be praying for Pastor James as he prepare his messages and for Dennis and the ministry chairs as they organize the week and arrange activities. Each class will meet for one single block and two double blocks that week (27-31 January), but classes will be shortened a bit for SEW activities. 

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