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Weekly Announcements

15-18 October - Start of Q2

posted Oct 14, 2019, 6:48 PM by HSD Principal

After a week of break, I hope you all feel ready to start second quarter and foster some good learning. 

Since Monday was our inservice, the remainder of the week will follow a regular schedule with alternating odd and even days.

The boys soccer team and both volleyball teams are traveling for their ACSC tournaments this week. Pray for them as they travel, play, and bond on their trips. Student athletes will have a week to catch up on missed work and requirements, so they should be clear by the eligibility check on 29 October.

Dr. Egeler will present one more time during ASERT on Tuesday. Because of productions in Tipunan, we will meet in Cadd and begin at 2:00 to give you some time to get a drink and a snack (no food or drinks in the theater).

Wednesday morning is the PSAT. All students in grades 10 and 11 will miss periods 2 and 4. Other grades will have class as usual. Students will be back in class for periods 6 and 8.

On Thursday, homerooms will meet in pairs again (HR Schedule). Student leaders should be making plans, but it's an unusual week and many of them are gone. I will have the house chairs help make sure plans are in place, but several of them are gone as well. So it would be good if you could have a backup plan for a game or activity for your groups.

Monday next week (21 October) we will have an all-school chapel followed by our college fair. Everyone should report to Cadd first thing in the morning. Here is the schedule:
  • 7:10 - We will give high school students an overview of the day's activities.
  • 7:30 - The other divisions will join us for an All-School Chapel.
  • 8:15 - Chapel will conclude with a fire drill, evacuating everyone from Cadd. Other divisions will then return to classes; high school students will return to Cadd.
  • 8:30 - Opening address and introduction by the university reps.
  • The remainder of the day will be broken into sessions and workshops following this schedule. All teachers will have some assignments to be present during workshops.
The remainder of that week will follow a normal schedule.

Thursday and Friday next week, our swim team will travel for their ACSC tournament. This is the most recent list of traveling students that Hasina provided:
Tara Uy, Sofiia Slabospitckaia, Daniel Park, Tomy Uiesong Kim, Shadrach Vega, Johann Dee, Mieko Palaran, and Tashy Yatco

Now that returning teachers have worked through the teaching standards and goals sheets during ASERTs, I will start scheduling meetings to talk through plans for the year. Those will start next week, so make sure your individual PD record is up to date. First year teachers will follow a different process that will be explained next week during ASERT.

Have a great week and a great start to the quarter. Two months from now, we'll already be on Christmas break :)

30 September-4 October - End of Q1

posted Sep 29, 2019, 4:43 AM by HSD Principal

This is it. You have made it through the first quarter of the school year. Before you know it, we'll be having semester exams and heading off for Christmas break.

Due to the short day on Friday, we will be starting this week with even double blocks on a Friday schedule. The only difference in that we will have homerooms meet after period 4 (here is the plan in case you need to reference it). Houses will meet by gender for our next session on social media.

Tuesday will be a standard ASERT: HSD meeting followed by either TIP or Growth Groups. All teachers will need a device for the second session.

Thursday is the last full day of the quarter. It will also be a non-uniform day thanks to the guys in dorm 3 who asked for it. Since homerooms will have met on Monday, everyone will have a long lunch after period 3. Seniors with permission on file may leave campus for lunch that day.

Friday we will have shortened periods 1-8 for our last day. School for high school will dismiss at 11:00. Note that elementary and middle school have no classes Thursday or Friday for conferences.

From 11:00-12:00 on Friday, Side by Side (our parent group) will provide lunch for all HSD teachers in the staff lounge. Come enjoy some good food and get psyched for our conferences. 

Friday afternoon from 12:00-4:00 high school will hold parent/teacher conferences. Parents will be able to sign up for 10-minute slots to speak with teachers about their children. I'll be sending out some additional information and advice in the day day or two.

Friday and Saturday we will hold the Landry Volleyball Tournament

Saturday will also be the first of our two SAT administrations on campus. If you are around, please keep the area around Cadd quiet until mid-afternoon.

     *      *      *

For the following week, enjoy your time away from classes and do something to refresh and energize you.

     *      *      *

Monday, 14 October, there will not be classes, but we will have an inservice. Brian will send out a schedule and details about that day.

The first four class days after break, the athletes on the volleyball and boys soccer teams will be traveling for the ACSC tournaments. Lists of involved students will be sent out on Monday and students will receive planned absence forms in the mail. 

Enjoy your week, and enjoy your break.

23-27 September - Penultimate Q1 Week

posted Sep 22, 2019, 1:30 AM by HSD Principal

One week from now, the end of the quarter will be imminent. It won't be long before the school year is one quarter behind us.

Remember that there will be a lockdown drill Monday at 10:56. This is during lunch, but don't do anything differently than normal in expectation for it. You can review the lockdown drill section of the Crisis Plan Manual for full instructions. 

Tuesday for ASERT, there will be some first aid training for MSD and HSD staff in the library beginning at 1:45. Following that, we will once again divide into new and returning staff. Returning staff will need devices as usual.

ExCo is hosting a prayer vigil on Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:30. You are all invited to come and pray with our students as the quarter winds down.

On Thursday, homerooms will meet in pairs again. Check the 'HR Brother/Sister' tab on the house sheet to see which homeroom you will meet with. Student leaders should be coordinating what will be happening during that time, but you could help by checking in with them.

House councils - chairmen and grade-level reps - will be meeting during activity period on Friday to get a jump start on plans for next quarter. Everyone else has an extended lunch. 

Next Monday, 30 September, we will follow a Friday schedule, giving us two sets of double block days next week before the half day of classes on Friday. We will have homerooms that day, so that everyone can have an extended lunch on Thursday for the last full day of the quarter. 

Anticipate having reflective grades posted by next Tuesday. If you have a large assessment coming up that weighs heavily on first quarter grades, plan in time to grade it before that time. Quarter grades are not official for high school; they are just progress grades for the semester. But parents still consider them as indicators of how their children are doing, so make them as accurate as you can.

The HSD Opening Concert is next Thursday evening, 3 October. Put it on your calendars and come enjoy the results of students' labors this quarter.

16-20 September - Back to Normal Life

posted Sep 14, 2019, 11:23 PM by HSD Principal

Spirit Week is behind us and so ends the start of school year season. From this point on, our schedule is fairly consistent through the remainder of the quarter. The remainder of the quarter is only three weeks of teaching though, so plan your class time wisely.

If you have not done so yet, right now please fill this form indicating your expected teacher goal area for this year. We will be using that data on Monday morning to plan ahead and make some decisions.

ASERT on Tuesday is our normal schedule. There will be a short HSD meeting after school. Following that, new teachers will proceed to the ESD lounge and returning teachers will proceed to Tipunan. Returning teachers will need a device.

You should have received an email about homerooms this week. We will be starting another Axis series, this one on social media. So that houses can have more opportunities to see each other, all the house members of the same gender will meet together to watch the video. After the video, homeroom groups will split up for the discussion time. Houses will meet in the following spaces:
  • Anastasis: Woodason & Barner
  • Kaio: Summers & Hong
  • Machaira: Hardeman (in L5) & O'Day
  • Tharseo: Winslade & Barlow (in P26)
Next week homerooms will meet in pairs again (check the Brother/Sister tab on the house sheet), so check in with your student leaders that they are coordinating on a plan for that time.

Also, your homeroom members should now be visible and accessible for you on Sycamore. You can find them by going to My School > My Students, then clicking on the 'by Advisor' tab. Because Sycamore is weird sometimes, you may need to click on the blue 'All' link to bring up your list. Sycamore only allows one faculty member to be assigned as an advisor, so for joint homerooms, only one teacher could be assigned.

During activity period on Friday, team photos will be taken for all first season sports teams. Athletes may change into uniforms during that time for the pictures. All other students will have a long lunch (though they may choose to attend the Comic Art Club during that time).

On Friday afternoon, the MUN team will travel to Brent for their local assembly. To make the start of the event, they will leave after period 6. The list of involved students was emailed to you all.

Next Monday, there will be a lockdown drill at 11:00. It is intentionally scheduled during lunch so we can practice that situation.

If you need a last-minute sub, Marion has a new cell phone number to handle volunteer contact. You may call her at 0998-397-1841; she's up super early. That number will also be in the Contact Info box in the left sidebar as well.

Looking ahead to the last week of the quarter
  • Monday, 30 September will be a Friday bell schedule with even block periods. Even though it's a Friday schedule, homerooms will meet that day. 
  • Tuesday-Thursday will be a regular schedule, except that instead of homeroom on Thursday, everyone will have a long lunch at the end of the quarter.
  • Friday, 4 October, there will be a half day of classes with all 8 periods meeting. School will be dismissed at 11:00. (FYI, ESD & MSD have no classes Thursday and Friday for their parent/teacher conferences.)
  • From 12:00-4:00 on Friday, high school will have parent teacher conferences. We will all be in Tipunan and parents can meet with teachers individually.
  • So parents can plan on which teachers they would like to meet with, you need to have reflective grades posted on Sycamore by Tuesday, 1 October. They may be updated later that week, but grades need to be as accurate as possible 
  • So it's on your radar, that weekend is also the Landry Volleyball Tournament. Games will be running that Friday and Saturday.
  • Then you get a week to relax and sleep in!

9-13 September - Spirit Week

posted Sep 8, 2019, 12:12 AM by HSD Principal

It is Spirit Week in high school. All the information you should need to know is on the Spirit Week Information doc, but I'll highlight a few items: 
  • ExCo officers will visit your classrooms briefly during period 4 (Monday and Friday) or 5 (Tuesday and Thursday) to count the number of students in each house dressed up. If they come at a bad time (e.g. during an assessment), feel free to ask them to return at a different time during the period.
  • Those of you who signed up to judge costumes during lunch times, please be in front of the office for the first five minutes of lunch. 
  • After school on Tuesday, instead of regular meetings, high school teachers will help their houses with their final rehearsals for house performances the following day. New teachers will still need to attend the required child safety training from 2:20-3:30, but may help their houses during the remaining time. Please make sure your group is ready to be on stage in Cadd during its scheduled time (listed on the doc), since they will need to leave when their time is complete. For van riders, there will be activity vans at 4:30.
  • Instead of chapel on Wednesday, we will all meet in Cadd Theater to watch the house performances.
  • Homeroom and activity period this week will consist of Spirit Week games either in the gym (Friday) or in front of it (Thursday).
I hope it's a fun week for you and that you enjoy being a part of the festivities.

Since returning teachers will miss all ASERT meetings this week, you do have some homework (new teachers do not need to worry about the following items right now). 
  • We have restructured our professional development folders so that it's easier to find everything. Each teacher should have a Google folder called Lastname, Firstname Professional Development (e.g. Barlow, Jon Professional Development). I'd recommend you find that folder and add it to your personal Google Drive so it's easier to find in the future. Each year's PD/goals folder is now inside that top-level folder, so most of you should see your past few year's worth of folders.
  • Each teacher has a 2019-2020 PD folder in their main folder. That folder includes personal copies of two documents right now: Teacher Standards and PD Record.
  • Early this week, each returning teacher needs to open their copy of the Teacher Standards document and do a start-of-year self-reflection. Choose a color, and for each element highlight the individual descriptors that you feel describe your performance right now. You do not have to highlight all descriptors under one performance level; if you feel descriptors for different levels apply, highlight the appropriate ones. Since you have spent several weeks getting familiar with the standards, this process will hopefully not take too long.
  • After you have completed your self-evaluation, look back through your Teacher Standards document and determine which cluster of elements you would like to focus on for your personal growth goal this year. You may choose a second cluster if you are undecided or if there are two areas you would like to work on. Before Thursday morning, indicate your intended cluster(s) on this form.
On Wednesday, there will be a fire drill at 9:30. Our fire alarm has a siren sound with a verbal announcement. When you hear the alarm:
  • Leave your room, turning off lights and aircon units, and leaving the door unlocked.
  • Proceed with your class down to the Elementary Covered Court, using the stairs next to Brews Brothers or the road; the stairs at the crosswalk are reserved for elementary.
  • Once students are on the stairs, they should remain silent and not talk.
  • On the court, students will line up by grade and gender so attendance may be taken. We will ask for volunteers to help with the
  • Teachers responsible to check buildings (they have been notified) should check their respective areas and report to the circle.
  • Once all students and areas have been accounted for, we will return to classes.
On Friday, following Blue & Gold school spirit day, all of the ISM volleyball teams will be coming to Faith to play that evening. So you can stick around and cheer on our students to wrap up the week. And Saturday is the second home cross country meet and your final chance this year to cheer our runners up those hills.

2-6 September - One Month Down

posted Sep 1, 2019, 5:09 AM by HSD Principal

Just like that, the first month of school is over. I had seen a few Christmas decorations a couple of weeks ago, but driving to church today, it was obvious the ber months are upon us. 

If you have not done so yet, please post grades for your classes. If you are not able to, let your students know why and tell them when they can expect to see reflective grades.

ASERT on Tuesday will begin with an All Staff Meeting in Tipunan. Following that, new and returning staff will divide as usual. Returning staff will all need to bring a device for the second part. As you look over the last strand of the teacher standards, begin to think about areas in which you would like to focus for your improvement goals for the year. You will work on setting those and planning how you'll work on them in the coming weeks.

Both homeroom and activity period on Thursday and Friday this week will be spent rehearsing for Spirit Week performances. We will make sure that one of those two days each house has a larger rehearsal space; the other day you will meet in your regular class space. A schedule will be emailed and communicated in chapel on Wednesday. 

Next week is Spirit Week and house performances will take place on Wednesday, 11 September during regular chapel time. So that everyone has time to rehearse on stage, high school students may stay after school next Tuesday afternoon, 10 September for final run-throughs. A schedule of stage time will be sent out.

No class time will be lost during Spirit Week. The only - hopefully minor - disruption will be that ExCo officers will come around to each class each day and count the number of students who have dressed up according to the theme. Theme days will be announced in chapel this week. All other Spirit Week activities will take place outside of class time. Again, you are welcome, but not required, to participate in the costuming and games.

From this point on, we have just about five solid weeks of instruction before October break. We will have 4.5 days of classes the first week of October to accommodate parent/teacher conferences. Use that time well.

27-30 August - End of the first month

posted Aug 26, 2019, 12:24 AM by HSD Principal

I don't know about you, but I am very glad for the bonus Monday off right now. I'm not sure how well my brain would have handled coming back to school today. It is a short week, but we will have our regular Tuesday-Friday schedule for classes. 

Thanks again to all who attended and helped out with High School Retreat. As you have opportunity, keep up the conversations that were started there.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have a HSD meeting, followed by more PD overview.

Wednesday and Thursday, I will be off campus for our Admin Retreat (Despite the similar name, it is much less fun than High School Retreat.). In my absence, Maddy will be the OIC* of high school. (*Officer In Charge, for those wondering about that acronym; I'm not sure how we picked that up for school use.)

This Thursday will be the first time homerooms meet together. Over the past few years, students have asked for more opportunities for different homerooms to do things together. So the master house document has a schedule for when different homerooms within houses will meet together; it's on the HR Brother/Sister sheet. For the most part, those times will be jointly planned by the homeroom leaders and can involve anything students feel would be helpful and fun. On that same document, there is a sheet with possible ideas of how to spend some of those combined homeroom times. One of proposed goals this week is to plan costumes for Squad Day during Spirit Week. ExCo will explain that a bit in chapel. If you are ever curious, you can see the planned activities for each homeroom this year on that linked document as well.

Friday during activity period, houses will meet to continue their preparations for Spirit Week, which is the week after next. More info on that coming.

And yes, after this week, we will be done with our first month of school and half way through first quarter. So please post grades for whatever work you have so far before next week so students have an idea of their progress. Also, continue to use the eligibility reports each week to flag students of concern. 

19-23 August - High School Retreat

posted Aug 18, 2019, 1:25 AM by HSD Principal

We've got a couple of short weeks coming up. This week, we will only have classes Monday through Wednesday following a regular weekly schedule. Next week, Monday is off for National Heroes Day, so sleep in a bit to catch up after High School Retreat. The rest of the week will be regular block classes Tuesday through Friday.

Grades appear to be posting properly on Sycamore again, but I did need to delete all grades that had been posted so far to remove all the improper grades. You will need to go to each class and repost your grades before students and parents can see them again. There is still a weird issue as assignments are not showing up in your Grade Book > Grade Overview, but gradebooks and postings appear to be functional. I'm still talking with Sycamore, but keep entering and posting grades.

On Monday, the eight house chairs (Grace Jung, Kye Hong, Anika Miro, Christian Malessa, Billy Kim, Harrison Won, Luke Sung, & Kayla Tan) will miss period 4 so they can coordinate with ExCo on activity plans for Thursday and Friday.

Before Tuesday morning, submit eligibility reports for any students who may already need a wake-up call. See Maddy's email for full details and instructions. Because of retreat and Heroes Day, reported students will only be functionally ineligible on Wednesday, but still report them so they are aware of potential problems. 

Tuesday for ASERT (which I discovered was an unknown acronym for many of you), we will follow the new standard rhythm. There will be an HSD meeting beginning at 1:45, during which we'll spend a good chunk of time going over plans and expectations for High School Retreat. That will be followed by more instruction on our PD for the year. Everyone will need a device for the second part. 

Wednesday the 21st is a Philippine holiday (Ninoy Aqunio Day), but we will not have off. Classes will be held as usual. 

Thursday will be a half day of school before we leave for High School Retreat. The house chairs will provide breakfast in Tipunan, then there will be a series of activities. Students are planning the time, so you all just need to be present and helpful. 

We will talk a lot about High School Retreat on Tuesday, but here is the information sheet that was sent to students. The packing list and travel information will be the same for you all. We will also return to campus late afternoon on Saturday, so plan how you will get home. If it would be better for you to be dropped off on C5 (across from McKinley Hill), let me know and we can arrange that. 

12-16 August - Meet the Teacher

posted Aug 11, 2019, 12:03 AM by HSD Principal

Over dinner last night, my sons told me they thought that the first full week of school flew by and they couldn't believe it was over already. As they said that, I realized that I agreed with them. It seems like I blinked and five days had gone by. Now that classes are stable and students are getting used to new rhythms, I hope you find some time to "stop and smell the roses" as you go though this week.

Tuesday afternoon, instead of running PD activities for ASERT, we will have our HSD Meet the Teacher afternoon. We will get an exact schedule to you on Monday, but all you need to do is be in your classroom from 1:45 until 4:00 and be ready to talk to parents about your class(es). Any time parents are not in your room, you are free to do whatever work you have. Please keep a count of how many parents visit you so we can evaluate the event.

On Thursday during homeroom time, houses will elect their representatives for each grade. Those students will serve as class officers and join their house chairs on their house councils. The house chairs are planning this time, so you should not have to run anything. 

Friday, there are two things going on during activity period. NHS is hosting their New Student Lunch in Tipunan, where current NHS members will check in with new students, get to know them a bit, and see if they have any concerns about the first few weeks of school. Also, there will be a meeting of the newly-elected house councils to continue planning events that will be happening in the coming weeks.

Remember that High School Retreat is next week Thursday-Saturday, so there will only be classes Monday through Wednesday, following our regular weekly schedule. The following week, Monday, 26 August is a holiday and we will have no class that day. The rest of the week will follow a regular schedule. All special days for the first semester should be highlighted on the HSD Events Google calendar so your can plan ahead.

Last year, we got everyone on teaching staff a subscription to ASCD Activate as a resource to use for self-directed professional development. We are planning on renewing our subscription for this year, but if you found that it was not helpful or applicable, let me know and I'll leave you off the list for this year.

This past week, almost all of our students with educational needs have had their ESSPs (Educational Support Services Plans) included in Sycamore. There are still a few I am working on updating. ESSPs are roughly equivalent to an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or 504 Plan, but we do not follow those exact structures. To see which students in your classes have ESSPs, you can go to any of your class pages in Sycamore, then from the sidebar, go to Evaluations > IEP Students. That will show a list of students with ESSPs. You can then click on the IEP button to show a summarized list of their classroom accommodations. You don't need to track data in the way that Sycamore is set up, its IEP system is just the most straightforward way of making sure that data is easily accessible for you. Students' complete ESSPs are stored on our Google Drive and will be shared with you in the next few days in case you need to reference more complete information. If you have any questions or concerns about students with needs in your classes, please ask Kevin, Maithri, or Michael.

5-9 August - Off and Running

posted Aug 4, 2019, 4:09 AM by HSD Principal

We've made it through the first few days of school and hopefully you feel like you've got your feet under you. Thanks for all the engagement on Thursday for our first day of school. It was a new idea and there were things that we'd like to do better, but I think there were a lot of good things about the day - even though I was exhausted by the end of it.

Unusually for the beginning of a school year, we have a few weeks of normal weekly schedules. Our first disruptions will be around High School Retreat. You - and your students - should hopefully be able to get into the rhythm of classes in the next few weeks.

We have about a dozen students in high school who have incomplete enrollment requirements. We will call those students down to the office on Monday and they will not be able to attend classes until their requirements have all been submitted. 

As classes start in earnest, please keep your eyes and ears open for compliance with dress code, cell phone policy, and common language. We want to make sure students start the year knowing what to expect and what is expected of them. 

Sunny, Maddy, and I have cranked through heaps of tweaks to student schedules over the past week. Hopefully there will not be many changes to your class lists at this point. Students do have until the end of day on Wednesday to make schedule changes, but we will talk them out of frivolous changes. Please let me know if you notice any errors to your class lists or don't see students you expect to see.

For ASERT on Tuesday, we are going to introduce a new structure we will be using for professional development and goals setting this year. In the busyness of the first couple of days, we weren't able to finalize plans for that, so details will be emailed by end of day Monday.

For Homeroom on Thursday, there are two goals: 1) spend some more informal time getting to know your homeroom group, and 2) choose a student leader for your homeroom. We will explain the expectations for homeroom leaders in chapel on Wednesday. To get to know your group (and hopefully laugh together), you could play a get-to-know-you game like Two Truths and a Lie or Never Have I Ever
Homeroom is required, so if someone on your list doesn't show up, please email Maddy so we can follow up.

Next Tuesday is HSD Meet the Teacher afternoon. Instead of staff meetings, parents will have an opportunity to meet with you in your classrooms and hear about your classes. More information and a schedule will be coming out later this week.

In two weeks, we will be heading off to High School Retreat. More information on that will also be coming your way this week.

If you are planning ahead, each time this semester that we will be deviating from our regular weekly schedule is indicated on the HSD Events Google calendar. You can view it from the Calendar tab above, or by adding it to your personal Google calendar.

Please pray for Roberta Maxwell and Jay and Emily Bowdoin who have not arrived in country yet. I am thankful HR found subs to cover all their classes for the first weeks until they arrive; the day before school started, I was expecting to teach a couple of English classes for a bit.

Enjoy your week getting to know your students. It is a real privilege to work with them at Faith, and I hope you have joy on the journey.

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