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Weekly Announcements

20-24 January - Hardeman Tournament

posted Jan 19, 2020, 4:32 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Jan 19, 2020, 5:34 AM ]

Thanks for bearing with the unexpected disruption last week due to the eruption of Taal. We should have a long string of uninterrupted weeks so we can get into a rhythm for the new semester. 

We are making a few changes to how we track things this semester:
  • Please take attendance each class period and submit it via Sycamore. That will help us better know where students are and alert us when a student decides not to attend a class.
  • We changed the way merits are logged. Each merit will now be attached to an SLR so we can track them. When you log a merit, please assign it the appropriate SLR.
We will be starting our eligibility checks again this week. If any students are showing signs of struggling already, submit their names before Tuesday morning.

Tuesday will be a standard ASERT: HSD meeting followed by TIP or Growth Groups. 

Thursday we will have house meetings during homeroom. House leaders will share their plans for Ministry Day with the house and explain how house members will be involved.

Friday we will have a Faith Spirit dress day. Students may be out of uniform to wear Faith-related attire (sports jerseys or jackets, class shirts, etc.). During activity period, second season team photos will be taken, so teams will be changing into uniform for those pictures.

This weekend is the Hardeman Basketball Tournament. Players will not miss any classes for games, which also means that you all will be able to watch our teams compete. Watch your email for a schedule from Josh. 

Next week is Spiritual Emphasis Week. We will have shortened classed to allow for activities each day. I'll get a schedule to you in the next couple of days. Continue praying for our speaker, James Aiton, and for our students to be open to the Spirit speaking into their lives.

Also next week, the girls rugby team will travel for their tournament; they will miss Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The list of involved players will be emailed to you and the girls will bring around planned absence forms this week.

13-17 January - Talent Night Week

posted Jan 12, 2020, 4:50 AM by HSD Principal

You likely heard by now, but Taal Volcano erupted this afternoon. Several of you noticed that we are getting ash fall up around the Antipolo area - and much further north as well. I don't expect it will disrupt school, but several students have already mentioned that their families may want to keep them home for safety. Also, we were meant to take all the MSD students there for Outdoor Ed next month, and we are not sure what this means for the plans for that program. Please pray for all those affected; many of our families have ministries in the areas closer to Taal.

Welcome to the first full week of the semester. Students may no longer make schedule changes, so your rosters should be stable at this point. No schedules will be altered from now on without talking with all teachers involved. You may also feel free to update Google Classrooms, post grades, etc.

Here's another reminder that students' transcript grades have been updated from last semester. If you need to change a student's grade from first semester, changing your gradebook won't update their transcript, so please email me so we can make the changes manually. 

Starting this week, please take attendance on Sycamore for each period. Sycamore is set up to work that way and taking consistent attendance will allow us to run accurate reports from the system and will hopefully prevent us from having to keep track of attendance in multiple ways in the future. 

Tuesday during ASERT, we will follow the usual schedule with an HSD meeting followed by either TIP or Growth Groups.

And Saturday is Talent Night. Get tickets from the Business Office or at lunch in front of the HSD office. You can also save yourself a meal prep by buying dinner before the show. Come celebrate the talents our community has been entrusted with.

We will finalize the schedule for SEW this week Please be praying for Pastor James as he prepare his messages and for Dennis and the ministry chairs as they organize the week and arrange activities. Each class will meet for one single block and two double blocks that week (27-31 January), but classes will be shortened a bit for SEW activities. 

9-13 December - The First Last Week

posted Dec 8, 2019, 1:27 AM by HSD Principal

This is it: the last week of first semester. I hope you feel the accomplishment of getting yourself and your students through half of the school year. 

It's a busy week, so I'm going to take it day by day:

  • We will follow a modified Friday schedule with even blocks.
  • The schedule is modified so that activity period is first thing in the morning. During that time, ExCo and Student Senate will be serving a pancake breakfast in Tipunan. Come as early as 6:30 to enjoy some glutenous breakfast. MSD students will be joining us this time.
  • To coordinate with the pancakes, it will be a non-uniform day. In this case, pajamas that are within non-uniform day guidelines will be allowed.
  • After school will be the first semester Transitions presentations. If you are serving on a panel, please report to your room after school.
  • This is our final class day of the semester.
  • After school will be our final All-Staff meeting in Tipunan. Following that, there will be a short reflection/feedback activity on our ASERTs this year. There will be snacks!
  • You get a second day of breakfast: Wednesday morning is the Admin Christmas Breakfast. Come to the Home Ec room to enjoy holiday breakfast and drinks - as well as some good conversation with colleagues. And since it is an exam day, HSD staff will have some extra time to start off the day and enjoy each other's company.
  • This is our first day of semester exams. It is an open campus, so students who do not have exams do not need to be on campus. They may come and go during the day.
  • This is our second exam day. The morning is required attendance for all students.
  • Our first semester graduation/academic award ceremony is at 9:00 in Tipunan. We will be honoring our graduates, as well as recognizing students who have made notable achievements this semester. If you gave an award, stop by the office so you can sign the certificate. 
  • Following the ceremony, it will be an open campus again. Students may leave if they do not have exams.
  • The HSD Christmas concert is at 6:00. Come enjoy the efforts of our students.
  • Last day of the semester! School will be dismissed and students will leave campus at 11:00.
  • There is one exam block this morning, followed by a short time for music classes to meet.
  • The last 90 minutes of the day will be the house Christmas parties. House chairs are organizing this time.
  • If you received a department/program budget sheet, please turn them in before leaving for break.
First semester grades are due 6 January. Feel free to get them out of the way as soon as you're able, but they are due later in case you are beginning your break right away.

Monday, 6 January is also an inservice day; it is required attendance for all staff. 

Second semester classes begin on Tuesday, 7 January. We will follow a standard schedule Tuesday-Friday that week.

Enjoy your few weeks off. I trust it will be a great time of relaxation and celebration.

2-6 December - The Advent of Advent

posted Dec 1, 2019, 1:13 AM by HSD Principal

And just like that, we are down to our final instructional week of the semester. There is a lot to do this week, so I'm hoping we make it through all five days. 

If you haven't heard yet, there is a significant typhoon heading our way. It should pass to the south of us on Tuesday, but it's big enough that it's expected to disrupt life in the metro area. I can't estimate a likelihood, but it's possible that we will not have classes on Tuesday. Come up with a plan for your classes in case you lose an instructional day this week and let students know what they can do at home to stay on track.

Our basketball players return to class on Monday and they may wear their tournament shirts with uniform bottoms that day. MUN delegates return on Tuesday and may wear their MUN shirts that day. All traveling students should be caught up by the end of this week.

If you have not yet, click on and submit the following forms right now. We need responses to both of them by Monday.
This is also your last chance to check the Semester Exam Schedule. We need to publish it for students, so let Maddy know ASAP if you notice any problems.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have a HSD meeting (with special holiday snacks) followed by CPoE or personal PD time. As you think about your PD this year, a good source of evidence is student feedback. In each of your current PD folders should be a form called Student Feedback to Teachers. Please send it to at least one class of students before the semester ends. Please do not modify or remove any of the questions currently on the form, but if you would like to add additional questions to get feedback on your specific goals, you may add questions to the end of the form. Of course, you are free to send the form to all your classes to get a broader range of feedback.

Wednesday is our final chapel of the semester. Later that evening is our community Advent service; it will be a time of reflection, anticipation, and celebration. So if you're not busy planning or grading - maybe even if you are busy - come celebrate the season together. 

Thursday is the final homeroom of the semester. Homerooms will meet individually and a plan will be provided, but you are welcome to go off-script and do something different to celebrate together.

Friday afternoon, come have a Merry Little Christmas at our staff Christmas party. It will be a time of informal fun and celebration.

As a reminder, next Monday and Tuesday will be our last class days. Monday (9 December) will be a Friday schedule with the activity period moved to the start of day so ExCo and Student Senate can feed everyone pancakes. 

If you received a budget sheet for the 2020-2021 school year, please complete it and return it to me before the break. Ask if you've got questions.

As Advent season is upon us, we will have small ways to celebrate each day over the next two weeks of classes. Check the whiteboard next to the mailboxes in the staff lounge for ways to increase your Christmas spirit. 

25-29 November - Time to Give Thanks

posted Nov 24, 2019, 5:28 AM by HSD Principal

It's getting close.

There are only two more instructional weeks this semester. Use them well.

Thanks for bearing with the earthquake drill on Friday. It went well, so we should not have to hold another one this school year.

Tuesday we will follow our standard ASERT plan: HSD meeting followed by TIP/Growth Groups.

Basketball teams will miss Wednesday-Friday for their trip to Taipei. The MUN delegation will miss Friday and next Monday for their trip. The students involved should have alerted you last week.

Homerooms will meet individually this Thursday and next for the last two sessions of the semester.

Thursday is US Thanksgiving. As is our tradition, there will not be after school activities or 4:30 vans that day to allow families and missions to celebrate together. 

At the request of ExCo, the non-uniform day that was scheduled for this Friday has been moved to Monday, 9 December when they plan to provide the pancake breakfast.

Service hours are due this Saturday. Students need to log their hours on Sycamore, but there is no longer a requirement to write an essay.

18-22 November - Diary of Anne Frank

posted Nov 17, 2019, 4:30 AM by HSD Principal

We've got a few regular weeks coming up for a change. But the next three weeks are the last three instructional weeks in the semester. Yeah, that's freaking me out a bit too. I've only got a small handful of meetings with you left, then my days get a lot less hectic. 

As Crystal mentioned in her email, on Monday, students in Advanced Drama will be acting as Jews during the time of the Holocaust. This activity is meant to help them better understand what it was like to live through that time as they prepare to play their roles this week. You are not required to participate according to the rules Crystal outlined, but it would be helpful if you made their lives unnecessarily uncomfortable for the day.

Tuesday during ASERT, we'll follow our regular schedule. There will be a short HSD meeting followed by either TIP or Growth Groups. 

During homeroom this week, groups will meet in pairs again. Check the master house document (HR Brother/Sister tab) to see who your homeroom will be meeting with.

The Diary of Anne Frank will be running Thursday through Saturday this week. Go see it. Really. There are limited seats each night, so get tickets soon. The students listed below are involved in the play and will be on campus late each night this week. Because of that, they are allowed to ask for extensions for assignments and for assessments to be rescheduled if needed. The students below the break have a lesser involvement and should continue to have time to complete out of class work during the show.
Christian Malessa
Josh Diener
Jan Pieren
Keegan Wolfenden 
John Gorre
Gracie Ransom
Nina Colenbrander 
Nia Kuy 
Kyla Helwig 
Kharis Young 
Karis Bland
Peter Kim
HaJun Kim 
David Zhao
Hana Park

Judah Stumbo 
Asher Schultz
Ben Hagen
Zach Hagen
Qian Bland
Kye Hong

Since we had to reschedule it from last week, there will be an earthquake drill this Friday at 12:51 - one minute before the bell rings. Please review the instructions in the Crisis Plan Manual found in your room so you know how to instruct your students during the drill. This is the longest drill since it requires assembling on White Field. 

Our boys and girls varsity basketball teams were meant to travel to Hong Kong next week, but their tournaments were cancelled due to the political unrest. As of now, there will not be a trip, but Josh Manthe is working to schedule another opportunity for them. If that pushes through, I'll let you know as soon as I know.

A delegation from MUN (Model United Nations) will travel for their regional assembly next week. Students will miss classes Friday, 29 November, and Monday, 2 December. That list of names will be sent this week and students will bring their absence forms around for you to sign.

11-15 November - Romeo & Juliet

posted Nov 10, 2019, 2:51 AM by HSD Principal

This should be our last unusual week of the semester. After this, we will have three full weeks before we hit the end of the semester and exam days.

Monday we will run a Thursday schedule, but there will not be homeroom during that scheduled time. Students - and you all - will have a long lunch.

Tuesday is the Romeo & Juliet field trip, as well as our first Academic Bowl meet. All but 16 of the grade 9 and 10 students will be off campus, as well as almost half of grade 11, and a dozen grade 12 students. And the science teachers will be involved in their curriculum review all day, so we are going completely off-schedule. Here is the plan for Tuesday as it stands now. I need to finalize it by lunch Monday so we can post it. I'm still trying to fill some of the blocks and don't want to just give multiple study halls, so if you have something you're willing to do with a group of students, let me know. 

ASERT will also be not-quite-normal this week. Since so many HSD staff will be gone, we will not hold an HSD meeting immediately following school. But there will be snacks in the lounge that you can pick up for a sugar fix. Beginning at 2:20, you should attend TIP, the next CPoE session (which is a change of plans since last week), or work on PD tasks independently. Since Carl will not quite be back, there will not be a Virtuous Minds book talk this week. 

Wednesday through Friday will follow a normal schedule. 

During Homeroom on Thursday, there will be house meetings. During that time, house chairs will share current plans for Ministry Day and house Christmas parties. House chairs will meet during Activity Period on Friday to debrief those meetings and redirect plans if needed. 

FYI, the ExCo Gala is this Saturday, but that should have no effect on classes beyond some slightly giddy students.

Next week is The Diary of Anne Frank. There are limited tickets, so get yours before they sell out.

Based on your feedback, it looks like we can fit semester exams into two days. So we will have block periods on Monday and Tuesday, 9-10 December.  Those will be your last instructional periods of the semester. Wednesday and Thursday that week will be exams, with a block for early grad and academic awards on Thursday morning. Friday, 13 December, will be a half day. There will be super short classes and house Christmas parties. 

28-31 October - Second Season Begins

posted Oct 27, 2019, 12:26 AM by HSD Principal

I - along with Angela, Leighton, and the Foutzes - will be leaving on Monday morning for the EARCOS Leadership Conference in Kota Kinabalu for the week. I'll be on campus briefly Monday, and will return to Manila late Sunday evening. In my absence, Maddy will be HSD OIC.

Since we have no classes on Friday, Monday will follow a Friday schedule with even blocks and an extended lunch for activity period. The rest of the week will follow a regular schedule. 

Second season sports tryouts are this week, so keep eligibility updated so our athletes and coaches are aware of any areas of concern.

ASERT on Tuesday will be a standard schedule, with a HSD meeting in the lounge followed by PD / TIP sessions in their usual locations.

Homerooms will meet in pairs this week. You can check the homeroom doc (HR Brother/Sister sheet) to see who you will be meeting with.

If you have not done so yet, please complete the semester exam survey that Maddy sent out. Submit it this week for each course you teach so we can determine how many exam days we need to schedule.

That's all for this week. Keep learning along with your students. I'll see you in a week.

21-25 October - College Fair Week

posted Oct 20, 2019, 2:10 AM by HSD Principal

One week down and second quarter is off and rolling. The traveling ACSC athletes will be back in school Monday and may wear their tournament shirts to school that day. Also (in a tradition I'm not sure the origins of), since boys volleyball went to Thailand, they may wear Thai pants with their shirts. 

ACSC athletes have one week to catch up on missed work from last week. So they should be caught up by the eligibility check at the end of school on Monday, 28 October. Please report them at that time if they are still behind in their work at that time. 

Monday will begin with an All School Chapel. Everyone should proceed directly to Cadd Theater in the morning. Remember that no food or drinks are allowed in the theater, so finish your coffee before 7:10.

Immediately following All School Chapel, there will be a fire drill to practice a Cadd evacuation. Instructions will be given prior to the drill, but all high school students and faculty should leave all belongings in the theater and proceed out the rear doors to the ESD court. 

Following the fire drill, all high school students and faculty will return to Cadd theater for the beginning of our College Fair. Representatives from 12 universities will be with us during the day, providing a series of seminars and workshops. Sunny has arranged this schedule of events for the day. HSD teachers are scheduled to be present during sessions to help with organization and behavior, so please look for your name and make sure you turn up when expected. Everyone should attend the major sessions in Cadd, but you are welcome to attend any other sessions that may interest you.

I will begin meetings with teachers this week. Mars will schedule meetings during available times, so be on the look out for your invite.

Tuesday will be a standard ASERT: HSD divisional meeting followed by Growth Groups or TIP. Due to Alice rehearsals, Growth Groups will meet in the library this week.

On Wednesday during chapel time, we will have a special concert. Alumni Joseph Wu and his band will be playing for us in Cadd Theater.

On Thursday and Friday, representatives of our swim team will attend the ACSC Swimming meet. The following students will miss classes to attend:
Star Uy, Shadrack Vega, Seonggyeom (Daniel) Park, Uiseong Kim, Sofiia Slabospitckaia, and Johann Dee

On Thursday, homerooms will meet for the next session on social media. Homerooms will meet together as they have been to watch the AXIS video, then separate for discussions.

Thursday afternoon, there will be a matinee showing of Alice in Wonderland in Tipunan Hall. (You should go see the show. Really.) To prepare for the early show, the following high school students will miss period 7 on Thursday:
Kye Hong, Nia Kuy, Kyla Helwig, Karis Bland, Isabel Cardwell, Qian Bland, Sophie Ti, Clara Oh, and EunPa Kwun
Those students are also on campus through the evening most nights this week. So if they are permitted to ask for rescheduled assessments and extensions on assignments.

On Friday afternoon, there will be an Open House, so we will have many visitors on campus. Be friendly and welcoming if you happen to encounter any of them. On second thought, be friendly and welcoming all the time.

As you look forward to next week, there is no school on Friday, 1 November for All Saints' Day. To account for that, we will follow a Friday schedule on Monday, 28 October. 

Also, I will be away all of next week (28 Oct. - 1 Nov.) for a conference. In my absence, Maddy will be the OIC for high school.

15-18 October - Start of Q2

posted Oct 14, 2019, 6:48 PM by HSD Principal

After a week of break, I hope you all feel ready to start second quarter and foster some good learning. 

Since Monday was our inservice, the remainder of the week will follow a regular schedule with alternating odd and even days.

The boys soccer team and both volleyball teams are traveling for their ACSC tournaments this week. Pray for them as they travel, play, and bond on their trips. Student athletes will have a week to catch up on missed work and requirements, so they should be clear by the eligibility check on 29 October.

Dr. Egeler will present one more time during ASERT on Tuesday. Because of productions in Tipunan, we will meet in Cadd and begin at 2:00 to give you some time to get a drink and a snack (no food or drinks in the theater).

Wednesday morning is the PSAT. All students in grades 10 and 11 will miss periods 2 and 4. Other grades will have class as usual. Students will be back in class for periods 6 and 8.

On Thursday, homerooms will meet in pairs again (HR Schedule). Student leaders should be making plans, but it's an unusual week and many of them are gone. I will have the house chairs help make sure plans are in place, but several of them are gone as well. So it would be good if you could have a backup plan for a game or activity for your groups.

Monday next week (21 October) we will have an all-school chapel followed by our college fair. Everyone should report to Cadd first thing in the morning. Here is the schedule:
  • 7:10 - We will give high school students an overview of the day's activities.
  • 7:30 - The other divisions will join us for an All-School Chapel.
  • 8:15 - Chapel will conclude with a fire drill, evacuating everyone from Cadd. Other divisions will then return to classes; high school students will return to Cadd.
  • 8:30 - Opening address and introduction by the university reps.
  • The remainder of the day will be broken into sessions and workshops following this schedule. All teachers will have some assignments to be present during workshops.
The remainder of that week will follow a normal schedule.

Thursday and Friday next week, our swim team will travel for their ACSC tournament. This is the most recent list of traveling students that Hasina provided:
Tara Uy, Sofiia Slabospitckaia, Daniel Park, Tomy Uiesong Kim, Shadrach Vega, Johann Dee, Mieko Palaran, and Tashy Yatco

Now that returning teachers have worked through the teaching standards and goals sheets during ASERTs, I will start scheduling meetings to talk through plans for the year. Those will start next week, so make sure your individual PD record is up to date. First year teachers will follow a different process that will be explained next week during ASERT.

Have a great week and a great start to the quarter. Two months from now, we'll already be on Christmas break :)

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