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19-23 August - High School Retreat

posted Aug 18, 2019, 1:25 AM by HSD Principal

We've got a couple of short weeks coming up. This week, we will only have classes Monday through Wednesday following a regular weekly schedule. Next week, Monday is off for National Heroes Day, so sleep in a bit to catch up after High School Retreat. The rest of the week will be regular block classes Tuesday through Friday.

Grades appear to be posting properly on Sycamore again, but I did need to delete all grades that had been posted so far to remove all the improper grades. You will need to go to each class and repost your grades before students and parents can see them again. There is still a weird issue as assignments are not showing up in your Grade Book > Grade Overview, but gradebooks and postings appear to be functional. I'm still talking with Sycamore, but keep entering and posting grades.

On Monday, the eight house chairs (Grace Jung, Kye Hong, Anika Miro, Christian Malessa, Billy Kim, Harrison Won, Luke Sung, & Kayla Tan) will miss period 4 so they can coordinate with ExCo on activity plans for Thursday and Friday.

Before Tuesday morning, submit eligibility reports for any students who may already need a wake-up call. See Maddy's email for full details and instructions. Because of retreat and Heroes Day, reported students will only be functionally ineligible on Wednesday, but still report them so they are aware of potential problems. 

Tuesday for ASERT (which I discovered was an unknown acronym for many of you), we will follow the new standard rhythm. There will be an HSD meeting beginning at 1:45, during which we'll spend a good chunk of time going over plans and expectations for High School Retreat. That will be followed by more instruction on our PD for the year. Everyone will need a device for the second part. 

Wednesday the 21st is a Philippine holiday (Ninoy Aqunio Day), but we will not have off. Classes will be held as usual. 

Thursday will be a half day of school before we leave for High School Retreat. The house chairs will provide breakfast in Tipunan, then there will be a series of activities. Students are planning the time, so you all just need to be present and helpful. 

We will talk a lot about High School Retreat on Tuesday, but here is the information sheet that was sent to students. The packing list and travel information will be the same for you all. We will also return to campus late afternoon on Saturday, so plan how you will get home. If it would be better for you to be dropped off on C5 (across from McKinley Hill), let me know and we can arrange that. 

12-16 August - Meet the Teacher

posted Aug 11, 2019, 12:03 AM by HSD Principal

Over dinner last night, my sons told me they thought that the first full week of school flew by and they couldn't believe it was over already. As they said that, I realized that I agreed with them. It seems like I blinked and five days had gone by. Now that classes are stable and students are getting used to new rhythms, I hope you find some time to "stop and smell the roses" as you go though this week.

Tuesday afternoon, instead of running PD activities for ASERT, we will have our HSD Meet the Teacher afternoon. We will get an exact schedule to you on Monday, but all you need to do is be in your classroom from 1:45 until 4:00 and be ready to talk to parents about your class(es). Any time parents are not in your room, you are free to do whatever work you have. Please keep a count of how many parents visit you so we can evaluate the event.

On Thursday during homeroom time, houses will elect their representatives for each grade. Those students will serve as class officers and join their house chairs on their house councils. The house chairs are planning this time, so you should not have to run anything. 

Friday, there are two things going on during activity period. NHS is hosting their New Student Lunch in Tipunan, where current NHS members will check in with new students, get to know them a bit, and see if they have any concerns about the first few weeks of school. Also, there will be a meeting of the newly-elected house councils to continue planning events that will be happening in the coming weeks.

Remember that High School Retreat is next week Thursday-Saturday, so there will only be classes Monday through Wednesday, following our regular weekly schedule. The following week, Monday, 26 August is a holiday and we will have no class that day. The rest of the week will follow a regular schedule. All special days for the first semester should be highlighted on the HSD Events Google calendar so your can plan ahead.

Last year, we got everyone on teaching staff a subscription to ASCD Activate as a resource to use for self-directed professional development. We are planning on renewing our subscription for this year, but if you found that it was not helpful or applicable, let me know and I'll leave you off the list for this year.

This past week, almost all of our students with educational needs have had their ESSPs (Educational Support Services Plans) included in Sycamore. There are still a few I am working on updating. ESSPs are roughly equivalent to an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or 504 Plan, but we do not follow those exact structures. To see which students in your classes have ESSPs, you can go to any of your class pages in Sycamore, then from the sidebar, go to Evaluations > IEP Students. That will show a list of students with ESSPs. You can then click on the IEP button to show a summarized list of their classroom accommodations. You don't need to track data in the way that Sycamore is set up, its IEP system is just the most straightforward way of making sure that data is easily accessible for you. Students' complete ESSPs are stored on our Google Drive and will be shared with you in the next few days in case you need to reference more complete information. If you have any questions or concerns about students with needs in your classes, please ask Kevin, Maithri, or Michael.

5-9 August - Off and Running

posted Aug 4, 2019, 4:09 AM by HSD Principal

We've made it through the first few days of school and hopefully you feel like you've got your feet under you. Thanks for all the engagement on Thursday for our first day of school. It was a new idea and there were things that we'd like to do better, but I think there were a lot of good things about the day - even though I was exhausted by the end of it.

Unusually for the beginning of a school year, we have a few weeks of normal weekly schedules. Our first disruptions will be around High School Retreat. You - and your students - should hopefully be able to get into the rhythm of classes in the next few weeks.

We have about a dozen students in high school who have incomplete enrollment requirements. We will call those students down to the office on Monday and they will not be able to attend classes until their requirements have all been submitted. 

As classes start in earnest, please keep your eyes and ears open for compliance with dress code, cell phone policy, and common language. We want to make sure students start the year knowing what to expect and what is expected of them. 

Sunny, Maddy, and I have cranked through heaps of tweaks to student schedules over the past week. Hopefully there will not be many changes to your class lists at this point. Students do have until the end of day on Wednesday to make schedule changes, but we will talk them out of frivolous changes. Please let me know if you notice any errors to your class lists or don't see students you expect to see.

For ASERT on Tuesday, we are going to introduce a new structure we will be using for professional development and goals setting this year. In the busyness of the first couple of days, we weren't able to finalize plans for that, so details will be emailed by end of day Monday.

For Homeroom on Thursday, there are two goals: 1) spend some more informal time getting to know your homeroom group, and 2) choose a student leader for your homeroom. We will explain the expectations for homeroom leaders in chapel on Wednesday. To get to know your group (and hopefully laugh together), you could play a get-to-know-you game like Two Truths and a Lie or Never Have I Ever
Homeroom is required, so if someone on your list doesn't show up, please email Maddy so we can follow up.

Next Tuesday is HSD Meet the Teacher afternoon. Instead of staff meetings, parents will have an opportunity to meet with you in your classrooms and hear about your classes. More information and a schedule will be coming out later this week.

In two weeks, we will be heading off to High School Retreat. More information on that will also be coming your way this week.

If you are planning ahead, each time this semester that we will be deviating from our regular weekly schedule is indicated on the HSD Events Google calendar. You can view it from the Calendar tab above, or by adding it to your personal Google calendar.

Please pray for Roberta Maxwell and Jay and Emily Bowdoin who have not arrived in country yet. I am thankful HR found subs to cover all their classes for the first weeks until they arrive; the day before school started, I was expecting to teach a couple of English classes for a bit.

Enjoy your week getting to know your students. It is a real privilege to work with them at Faith, and I hope you have joy on the journey.

27-31 May - It's the end of the world as we know it.

posted May 26, 2019, 6:39 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated May 26, 2019, 4:03 PM ]

This is it. We have made it to the final week of the school year. It feels like all the things are happening this week, so I'll try to make sure you've got all the information you need. Please read everything below carefully.

Monday is the final day of classes. This will be the last time you see students before exams - or possibly just the last time if you are not giving an exam. Make sure you provide any information they need for the week. You will see them briefly on Friday just to return materials and check out.

Monday is also all seniors' last day. They should come around with their check-out forms for you to sign. If students have returned all books and materials, you can sign them out in your class. If you have seniors first period, please let them know they will need to get their lockers checked either during period 8 or immediately after school.

Senior grades are due for all classes on Tuesday at 4:00PM. After that time, Mars will begin to print report cards, transcripts, and other end-of-year documents. Please, please, please, make sure seniors' grades are current in Sycamore - and posted! - by that time. It is a real hassle to have to reprint senior reports because a grade was not updated. If underclass grades are not in, posting senior grades may temporarily alter their semester grades, but just let them know if you expect that to be a problem. Here is a link to the instructions for preparing grades for reporting. It's written from the perspective of first quarter, but everything happens in the same way. Remember that since we use semester grades in high school, you will only see quarter 3 grades for second semester.

Tuesday through Thursday are semester exams. Refer to the exam schedule and make sure you turn up for any coverage you've been assigned. Students may come and go from campus during those days, but they do need to be in specified locations if they stay on campus when they do not have an exam. During the week, hallways should be kept quiet as students may be taking make-up exams during study blocks, and extended time exams are being proctored in L12 and P19. If you hear noise in your hall, please stick your head out and ask students to be quiet, even if it's not an official exam time.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have our final All-Staff Meeting in Tipunan. It should be fairly short so you'll have time to finish up those senior grades by 4:00 :)

Wednesday morning is our final All-School Chapel. Students may not be around that morning, but everyone who is on campus should proceed to Cadd at 7:15. This is expected attendance for all staff who work on Wednesdays.

Thursday is our Academic Awards at 11:30. Because of the senior brunch, this will also be held in Cadd. This is required attendance for all high school students and staff. Mars will give your department reps the awards certificates to be presented at that time.

Thursday evening Baccalaureate begins at 6:00. It is seniors' final community worship service as part of our school. There will be corporate music and charges/challenges by some parents of the senior class. The service is about an hour long and there will be a light merienda afterwards provided by the parents of the Class of 2020. Attendance is highly encouraged for all high school staff, but everyone is welcome to attend.

Friday is the last day of the 2018-2019 school year! It is a half day and school will end at 11:00 - see the schedule on the last page of the exam schedule. Students in grades 9-11 will come around that day with their check out forms for you to sign. From 9:05 to 9:25, students need to get their lockers checked. If you teach in Lambert or the second floor of Poppinga, please be in the hallway during that time to sign locker forms. A locker can be signed off only if:
  • there is no damage
  • there are no stickers, tape, adhesive, etc. stuck inside or outside
  • it is not "rigged;" you should not be able to open the locker without using the combination
If there is a problem, note it on the student's check-out form. Also, please check that students are signing out the locker listed on their forms. Sometimes students switch lockers during the year, but they are still responsible for their originally-assigned lockers.

At the end of the school day on Friday, we are going to try something new. Seniors will come to campus with their caps and gowns at the end of school. They will then proceed to walk through the hallways of whichever division they first attended at Faith. As they walk, students will cheer for them, then follow them to the circle for the closing ceremony. More information and instructions will be given during the awards assembly on Thursday.

Commencement is on Friday at 1:00 (not 2:00 as the school calendar said as of two months ago) in Cadd. Our seniors have worked hard to get to this point, so come honor their achievement. The ceremony is usually about 90 minutes and is expected attendance for all staff.

Teacher check-out forms should be in your boxes. Before you mentally check out from the school year, please be sure you have completed all items on your form and turn it in to the office. I will be available to sign forms Saturday and Monday morning, but the offices (business, IT, library) are not open on Saturday, so if you are leaving during the weekend, make sure to get those clearances by Friday.

All semester grades are due at 4:00PM on Monday, 3 June. Again, please make sure you have followed all the end of term instructions. Double check that everything is complete. Once we roll the year over in Sycamore - which will likley happen mid-June - you will no longer have access to your grade books from this year.

The end of year also means our ref in the staff lounge gets its annual purge and clean. If you want to save something in the ref, please label it with your name and move it to the bottom shelf in the drink ref. Anything left in the staff ref as of Tuesday, 4 June will be discarded so the ref can get its long-overdue deep clean.

We are also going to sort our mugs and tupperware collections. If you have personal mugs, plates, tupperware, etc. that you would like to maintain, please take them home or put them in your mailboxes when school ends. All mugs, plates, bowls, etc. left in the cupboard will be labeled HSD and put into circulation for general use next year. Tupperware left will be given to Home Ec. or Tipunan kitchen. And if you have taken any cutlery from the lounge to your class, please return it.

And, before you leave campus for the summer, please be sure your room is clean and organized. If you have personal belongings, please secure them or take them home. I am not worried about theft, but rooms get all sorts of work over the summer months and your things may be moved around during cleaning, repairs on blinds or desks, painting, etc. 

I think that's all. I hope this final week is a good one for you and you feel like you have ended the school year well.

20-24 May - The Last Week of Classes

posted May 19, 2019, 4:53 AM by HSD Principal

Wait... What!?

I have been counting down the weeks until summer and the fact that we're already on our final week of classes surprised me. You have six more class days to impart all the remaining learning to your students.

After school on Tuesday, our seniors will be giving their Transitions Presentations. It's a good experience to see what a Faith finished product looks like. See the information sent out by Steve Hong last week.

Friday evening is the end-of-year party, the ExCo Circus. If you would be willing to chaperone and help run our carnival games, fill out this form; you don't need to commit to the dunk tank in order to chaperone, but it would be fun if you did.

If you have any remaining requirements from last Tuesday's ASERT time, please complete them ASAP. The list and instructions are here.

This week, think through your last days on campus and plan how you will use your time. Make sure you've got the time you'll need to clean up your space, put away materials, and wrap up grading. Before you can check out, you will need to:
  • verify all grades have been posted
  • verify course materials are stored and accessible
  • return all library materials
  • return all equipment to ITS (including school Chromebook if you borrowed one) and fill out their end-of-year form
  • turn in keys if you are leaving
All of those things will be on your teacher checkout forms you will be getting shortly. 

Please continue to pray for both the staff transitioning away from Faith Academy, as well as the staff who will be transitioning to Faith next year. Right now, I only know three names of new high school staff: Ashli Moon and Nikki Nisly who will be teaching art, and Anthony van Engel who will be teaching biology. That's a short list compared with all the people we will be losing. Keep praying.

And, if you have not already done so, respond to the links below... right now.

13-17 May - Three weeks to go

posted May 12, 2019, 2:01 AM by HSD Principal

We are down to two weeks of classes left before semester exams. Keep on keeping on with your students to finish the school year well. 

Monday is Election Day. Rose will be off and Mars will be leaving at 2:30 to vote so the high school office will be closed after school. 

Tuesday for ASERT, we will be meeting in Tipunan for an all teaching staff meeting. There will be time after that meeting to wrap up your PD for the year. 

I will be gone on the Lead Team retreat during school on Wednesday and Thursday. In my absence, Maddy will be the high school OIC.

On Friday during activity period, houses will elect their chairmen for the 2019-2020 school year. Each house will elect two chairmen who may be any grade and gender.

Friday is the deadline for senior grades to determine who needs to take final exams. If you've got seniors in your classes, any who have a grade below B- as of Friday need to take your final exam next week.

Friday is the final high school concert of the year. Come enjoy students' talent while honoring students and staff who are leaving.

Saturday is the White Elephant Sale. If you are buying or selling, come out to the middle school court that morning. If you are not, you may want to avoid campus that morning since it tends to be a bit of a zoo during the sale.

6-10 May - The Beginning of the End

posted May 5, 2019, 5:13 AM by HSD Principal

We have a full-on HSD meeting on Tuesday for ASERT, so I'll keep this short.

There are three full weeks of class before we hit exam week. Some students will be in and out for external exams, but your class schedule won't be interrupted for the remainder of the year. However, there are lots of additional things happening and several dates to keep in mind; see how the Coming Soon sidebar has gotten super full this month.

Monday, from 7-11, the grade 8 students will be visiting high school. Thanks to the teachers involved in working with students during that time. For most of you, it will be a normal Monday.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have our final HSD meeting in the staff lounge.

Wednesday after school will be the middle school and high school baptisms at the pool. Come celebrate the faith decisions of our students with them.

See you Tuesday after school.

29 April-3 May - One Last Weird Week

posted Apr 28, 2019, 5:13 AM by HSD Principal

Since we have this Wednesday off for Labor Day (enjoy your last bonus break of the school year), the Wednesday schedule has been moved to Monday. So we will start the week with even blocks, including chapel.

Tuesday for ASERT, there will be an All-Staff Meeting in Tipunan.

Sleep in on Wednesday, and convince your students to as well (see below). 

Thursday, homerooms/houses will continue to follow their individual plans. In a couple of weeks, I'll ask for feedback on how those times have gone for your homeroom/house.

Friday during activity period, Sunny will be hosting a short reception in the Cadd lobby to display some of Dave French's art work he's done over the years. Come and see some of the treasures discovered in the recesses of the art room.

Saturday is already the end of year staff banquet. Attendance is expected unless you have spoken to me. Since it is May the Fourth themed, bonus points if you come as Darth Maul or an Ewok.

Next Monday is the grade 9 orientation. Grade 8 students will be joining us in high school for the morning, but will not be attending regular classes to avoid disruption to teaching in the final month of school.

All your PD for the year is due to be complete in two weeks on 14 May. During ASERT on that day, you will be given time to log all of your PD activities on your record, finalize your goals sheets, and submit your CPoE paper if you were working on it this year. Before the end of the year, try to get one more classroom visit in to help you stay inspired in your own classes.

22-26 April - The Music Man

posted Apr 21, 2019, 1:34 AM by HSD Principal

He is risen!

Tuesday for ASERT we will have a full-length HSD meeting. I'll see you in the lounge at 1:45.

The Music Man runs this week. A list of involved students was emailed to you. Those students fall under the policy below from our Activities Handbook. Students will do their best to keep up this week since they will be in class, but for the purposes of school work, they are considered "away" in the same way traveling athletes are.

For students in theatrical productions who are required to be on campus four hours or more each night during the week of a performance, projects and tests scheduled during the week of performances as well as the following Monday and Tuesday may be turned in up to the second Monday after the production without penalty. This would normally include members of the cast, stage crew and tech crew. It would not normally include those with lesser involvement such as the make-up crew.

Students involved in the musical may wear their show t-shirts on Thursday to promote and celebrate opening night. In order to get students home early and allow younger children to attend, the show on Thursday will be a matinee. That means that students who require a longer prep time will miss the end of the school day. I will confirm those students and how much time they require and I will let you know. 

Next week, we will have Wednesday off for Labor Day. To adjust for that, we will have a Wednesday schedule, including chapel, on Monday, 29 April.

The following week, beginning on 6 May, AP and IGCSE exams begin. Check the exam schedules sent out by Joyce and Linda.

He is risen indeed!

15-17 April - Second of the Short Weeks

posted Apr 14, 2019, 3:33 AM by HSD Principal

This is our second short week in a row. Due to Holy Week, we will only have classes Monday through Wednesday. Those days will follow a normal bell schedule. There will not be any classes on Thursday and Friday. Next week, there is actually a full week of school, but don't get too used to it since the following Wednesday (1 May) is off for Labor Day. We will follow a Wednesday schedule on Monday of that week (29 April).

On Tuesday, we will have an HSD meeting after school. We will spend some time reviewing the results from the BCWI survey taken in February. Below are links to the relevant reports if you would like to take a look at them beforehand.
We have been having more issues with students abusing some of our leniencies, so I'm trying to tighten up a few things:
  • Students who visit the Health Office during first period must first check in with their teacher or the office. We have had students turn up late to school and make a quick stop by the Health Office for a pass so they are not marked tardy. The Health Office is aware of this and will be asking students for a pass before they sign in.
  • Also, when students claim not to feel well and ask to rest in the Health Office, the nurses send them back to check with their teachers first. If a student comes and asks to rest, you are welcome to not allow it if you need the student to be present in class. We've had some students stay up way too late and go to the Health Office just to catch up on sleep.
  • We have also had several students sign out of a study hall, but then not go where they said they would be going. For example, we've had students sign out to go to the library or art room, but end up playing basketball, at The V, or cuddling in a dark hallway. I am tempted to not allow students to sign out anymore, but I don't want to jump to that. In the meantime, if you are occasionally able, can you check to see if students are where they told you they would be going? As a reminder, only grade 12 students may visit The V during class time. Any other student must be accompanied by a staff member.
I pray that you would have some time during these busy weeks to point your hearts and minds to Jesus as we anticipate celebrating his resurrection.

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