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Weekly Announcements

28 May-1 June - The End

posted May 27, 2018, 7:03 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated May 27, 2018, 7:08 AM ]

And just like that, we're at the end.

Monday is the last day of classes for the seniors. If you have them, make sure they have returned all materials and you sign them out on their checkout forms. It is also the last day for them to get work turned in for the semester, because...

Senior grades are due on Tuesday. Make sure all your grades are entered, and follow these instructions to make sure comments are made, deportment grades are included, and - very important - that senior grades are posted correctly. I know it may make underclass grades incorrect for several days, but we need senior grades on Tuesday.

Tuesday at 1:30 will be our final All-Staff meeting of the year in Tipunan.

Tuesday through Thursday semester exams will be held. Please make sure you are present for any exams or proctoring duties assigned to you. Students only need to be on campus when they have exams, except...

All students need to be present on Thursday for Academic Awards. That ceremony will be held in Cadd Theater and more information will be coming your way about that event.

Thursday evening is Baccalaureate, and Friday afternoon is Commencement. You are expected to be at both of those events unless you talk to me beforehand.

Your check out forms will be in your boxes early this week. Feel free to work through those as soon as you are able. Here is the end of year info for your reference and instruction.

Friday is the last day of the year. We will run a very short schedule so you have time to connect with your students, sign them out for the year, and exchange any materials. Before the closing ceremony houses will meet to elect two chairmen for the coming year. If you are a primary house sponsor, help your house organize this time.

Thank you, thank you for all your work on behalf of our students and our God this year. May you be blessed in the coming months, whatever they may bring.

21-25 May - The Last Week of Classes!

posted May 20, 2018, 3:24 AM by HSD Principal

This is it. We are down to one week of classes, meaning you will see each class four more times before the year ends. Make sure you can get all the needed things done before time runs out.

On Tuesday for ASERT, most of you will be on panels for the seniors' Transitions presentations. Some of you will be meeting with other department teachers to talk about students transitioning between grades. Either way, you will get emails with instructions.

We've had our year of schedule experimenting, and now it's time to settle on the plan for next year. Answer a few questions to help make that happen.

Look over the final exam schedule and let me know Monday if you see any problems or conflicts. I was almost able to get all the exams on two days with Tuesday off for everyone, but it didn't quite work due to a few student conflicts (maybe next year). We will post the schedule for students on Tuesday. Whatever your end-of-semester plans are, confirm them for your students this week so they know what to expect.

I've started the end-of-year review meetings, and it looks like I'll be able to meet with at least all the majority time high school staff. If you have not completed your goals sheet yet, you can use the link Mars sent on the event invite, or you can click the Professional Dev't link above and your goals folder should be in the right sidebar.

ExCo's end of the year party is Friday. They are still looking for some chaperone helpers. If you've got the time, sign up to help the kids make their final party great.

As you think about sliding into summer, make sure you plan ahead to get yourself checked out - especially if you are leaving shortly after classes end. Here's a link to the end of year info again.

I hope it's a good week for you and you feel satisfied with your year.

14-18 May - Three Weeks Until Grad

posted May 12, 2018, 11:42 PM by HSD Principal

Only two weeks of classes remain before we hit exam week. Make sure you are taking the time you need to get sleep, rest, and time away from school work. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you finish up your classes.

The Ballentynes are leading our boarding accreditation process this week. Be praying for them as the visiting team is here to conduct the evaluation and review.

As you should have seen in Brian's email, for Tuesday's ASERT, we will have a meeting to update everyone on our SWAP (SchoolWide Action Plan) for the next six years, as well as a report of our latest BCWI (Best Christian Workplaces Institute) survey and an opportunity to give feedback on the results.

Your input needed:
  • Semester Exams - I need to know by Monday, 14 May, if you will give a final exam. I plan to have the draft schedule out for your review later this week.
  • Outstanding Seniors - Cast your final votes by Friday, 18 May.
  • Academic Awards - Only two people have entered awards so far. I also need this info by Friday, 18 May so we can prepare the certificates.
  • AP Course Applications - If you teach AP courses, make sure you review the application sheets that were shared with you this past week. I need to inform students later this week as they will be choosing courses next week.
If you want to get a head start on grading, you can likely enter all of your deportment grades at this point. Here are the instructions (begins on page 2) for how to enter them and the rubric for how to determine the grades.

Do not grow weary of teaching well; in due time, you will reap a reward if you do not give up.

7-11 May - faster and faster, it's all downhill from here

posted May 6, 2018, 2:01 AM by HSD Principal

We're fully into the end-or-year fray beginning this week. Both students and staff will be trying to balance end-of-year requirements with transition emotions, so I hope you are all able to finish well and help your students finish and transition well too.

AP exams begin this week. Students who have an AP exam may be excused from classes on the day of their exam. Joyce has shared the schedule and student lists with you all. And IGCSE Exams continue, so students in grades 9 and 10 will be out of class when their exams are scheduled.

Monday is the Grade 8 Orientation. Middle school students will be joining us in high school from the beginning of the day through the 6th period block. If you teach grade 9 students during 6th period, you will have additional students in your class for that block. Please make them feel welcome and help them look forward to high school next year.

If you have not done so yet, nominate students for the Outstanding Senior awards. After nominations are in, final voting will take place this week.

Tuesday after school we will have our final high school divisional meeting. We will work on wrapping up the year. As you plan ahead, here's a link to the end-of-year information for you. We'll touch on some bits during our meeting, but most of the information will be important during the final weeks of school.

At the divisional meeting Tuesday, we will have some time to go over the feedback from the homework study. Please review the students' responses ahead of time so we can discuss them.

Watch your inboxes: surveys will be sent out this week getting input on semester exams and academic awards. I will need input on both those things this week since they have a long lead time.

Our new Scantron machine is here! A few of you have already used it, and it was put to good use tallying the ExCo election results. An unexpected glitch is that it doesn't use the existing item analysis forms. On the plus side, it's connected to the office desktop, so you can save a spreadsheet with results and a question-by-question analysis. There will be a brief tutorial on some of its spiffy features at the end of the faculty meeting.

30 April-4 May - Last Month Already

posted Apr 29, 2018, 4:47 PM by HSD Principal

May? Really? Four weeks from today is the final day of classes. Take a deep breath; you've got this.

Monday we are running periods 1-8. Tuesday, sleep in and eat waffles. Wednesday and Thursday are double blocks, and Friday will be singles again.

I will be gone Tuesday through Thursday for the Lead Team retreat. Steve Hong has agreed to be the high school OIC in my absence. Hopefully you won't need to call on him for anything.

If you haven't yet, nominate a graduating student for Outstanding Senior Girl & Boy this week. The final voting will take place next week.

Wednesday during chapel block we will hold the ExCo elections for next year. Look for an email from ExCo as they will need some adult help in conducting the voting. 

I'll see you all on Saturday evening for An Evening With the Stars as we recognize those who have hit milestones at Faith and honor and bless those who are leaving us next year.

Next Monday is 8th grade orientation/shadowing day. Current grade 8 students will join the grade 9s for blocks 4 and 6, and have orientation activities during block 2. If you have grade 9 students during 6th period, there will be twice as many bodies in your room for that period.

At the divisional meeting next Tuesday, we will have some time to go over the feedback from the homework study. Please review the student's responses ahead of time so we can discuss them.

Coming up things to be thinking about:
  • Next week the final exam survey will be distributed. I need to know who will be giving exams during finals week so we can plan the schedule.
  • Next week we will also open nominations for academic awards. Once again, awards will be connected to SLRs, so start thinking about who you would like to recognize in your class(es). Academic awards will be held on Thursday, 31 May.

23-27 April - Carol Foutz Day & Junior/Senior

posted Apr 21, 2018, 12:52 AM by HSD Principal

It was a long and busy week and it was great to watch the Wizard of Oz, seeing the result of over 100 staff and students working together to pull off a fantastic show.

We are down to five weeks of classes before semester exams. I can't believe so much of this school year is already behind us. So you know, I did agree to be high school principal for at least one more year, so I'll be in the office again next year.

Tuesday, 24 April is Carol Foutz Day, celebrating her 25 years of service to Faith Academy.
  • Feel free to dress as a literary character on Tuesday to recognize Carol's support of literacy.
  • There will be a short assembly at the beginning of the day at the flag pole to kick off the day.
  • We will be helping to stock a library, so bring a new or like-new book to donate.
  • During 7th period, there will be three short bells marking the beginning of our school-wide reading time for 1988 seconds. If your schedule allows it at that time, have your students stop and read - and you should stop and read as well! There will be three more short bells marking the end of the time.
  • After school, there will be a reception in Tipunan to honor Carol.
This Friday is the Junior/Senior Banquet. Students in grades 11 and 12 who are attending the banquet and are academically eligible are excused from classes that day. If you are struggling to get work in, feel free to use the inactive status this week to incentivize students to get work turned in by Thursday so they can be excused on Friday. 

Next week, since we have Tuesday off for Labor Day (enjoy your last bonus day off before the end of the year), we will hold a single block schedule on Monday, 30 April. Wednesday and Thursday will be double blocks with singles again on Friday.

That Saturday evening, 5 May, is the End of the Year Staff Banquet, during which we will honor staff members for their years of service and say goodbye to staff who will be leaving. The event is expected attendance for all staff, so respond the email form that the banquet committee sent out last week.

The following Monday, 7 May, we will have the grade 9 orientation and shadowing, inviting up all the current grade 8 students. If you teach grade 9 students during 6th period, they will have grade 8 students shadowing them for that period.

Think ahead to whether or not you will be giving a final exam during exam week. Shortly, a survey will be sent out asking your plans for your class(es). 

If you teach an AP course, the applications will be sent to you this week for review. Next week, they will be sent out for students to apply for the classes for next year.

Take a deep breath; it's the beginning of the end.

16-20 April - OZ!

posted Apr 15, 2018, 1:49 PM by HSD Principal

Seriously, go see The Wizard of Oz this week. You will be so happy you did.

Here again is the list of students involved in the musical who have leniency on work that is due this week.

Double double blocks pick up again this week. Here is the schedule we will follow. Remember that our week begins on an even block schedule with period 2.

The activity period on Monday means that seniors will often have an extended lunch and be able to leave campus with parental permission. However, seniors may not leave campus if they are ineligible. So feel free to hold that privilege over your seniors who may be slow at getting assignments turned in. Since eligibility checks are on Tuesday, the previous week's lists will be used to determine who may not leave.

Our ASERT meeting will be a high school division meeting this week. I will try to keep it short and sweet, so make sure you are in the staff lounge by 1:40 so we can start on time.

Next Tuesday, 24 April, will be Carol Foutz Day to celebrate her 25 years of service. There will be an after school party for her, and for a brief time during the day, the entire campus is going to drop what it's doing to read. As soon as I hear specifics, I will let you know what that means for our schedule.

Next Friday, 27 April is the Junior / Senior Banquet. The class of 2019 is hosting the event to honor the graduating class of 2018. Since the banquet falls on a Friday, those attending have permission to miss school that day. I am sorry for that unexpected inconvenience; I did not stay on top of the event and was backed into a corner. A Friday banquet will not be an option next year.

The day before Jr/Sr, NHS will be holding its second semester Blood Drive. As usual, students may not miss your class to give blood without your permission. 

Each house has about 7000 Php available to use for house events this year. If you are a house coordinator, either you or one of your house leaders may make a proposal to me for how you would like to use those funds. Do something fun to get your house together.

This week I will start having conversations about roles for next year with some of you. We have some potential teachers in the application process and I need to be sure I know what positions we still need covered for next year. Be praying for that process; Jessica Ransom and crew are scrambling to respond to each hint of interest as quickly as possible so we can get the teachers we need on campus.

10 - 13 April - One more short week

posted Apr 9, 2018, 4:41 AM by HSD Principal

I hope you all enjoyed the extra long weekend as we get the final quarter rolling.

You should have seen an email from Brian: Tuesday's ASERT will be the Truth Project or your book study. Meet in your regularly scheduled location.

Beginning next week (16 April), we will return to running double double blocks. To give you all Fridays to run assessments and wrap up learning, we will swap the Monday and Friday schedules. The full schedule will be shared in a day or two.

Next week is also show week for The Wizard of Oz. You should go see it - really. During show week, students who are involved in the show are given leniency on turning in work. A full list of involved students with the policy from the student handbook will be emailed to you. This is an early warning as you plan for the coming week.

Also Oz related, the Thursday show will be a matinee that will begin at 4:00. To make show time, some students involved will miss the end of school in order to prepare. 

Buckle up. It's a busy ride to June.

3-6 April - Race to the End

posted Apr 2, 2018, 4:57 AM by HSD Principal

It's 4th quarter already! I hope you all have had a restful break and feel ready to tackle the last stretch of school before summer. To ease you back into waking up early, we will have two 4-day weeks to start off the quarter.

Our first day back from break, Tuesday,3 April, we will be celebrating Tine and Jan Hardeman's 60th year. Classes will be a bit shortened and there will be a ceremony at the end of the day in the eponymous gym. The bell schedule for the day is below. You should have seen in Anette's email, but we will all be wearing band-aids in recognition of Jan's long-time service in the nurses' office. 

7:10 - 7:46
7:51 - 8:27
8:32 - 9:08
9:13 - 9:49
9:49 - 10:15
10:19 - 10:54
11:01 - 11:37
11:43 - 12:19
12:24 - 1:00
Hardeman Celebration
1:05 - 1:30

As is the first day back to school after the ACSC Track tournament, the students who travelled may wear their tournament shirts and track jackets on Tuesday, 3 April. Some may also wear medals they won so you can congratulate them on their performances.

The remainder of the first two weeks back we will run a normal bell schedule. Remember that Family Home Weekend is 7-9 April, so do not assign work over that weekend. There will be no classes on Monday, 9 April.

Beginning the week of 16 April, we will again run Double Double Blocks. As it is our year of trying out bell schedules, we will try one more variation that will put all the single blocks on Friday. I heard from several of you that not having all your classes on the last day of the week makes it hard to run your scheduled assessments and wrap up units, so we'll move the single block day to Fridays. That does mean that the week will start with even double blocks, so students will need to remember to go to period 2 first thing on Monday mornings.

If you haven't looked in a while, now is a good time to review your goals for the school year and check what progress you have made. You still have a quarter to adjust practices or try out new methods to help you meet your goals.

19-21 March - End of the quarter

posted Mar 18, 2018, 4:42 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated Mar 18, 2018, 4:52 PM ]

Our seniors are gone on Senior Trip this week. Pray for their safety and that they will make good use of their time as a class before their final quarter.

Tuesday after school in the staff lounge we will have a discussion about student device use during school. The discussion is completely optional, so feel free to opt out if you have something else to do. 

Wednesday during lunch, we'll have our annual high school chili lunch! 

Before you head off to break, clean your food out of the ref in the staff lounge.

Also, make sure your grades are up to date this week so parents have a gauge of how their children are doing. If you think it is more appropriate, you can overwrite a student's letter grade with an I (incomplete) in Grade Book > Grade Postings if he or she is missing significant work.

Our first day back after break, 3 April, we will have a celebration for Tine and Jan's 60th anniversary at Faith. Classes will be shortened so we can finish the school day at 1:00 and have a shindig in the newly-rededicated gym in their honor.

The first two weeks of quarter 4 will be 4-day weeks. We will run a normal bell schedule those two weeks. The first weekend - 7-9 April - is Family Home Weekend, so don't plan on assigning work over that weekend.

Beginning 16 April, we will return to double double block weeks. Several of you told me it was difficult to finish weeks without the single blocks on Friday for unit wrap up activities and assessment. So since this is our year of experimenting with schedules, we are going to switch the single block day to Friday. This means that there will be even double blocks on Mondays and students will need to remember that they will start the week with period 2. 

Thanks for all your work on behalf of students this quarter. I hope your break is restful and you are able to return energized to finish the school year.

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