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Weekly Announcements

11-15 February - Outdoor Ed & ACSC Basketball

posted Feb 8, 2019, 5:54 AM by HSD Principal

With everything going on, it's going to be a bit of an odd week. Don't let that stop you from continuing to engage your students and promote good learning.

The Outdoor Ed seniors will be gone all week, along with about six high school staff - and me. In my absence, Carolyn has volunteered to be OIC for the week. Try not to cause any problems for her.

The ACSC boys will only be in class on Monday. They will have dedicated study time, so don't hesitate to send some work along with them on their trip.

The ACSC girls will be out of class Wednesday through Friday. As you are able, come out to support them in their tournament. If your class schedule can handle a bit of an interruption, you may bring students down to watch games during the school day. If any students would rather not attend with your class, they may work in the library.

We also want to be gracious hosts, so be welcoming to the visiting teams who will be on campus this week.

Tuesday for ASERT you will have self-directed PD time. If you need some options, they are on slide 4 of our last meeting presentation. Think through what would be the most helpful for you as you work through this quarter.

Homerooms will continue the AXIS series on Thursday. We are going through this series instead of doing a CST chapel this term, so please make sure your homerooms go through the material this month. Also, start to think about the extended homeroom time at the end of the quarter and brainstorm what you may want to do.

Remember that on Monday, 18 February, classed have been called off so that teachers can have a bonus work day. Sleep in a bit, but plan on being at school about 8:00-2:00 that day. We will have a high school meeting at 11:00 followed by lunch in the lounge. The rest of the day is yours to use. Again, some PD options are in the slides from our last meeting.

Updated grades also need to be posted by Monday, 18 February. If you post regularly, just keep on your schedule. But if your class has more infrequent assessments, make sure you've got something in your gradebooks so students and their parents can gauge progress this semester.

Have a great week. And if a lot of your students are out this week, it's a great time to build relationships with those who are still in your classes. 

4-8 February - The In-between Week

posted Feb 3, 2019, 3:14 AM by HSD Principal

I was challenged and encouraged by Pastor Mike's messages last week. Please continue to pray that God will work in the hearts of our students - and our own.

Students traveling next week for Outdoor Ed or ACSC should bring around planned absence forms early this week. 

On Tuesday, we will have an HSD meeting in the lounge. You will all need a device, so bring one or check a Chromebook out of the HSD office.

This Thursday, we will begin another homeroom series by AXIS. This one will cover suicide, depression, and self-harm (which was the highest-voted topic by both students and teachers) and will run the month of February. At the beginning of homeroom, willing girls will take a survey as part of an AP Research project; forms will be in homeroom leaders' boxes.

As part of the great office purge of 2019, there are now six 3-drawer filing cabinets available, as well as a cabinet of wide map/poster drawers. If you could use one, let me know this week, or else we will send them to the office supply graveyard in the basement bodega.

If you use filing folders, but don't need new ones, there are now hundreds that can be retrieved from the office. We also have hundreds of brown 8.5x11 envelopes and clear pages. You can ask Mars or Rose to see if there's something you can use.

This is the last week to claim books from P19. If you've got any use for anything in there, please help yourself. If you know of anyone else who may be able to use them, send him or her. I would really like to find new homes for our unused books.

In two weeks on 18 February, the Monday following ACSC and Outdoor Ed, classes have been called off for a teacher work day. There will be no students on campus, but it is an expected attendance day for teachers. I will provide lunch in the high school office, followed by a short HSD meeting. Instructions for the remainder of the day will be sent out later. This is also a required grade-posting day, so each class needs to have representative grades posted by end of day.

So you can plan ahead, 19-22 February will be a regular schedule - two sets of block classes.

Have a great week of learning.

28 January-1 February - Spiritual Emphasis Week

posted Jan 25, 2019, 9:08 PM by HSD Principal

It's SEW this week. Take note of the special SEW schedule - especially the fact that the week will begin with even blocks on Monday. Continue to pray for Pastor Mike as he speaks and our students (and ourselves) as they hear God's word through him. And plan on attending all of the chapel sessions.

The final eligibility check for travel to Outdoor Ed and ACSC basketball will be on Tuesday. Please submit any student about whom you have concerns. Final lists of students traveling will be sent out later this week and students will receive Planned Absence forms.

Tuesday after school we will have another ELL workshop. Everyone should meet in Tipunan and come ready to share progress on your ELL goals for the year.

On Friday morning, ExCo will be providing pancakes for breakfast! Get yours beginning at 6:30 in the Tipunan courtyard before chapel begins at 7:30.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for Ministry Day. If you have not yet, don't fret, you are still welcome to participate. 
  • The bus going to Kalayaan Ministries in Tondo will leave at 7:30 on Friday. That group will miss the final chapel that day, and will not be back in time for the 2:30 vans.
  • The vans to Gentle Hands will leave at 8:30 after chapel. That group should meet in front of the high school office. 
  • Todd's vehicle to Destiny's Promise will also leave at 8:30. 
  • The group going to Cuatro Christian School will gather in Tipunan after chapel and walk down to Cuatro (the big gate should be open to make that easier). This group will return to campus about 12:30 and will eat lunch here. I do need someone to drive one personal vehicle down since we will need to transport a lot of snacks for the day. Let me know if you are willing to do that.
Dress, food, and other site recommendations will be announced during chapels this week.

An email will be sent to parents in a few days, but so you know, there will not be a Tiwalan this year. We began the year hopeful that a student group would be able to produce a book, but that did not happen. Jan Pieren will continue to compile material and we might be able to distribute electronic copies of what he was able to accomplish this year, but even that is not certain.

I appreciate your work on behalf of our students, and I hope SEW is a blessing to you all as well as to our students.

21-25 January - Hardeman Tournament

posted Jan 19, 2019, 9:59 PM by HSD Principal

The rhythm of the semester is underway and students should be settling into it and getting down to work. 

Hopefully you were all able to complete your mid-year goal update. I will be reviewing and commenting on those as soon as I'm able.

If you still have a budget sheet out, get it to Mars by this Friday.

As you may have seen in my email, in the coming weeks I'd like to start getting rid of unused resources that tend to linger around high school. If your classroom or office space has books that you are not using and there is no plan to use again, please bring them to the office or relocate them to the tables in P19 this week. That will be the central location for interested people to peruse all of the books.

Tuesday for ASERT we will have a short HSD meeting, followed by work on your CEUs or CPoE.

The Hardeman Tournament is this week, Thursday through Friday. It will not disrupt classes, it's just a chance for you all to see lots of basketball without having to leave campus. Miko will put out a schedule of games in the next few days.

Thursday's homeroom will likely be spent getting ready for Ministry Day. ExCo and I will confirm that by chapel time on Wednesday.

Friday during activity period, team photos will be taken for all second season sports. All student athletes and coaches should be prepared for their photos during the scheduled time. Jan Pieren sent out a schedule for when photos will be taken.

Next week is Spiritual Emphasis Week. Be praying for Pastor Mike Augsberger and our students as the week draws closer. Based on your feedback, we will be running a block schedule Monday through Thursday, beginning with even blocks. The whole schedule is here. Tuesday and Wednesday are the same as a normal week, and Monday's and Thursday's schedules match. There will be an optional prayer time Tuesday during lunch, and ExCo will provide a pancake breakfast Friday morning before chapel and Ministry Day.

Speaking of Ministry Day, we need you all to let us know which sites you would like to be at. Go to this sheet and sign up for where you would like to serve. We need to fill all the white slots for each site, the gray slots are optional. Some things to note:
  • We need one staff member to go to Destiny's Promise. It would be helpful if that person had a personal car he or she could drive that would seat up to 8 students.
  • We need 5 to 8 staff members to go to Gentle Hands, and 4 of those should be people willing and able to drive a school van down to Quezon City and back.
  • We can take up to 8 staff members to Kalayaan Community Ministries in Tondo. That group will take a bus down to Tondo, leaving before the final chapel on Friday morning and returning in time for the 4:30 vans. It's possible we may be able to take a few additional adults if we can work out a personal vehicle to leave after chapel is over.
  • All remaining staff will come to Cuatro Christian School. We are planning to have students walk there and back and we would need some staff to walk with them. If that poses problems, you can work out taking a personal vehicle. 
I pray that you all will be encouraged as you work with students - and with each other! - this week. 

14-18 January - Talent Week

posted Jan 12, 2019, 11:59 PM by HSD Principal

Second semester is up and running. I hope your first week back with students went well and that you all are ready to tackle the quarter. Since we're meeting again on Tuesday, I'll keep this update short.

I didn't actually announce to students that last Friday would be the last day to change classes, so we are giving them one more day. Students will need to have schedules settled by the end of the school day on Monday.

Tuesday for ASERT we will have a HSD meeting in the lounge. Among a few other things, we will be looking at the results from the SLR survey in homeroom last week and hopefully completing your department budget process.

Your mid-year feedback on annual goal progress is due this Friday. Hopefully, you'll have some time to complete that process on Tuesday at the end of our meeting. Remember to be logging your PD activities - class visits, professional reading, web seminars, etc. - on your PD Project record.

Saturday is Talent Night. Come out to enjoy the talents of our community and the efforts of the Class of 2020.

7-11 January - Back for Second Semester

posted Jan 4, 2019, 9:20 PM by HSD Principal

I hope you all had a restful and energizing break and that you got to do some things that you love with people that you love. My in-laws and nephew were here for three weeks and it was good to spend quality time with them over Christmas.

I will see you all on Monday for our inservice. Marla sent out the schedule a few days ago so you can plan ahead and decide which UnConference sessions you would like to attend.

We will jump right into a block schedule on Tuesday for the first day of classes, so there will not be short periods this first week back. 

Tuesday after school there will be an HSD meeting in the staff lounge beginning at 1:40. Following that at 3:00 will be a memorial service for Jan Hardeman. Specific information about that will be coming from Tom soon.

Your second semester classes should all be set up and ready to go in Sycamore, but let me know if you notice any problems. Students have this week to make schedule changes for the semester. So you may see some students moving in or out of your classes until Friday - especially if you teach semester-long courses.

We will not run eligibility checks for the first two weeks of class since the semester is just getting started. Eligibility checks will begin again the week of 21 January.

Student discipline, eligibility, and merits reset at semester. That means that students will begin the semester with a clean slate for everything except academic integrity issues.

We will talk about it at the HSD meeting, but you should be reviewing and commenting on your annual goals after first semester. Your goals sheet is in a Google folder titled Lastname, Firstname - 2018 PD in case you need to find it again.

Sleep in one last time before students return to campus and we hit the ground running.

3-7 December - The Last Week of Classes

posted Dec 2, 2018, 5:04 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Dec 2, 2018, 5:10 AM ]

Are you ready for the end of the semester yet? I know I am. Here's a quick run-down of what's happening this week.

Maddy shared the Semester Exam Schedule with you. Please check it over right now and let her know about any problems - or forever hold your peace. The schedule will be made public early this week.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have a quick HSD meeting, followed by teachers meeting in their curricular teams again. 

It looks like we will have almost 40 students on detention this week. If you need some student help on Wednesday afternoon, let Mars know and we will send some students your way.

Later this week, Mars will share a Student Feedback to Teacher form with you. There are a standard set of questions on the form, but there will be space at the bottom for you to get student feedback on your annual goals. Include at least one question specific to your goals, then share the form with at least one of your classes so you can have some feedback on how the first semester has gone. Student feedback is for your benefit; students see you at work the most, so they have the most insight on your practices as a teacher. 

Thursday during homeroom, houses will meet together again to participate in activities planned by the house chairmen. Again, you can check with your student leaders to see if they need any help from your end.

Friday during activity period, the seniors will take a class picture in caps and gowns so that the early grads can be a part of the photo. Other classes will have the time free.

Our Staff Christmas Banquet is this Saturday. Come join us for a time of celebrating our savior's arrival as Emmanuel. 

Thank you for all your hard work this semester. Keep at it for a few more days until break. Hebrews says that anticipating these times of rest should remind us to anticipate the true rest - the true Sabbath - we will ultimately receive.

26-30 November - So Close You Can Taste It

posted Nov 25, 2018, 3:01 AM by HSD Principal

There are only two weeks of classes left this semester. Make the most of your time before exam week rolls around, I'd like you all, along with your students, to be satisfied with the progress you've made this semester.

Once again, when you submit eligibility entries this week, make sure to at least enter teacher concerns for students who you feel may be in danger of failing. We want students and parents to have all the information possible as the semester winds down. If you have not yet, also have personal conversations with students who may receive a D or F.

Tuesday's ASERT will be a short HSD meeting followed by a CPoE session or time for individual PD work. If you have not done so, make sure to get your teacher visits in during the next two weeks. 

Wednesday we will have our first senior chapel of the year. Our graduating students will both lead us worship and challenge us with messages. Come to recognize the people these students have become through their time at Faith.

During homeroom this week and next, each house will create a plan for how to use the time together. 

The Staff Christmas Banquet is next week on 8 December. Make sure you plan ahead to join us for an evening of worship and celebration at the end of the semester.  

The following Tuesday - 11 December - we will be serving the annual Admin Christmas Breakfast. We will start exams a bit later that morning so you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast with your colleagues. You'll get the official invite soon.

We will hold our bi-annual Academic Awards during exam week. The ceremony will be combined with the early graduation ceremony. Use this nomination survey to submit students for awards.

19-24 November - You're a Good Man

posted Nov 18, 2018, 2:50 AM by HSD Principal

I'm away this week for the ACSC and ICEC conferences. I leave campus at 3:00am Monday morning and will return late Saturday night. For the week, Maddy is high school OIC. Try not to do anything that she'd need to respond to.

On Monday, please post whatever grades you've got available. As an extra precaution this week as the semester is winding down, if you've got any students who you feel may be in danger of failing, please submit a teacher concern so that parents are alerted to pay attention to their child's progress.

Monday is also the hearing for our EIIC bill. See Joyce's email and be praying for that process. Our God is big enough to move mountains on our behalf. 

For ASERT on Tuesday, there is an All-Staff Meeting - really, this time. See the email from Todd E. After the meeting, use your time to work on your classes / grading / planning.

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown runs this week. It opens on Wednesday and students on the cast and crew may wear their show shirts to school that day to promote the show. A list of involved students is to the right. Please give those students grace this week on assignments and assessments. The show runs Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, because...

Thursday is American Thanksgiving, and to allow families and missions to celebrate, there are no after school activities on that afternoon and no 4:30 vans.

Remember to be working on your goals for the year and teacher visits for the quarter. 

I'll see you next week.
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

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12-16 November - All the Small Things

posted Nov 11, 2018, 2:13 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Nov 11, 2018, 4:16 AM ]

We are down to only four weeks of classes before semester exams - one month from Wednesday is the end of the semester. Use that time well. Later this week, you will be getting a survey about your exams so that I can begin to schedule that week.

Tuesday is the field trip to see Hamlet. About 90 students - mostly in grades 10 and 11 - will be missing the day to attend the show. Students should have brought absence forms to alert you last week.

For Tuesday's ASERT, we will have a 30-minute all-staff presentation (location TBD), followed by a high school divisional meeting. Sorry for the change in order, we have an outside presenter coming in.

Wednesday, we will be hosting the high school Academic Bowl. Again, the involved students (I believe it's about 14) should have brought you absence forms so you would be aware of their participation. 

There will be an earthquake drill Thursday during homeroom time, so we will not have regularly scheduled homeroom activities. Students will remain in period 3 classes for the beginning of the drill, then we will all evacuate to White Field. More instructions will be emailed from Peter and given in chapel. Hopefully, the drill will conclude during homeroom time so it will not conflict with anything else in our schedule.

Friday during activity period, Linda and I will meet with all grade 9 and 10 students about IGCSE exams. Cambridge has changed some things on us, and that will affect students' exam opportunities. If you are an IGCSE teacher, we will pass information onto you as soon as we have it.

Please post up-to-date grades by next Monday, 19 November so that students can know where they stand as the semester begins to wrap up.

So you know, I will be gone all of next week - 19-23 November - at the ACSC Administrators' meeting and the ICEC conference.

Have a great week of learning with your students.

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