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1-5 June - Done.

posted May 31, 2020, 2:40 AM by HSD Principal

School's out for summer!

You are done. No more Zooming, no more grading, no more responding to emails about why something was not completed. You are done. 

No more meetings, devotions, or other gatherings until August. There are just a couple of things you need to wrap up:

Underclassman Grades:
Grades for students in grades 9 - 11 are due Monday afternoon by 4:00. Do your best to make sure all your grades are updated  - and posted! - by that time. For students not leaving Faith, there isn't as much of an issue with changing grades later, but it is nice to be done and not have to think about it. Also, at the end of June, we will roll over the year in Sycamore and your gradebooks from this year will not be accessible anymore. So you won't be able to just drop a number in your gradebook and see a new final grade.

Please include comments on any grades below a B-. Comments are preserved on report cards, so they are the only way we would know why a student received a poor grade (e.g. low assessment scores, not turning in classwork/homework, etc.).

If a student has failed to turn in summative work, feel free to give a grade of Incomplete (again, with a comment). You can do that by ticking the 'Incomplete' box under Grade Postings (see image below). But, given the nature of this quarter, it is up to your discretion if you decide giving credit and a modified grade is appropriate. As much as possible, we want grades to reflect students' attainment of course benchmarks and not how well they worked during online schooling. We will be looking at students who receive incompletes and seeing if there are instances for which we should give some additional time or allow students to make up work over the summer. If that applies to any of your classes, I'll be in touch in about a week.

You may overwrite a course grade for a student if you decide it's merited. Changing the entry in the 'Letter' column (see above) will change what appears on student's report cards, but if you want to change the grade on a transcript, you need to change the number in the 'Transcript' column. That is what gets ported over to student transcripts. That's important, so I'll say it again: If you want to adjust a student's grade, make sure you change the entry in both the 'Transcript' and 'Letter' columns. If you don't change the transcript number, I start getting emails asking why report cards and transcripts don't match. 

Mars and I will update grades and generate report cards on Tuesday. 

Checking Out:
Normally, at the end of the year, teachers walk around their their checkout forms, getting signatures from various offices around campus. We will not be doing that this year, but I still gave you all a checkout form so you can walk through the kinds of things you should be paying attention to. 

You will not have student checkout forms or fine reports this year, but please keep a copy of your assigned textbooks in a safe and accessible place so we can try to track down missing books.

You do need to return anything borrowed from IT and make sure you're cleared with the library and business office.

In your classrooms, just make sure things are tidy and materials are stored safely. You may want to put personal items in your desk or closet to prevent possible damage during summer cleaning and maintenance. 

Everyone needs to return their mailbox keys if they've got them. But if you will be on staff come August, you do not need to return your classroom/lounge/etc. keys. If you are furloughing, turn your keys into Mars and we will keep them as a set until you return. If you are leaving Faith, yes, please turn in all your keys to the office. 

I think that covers the important things. I will be in the office this week, so feel free to stop by if you've got any questions. 

Once again, thank you for your flexibility and persistence during this final quarter. Nothing was perfect, but you all made it work. All our seniors were able to graduate, and we completed what we needed to to get done.

As of now, we plan to start classes again on 24 August (the earliest date currently allowed), but there is great uncertainty on many significant fronts. I wish I could be more certain about things, but we are in a bit of a holding pattern until we know what the government, DepEd, and LGUs will allow at that point. We are hoping to have more clarity in the first week of July, so as soon as I know anything, I'll let you know. But for now, try to fret about tomorrow; today has enough worries of its own. (I heard that somewhere.)

Congratulations, and thanks again.

You are done.

25-29 May - Graduation Week!

posted May 24, 2020, 7:44 AM by HSD Principal

Huzzah! We have made it through the semester!

We will have our final HSD staff meeting Monday morning at 8:30 in the HSD Zoom Room. The password will be in the email.

I was not planning on having HSD devotions this week, but today I changed my mind, so we will have devotions on Tuesday morning at 8:30.

Seniors' final contact day is Monday, 25 May. All of their course requirements should be submitted by this time. There may be a couple of extenuating circumstances - especially in a year like this one - so you may give a bit of wiggle room, but not too much, because...

Senior grades are due to be posted by 4:00pm on Tuesday afternoon. Please, please, please make sure you have updated and posted all senior grades by that time. We will be generating transcripts and official records beginning on Wednesday morning, and it really throws a wrench in the works if we need to change grades. I will assume any senior grades posted on Tuesday afternoon are updated and correct. If you can tell, this is a pretty big deal, so I'll send at least one email reminder about this as well.

The final contact day for underclassmen is Tuesday, 26 May. By the end of that day, students in grades 9 to 11 should only have culminating semester assessments left to complete. 

On Wednesday, 27 May, our final All-School Chapel will be released on YouTube. We will also have our final All-Staff Meeting that morning beginning at 10:00. You'll get emails with links for those two things.

Friday is the last day of the school year! [deep breath] There are not requirements for this day, but if you would like to have one last session with your class(es), you can schedule them during the times below:
    9:00 - period 1                    10:00 - period 5
    9:15 - period 2                    10:15 - period 6
    9:30 - period 3                    10:30 - period 7
    9:45 - period 4                    10:45 - period 8

On Friday, we'll hold our closing ceremony at the flag poles and stream it live at 11:00. That afternoon, our graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 will be released as a YouTube Premiere at 2:00. Links for both of those things will also be sent to you in a couple of days.

Grades for students in grades 9-11 are due by 4:00 on Monday, 1 June, to give you time to grade semester assessments. We are able to modify those grades later, so it's not as big of a deal if you need to change something after that time.

Before you end your year, make sure to complete your PD wrap-up. Instructions are in the ASERT box in the left sidebar.

For those of you who have been around, you may remember that students are usually choosing courses for next year by now. Given the late start to the school year and the uncertainty to what classes will look like, I am going to wait until the beginning of August for students to choose their courses.

We are also holding delaying some other decisions about how next school year will start until we have more current information later in the summer. You will be hearing from me much more regularly this summer given the constantly-changing circumstances we find ourselves in.

Push through this last week, and we'll finally all get a chance to rest.

18-22 May - The Last Week of Classes

posted May 17, 2020, 1:05 AM by HSD Principal

[ These quarantine updates are shorter and have less information, but they take me longer to write and process through than the longer updates from pre-COVID days. But that seems to be how just about everything is going these days. ]

Here we are: the last week of classes for the semester. We'll be closing out this school year before we know it, and hopefully looking back on online learning.

We will have an HSD Meeting Monday morning at 8:30 in the HSD Zoom room. The password is in the Weekend Update email, but it's also the same as last week.

HSD devotions are Tuesday morning at 8:30, also in the HSD Zoom room. 

On Friday, we will ask students to check into all of their classes again. By that day, let them know what they should be doing during the final week - e.g. What day(s) should they check into your class? Is there a final assessment? Is anything due that week? Students should know everything about academic expectations for the final week before next weekend.

Next week: Here is an overview of what the final week of school looks like.
  • Monday, 25 May is the final day of school for our graduating seniors. All their course requirements should be submitted by this day.
  • Tuesday, 26 May is the final day of "classes" for students in grades 9-11. All work other than culminating assessments should be submitted by this day.
  • Wednesday, 27 May we will have our final All-Staff meeting on Zoom at 10:00. The final All-School chapel of the year will also be released on that day. Some semester exams will take place.
  • Thursday, 28 May some semester exams will take place. It's the last day to complete academic requirements. 
  • Friday, 29 May is the final day of our extremely disrupted semester and the 2019-2020 school year. There will be a live closing ceremony to wrap up the year, and our graduation ceremony will be shown as a YouTube Premiere at 2:00 that afternoon. Links for those things will be shared next week.
As you are finalizing grades for the year, pay attention to grades that you judge may not reflect a student's achievement. There are all sorts of extenuating circumstances from this quarter, and you have the prerogative to adjust grades as appropriate. I'll be giving more information about year-end grading next week, but just keep that in mind as you look through your grade books.

This too shall pass. Stay safe. Stay sane.

11-15 May - The Beginning of the End

posted May 10, 2020, 10:03 AM by HSD Principal

The year is (finally) winding down, and I hope you are all finding ways to make the most of your time in quarantine. Before you know it, this very disrupted semester will be over and summer will be upon us. We are still trying to figure out how to manage the functional end-of-year requirements (check out, room organization, document processing, etc.), and we are waiting until the 15th to make the call on the things that require coming to campus.

But, if you have a room or space that requires a significant amount of cleaning or organization, starting now, you may come up to campus to spend a few hours at a time a couple of times per week taking care of those things. It is not meant to be time just working in your room on things you can do elsewhere, but time that needs to be spent physically managing your class supplies or materials.

There is not a screencast to watch this week, but we will still have our HSD meeting Monday morning at 8:30 in the HSD Zoom room. We will be talking about the final weeks of the school year and how we're handling some recognitions. I'll record the Zoom session and link it here.

We will have HSD devotions Tuesday morning at 8:30, also in the HSD Zoom room.

AP Exams begin this week. Because the exams are in the middle of the night, students may postpone other class requirements the day before their exams (when they are preparing) and the day of their exams (when they are exhausted and sleep deprived from taking an exam at 2:00am). 

Academic Award nominations are due this Friday, 15 May. Just stop and submit them now if you haven't done so yet. 

The nominations for Outstanding Seniors have been submitted and it's time to vote between our finalists. You can also fill out this form by Friday, 15 May. Usually we vote between the top three nominees, but there were two very clear front-runners in one category and four in the other.

If you have not done so yet, I would encourage you to record a video message to our seniors - even if it's only a ten second congratulations. Send me your videos by this Friday, 15 May.

That's a lot of things due this Friday, along with your PD wrap-up (check the ASERT box at the left for the instructional videos). That's part of why we are taking Friday off from "classes" again. 

Do not grow weary of doing good; your efforts will yield rewards.

4-8 May - Light at the End of the Tunnel

posted May 3, 2020, 2:44 AM by HSD Principal

We're into the final month of the school year already. There are only three teaching weeks left, so the end is not too far away. Three weeks can still seem like a lot so keep taking that next step. Also, our graduating students are officially done on Monday, 25 May, and their grades are due the following day. Grades for other classes are due the following Monday, 1 June. I'm trying to make sure all those important dates are included on the HSD calendar.

Most of you said you preferred to get necessary information via this site, so I'll just keep putting updates for the week here. But I will use presentations with accompanying screencasts to share data (if that distinction makes sense in your mind). So, accordingly, here are the results (slides and screencast) from last week's HSD Quick Questions and the parent survey from last week.

We will have our HSD meeting Monday morning at 8:30 in the HSD Zoom room.

Many of you said it would be helpful - as did many parents - to not have additional academic requirements on the upcoming Fridays. From the staff survey sent our by HR, it was clear that many of us are struggling as well, and some additional breathing space may be helpful. So there will not be classes on Fridays 8 and 15 May. You may use that time to catch up on grading, end-of-year planning, PD responses, or whatever else you may need to do. Students will not be required to check in with classes and will be able to use that time to ensure they are caught up on work. However, we will still plan to hold homerooms at the usual time (2:00) those weeks.

If you have not sent your local address to HR yet, stop and do so right now. Marla thanks you.

Surveys to respond to:
As it's getting closer to the end of the year, there are several things we need your input on. Since they are all distinct and unrelated, I wanted to keep them as separate forms, but I've collected them here so it's obvious what you need to complete.
  • We will not be able to hold a ceremony, but we will still recognize student with Academic Awards. Submit your awardees by next Friday, 15 May. We'll let you know how we plan to distribute the awards and communicate to students.
  • Although only a few teachers responded that they would plan to hold semester exams, there is no reason not to for classes in which a good system is in place to do so. If you plan on holding a semester exam for your course(s), complete this form so we know what to schedule. Also fill out the form if you plan on having other types of academic requirements that week (e.g. a final paper or project is due that week). This year, if your course(s) will not have academic requirements during the final week, you do not need to fill out the form.  
  • If you have not done so yet, nominate graduating students for our annual Outstanding Senior awards. Nominations are due at the end of this week. There will be a final vote between the top nominees in each category.
Finally, here are the students that were elected to be chairmen for next year. I am looking forward to when Crystal and I will actually be able to meet with them all in person.

27-30 April - Planning Ahead

posted Apr 26, 2020, 8:05 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Apr 26, 2020, 5:31 PM ]

Guess what? This week is already May.

With our newly-scheduled Monday morning HSD meetings, I'm still trying to find a balance of what should be posted here and what will be communicated in the context of the meeting. So this week is kind of a chimera, with some logistic and scheduling info posted here, and some information on the HSD meeting slides and accompanying screencast. I'll likely adjust that balance in the coming weeks - but we don't have many more weeks left. You can give some feedback on which format you prefer in this week's Quick Questions survey. Please fill that out after the HSD meeting on Monday.

This is the time of year when we really begin to ramp up planning for the end of this year and the beginning of the next. Shortly, we will begin our culminating activities (academic awards, FA scholarships, choosing senior awards, etc.), and soon students will begin choosing classes for the coming school year. Of course, all of that looks different than it usually does, and we are still trying to figure out ways to get everything done. 

Monday morning at 8:30 will be our weekly staff meeting in the HSD Zoom Room. It would be helpful if you could review the slides and/or screencast (linked above) beforehand, but I realize it's late in the game to be asking that. So you can review them afterwards.

Tuesday morning at 8:30, join us in the HSD Zoom Room for devotions. If you are interested in leading devotions in the coming weeks, let me know. And remember that Wednesday morning are all-staff devotions.

Wednesday are elections for house and ExCo chairs for next year. Students will be voting via Google Form, so you all don't need to do anything this year. We'll let you know who wins.

This Friday is Labor Day, so there will not be any classes. Don't expect any student contact that day - and you should take the day off too. It's Melissa's birthday, so have a piece of cake. You may still hold a homeroom that day with any students who choose to attend, just alert your homeroom members ahead of time.

AP exams begin the week after next - 11 May - and run for two weeks. Student taking exams are excused from work the day before and the day of their exams due to exams being run in the middle of the night.

Remember to respond to this week's Quick Questions survey. I'll be using your feedback to plan what we're doing in the coming weeks.

20-24 April - One More of the Same

posted Apr 19, 2020, 5:42 AM by HSD Principal

Not having school events, activities, and other regularly scheduled disruptions makes these updates really short. So, I'm going to go a different direction than usual...

I don't know how you are faring these weeks. That last week of March, I looked at the move to online learning and thought, "Yeah, we can do this. It won't be that hard." This past week, I realized it wasn't as straightforward as I had anticipated. Much of my days are spent in online meetings, and I'm finding them exhausting. I am nowhere near as effective in that format as I can be talking face-to-face, and I come away feeling more tired, but having gotten less accomplished.

There are mornings I dread opening my laptop because I don't want to see what I have to deal with that day. And from the tone of the emails I'm getting, I can tell online learning is wearing on students, parents, and staff in our community. Emotions in our own house are running high because we have no outlets and we can't get away from each other. I share space with a wife who is trying to teach her class and boys in all three divisions who are trying to manage their work and schedules. And I can't even run out, get a coffee, and sit and read a book for an hour.

If you've got your classes under control and feel effective as you teach each day, that's awesome and I really am happy for you. I hope you are able to continue that. 

But if you feel like you're struggling, like each day is a challenge you don't feel like facing, know that you are not alone. These are not normal times, and it's ok to not feel normal walking through them. Knowing our staff, you are likely feeling like you've figured out the need to be gracious with your students in their differing circumstances. But I hope you have also figured out how to be gracious with yourselves. The school year won't be wasted if you don't get through everything you'd hoped to - and, more importantly, God will not love you any less or differently.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled weekly update:

From last week, here are the slides, screen cast, and Zoom recording of our HSD meeting. All those links are collected on the online learning resource page. I will continue to share materials from meetings and similar things with you. But for the remainder of the school year, I will also collect everything on that resource page so it's all easy to find. 

We will have a HSD meeting tomorrow (Monday) morning at 8:30 in the HSD Zoom room. Since our last meeting was just a few days ago, I don't have any pre-meeting material for you this time.

HSD devotions will be on Tuesday morning at 8:30. There are 5 or 6 weeks left (depending on how we handle the final week), and if you would like to share for devotions one of those times, let me know. Otherwise, you'll get to keep hearing my thoughts from 1 Peter - at least until I finish the book.

If you have not done so yet, please survey your classes by Tuesday, specifically asking about their online experience. Some sample questions you can ask are here (the link should jump you to slide 12). 

Please hold a homeroom on Friday if you are able and email your students an invite. Several of my guys last week said it was the one time they talked with other students that week.

Remember to put some thought into semester exams for your classes. I'm going to ask for your thoughts about them next week during our meeting. We will still plan on some culminating week at the end of the school year, so expect to complete your course content by 22 May.

And if you have seniors and are planning ahead, senior grades are still due by 4:00pm on Tuesday, 26 May. We need a few days to process everything so we can provide their documents later that week.

I appreciate all the work you are putting into this unexpected quarter. I think it was Steve Hong last week who said teaching online has all the worst parts of teaching but none of the best. But our mission and core values have not changed; we are all still working for the kingdom, just in a new way.

13-17 April - Online for Real

posted Apr 12, 2020, 8:47 AM by HSD Principal

Happy Easter! He is risen! 

In some ways it feels like we've been doing it forever, but this is just our first full week of online schooling. And since we have decided to continue online through the rest of the school year, hopefully we can all begin to get into a rhythm for learning from afar. 

I hope that knowing we will not return to holding classes on campus allows you to plan ahead better with your time and what you need to cover. There are still many questions that do not currently have answers (When will students clean out lockers / teachers clean out rooms? Will we hold a graduation? Semester exams? etc.). Some of those are waiting to see the state of the quarantine in May; others we will figure out together in the coming weeks. But whatever happens, remember to be gracious and flexible with yourself and your students.

After last weekend, Sycamore seems to have been working pretty well. Let me know if you are still experiencing problems.

And since it's working again, use Sycamore to submit eligibility concerns for students' online learning. 

Through the survey posted last week, the time most people chose for HSD meetings was 8:30 am before scheduled school hours begin. Since Tuesday (HSD) and Wednesday (all-school) mornings have devotions, we will kick off the week with our HSD meetings on Monday mornings at 8:30 beginning next week, 20 April. So we don't lose another week, and since Monday morning is short notice, we will have a short meeting on Thursday at 8:30 this week

We sent out a survey last week to get parents' feedback on online schooling so far. I will compile the results and get them to you in time to review before our meeting on Thursday. But I will share one of the main pieces of feedback with you now (I also received multiple emails on the same topic).
  • Many parents have written concerned about tight time constraints. For example: an assignment must be done at a specific time or must be turned in within an hour of being made available; Zoom attendance is being required at a specific time and students being required to use their cameras during Zoom.
  • As was shared in the HSD expectations for online learning in March, we are running online learning asynchronously, meaning that "there will not be specific times students are required to be online" (slide 6). We have some students in different time zones, but we also have students who have connectivity issues or who are sharing devices or bandwidth with family members (for example, some HSD students get their schooling time after their younger siblings are done and so are not able to start until afternoon or evening).
  • To help alleviate those constraints on students, please do the following:
    • If you hold Zoom sessions, don't penalize students who do not attend, or who are not able to use their cameras. Record any Zoom sessions and make them available to all students so they can be viewed at a later time.
    • Do not require assignments to be completed at a specific time. Again, per the HSD expectations slides, assignments should have a 24-hour window during which they may be submitted.
    • The same is true for assessments. Students should not be constrained to take an assessment at a specific time. It's ok to say, "Take this quiz Tuesday," but not, "You must take it at 10:00am on Tuesday."
  • Again, I will share some of the specific feedback from parents with you in a day or two, and we will talk more about this on Thursday.
I hope you are beginning to feel settled teaching online. If you start to feel overwhelmed, I would suggest your first question should not be, "How can I get myself or my students to do more?" but rather, "What can I adjust so I don't need to work as hard or as much?" That may mean less frequent assessments, or different types of assessments. It may mean not collecting and grading every student's formative work, and instead doing spot checks as Sonia talked about during her teacher lesson. We are looking at seven more weeks of online learning, so we need to establish sustainable practices. 

6-8 April - Holy Week

posted Apr 5, 2020, 9:12 AM by HSD Principal

Holy Week and Easter are going to feel very different this year. We were excited about the potential of holding a Maundy Thursday service and providing Stations of the Cross on campus. But, alas, like everything else, those plans have been undone. I hope you and your families are able to find ways to remember and celebrate Jesus' resurrection despite the conditions we find ourselves in. We will be posting an all-school Easter chapel later this week, so be on the lookout for that.

You may have heard, but the entire province of Rizal - where Faith is located - is going on lockdown as of Monday. Since local governments interpret things differently, we are not sure how that will affect us in the coming weeks. Rizal's lockdown was announced as indefinite, so there is not even a potential end date, even though the presidential quarantine was originally set to end in a week. We are hoping to get some clarity this week so we can make official decisions about the end of our school year and the related events. As soon as we know anything, we will let you all know.

I have two things I need quick feedback on: Sycamore access and scheduling meetings. Please take less than one minute (right now!) and give me some feedback via this form.

This week will be a short week of classes for Holy Week. We will ask students to complete lessons for even and odd periods on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Then on Wednesday, we will ask them to check in with all 8 periods, like we are set up to do on Fridays. We will also have homerooms that week with whoever is able, so contact your homeroom members about that.

Thursday and Friday we will have no classes in observation of Holy Week.

After this week, we will have two full weeks of school. But then May starts in the following week. Ikes!

Just so you are aware, we have pushed elections for ExCo and house chairs back to 29 April. Candidates will be campaigning online with posters and speeches, and students will vote online from home. We will share the candidate videos with you in case you are interested to watch them. And thank you for your input on the students desiring to run for an office. We received some very helpful feedback and were able to make some decisions based on it.

Even though dormies are not on campus, boarding home parents will still be the primary contacts for boarding students who may be struggling. So if you have concerns about a boarding student, contact their boarding home parents.

Thank you for all you are doing to make online learning happen. I know that sitting at your computer is not why you got into teaching, but I hope you are still finding meaningful ways to connect with students. Our calling to provide education has not changed; why Faith Academy exists has not changed. We have just changed what we are doing to adjust to new circumstances.

Embedded Teacher Talk:

My feeds are all full of articles about online learning. The following two were written in the context of higher education, but much of what they say can still apply to us:
If you are using Zoom, here are some tips from Hank Green on how to do that well.

30 March-3 April - First Week of Online Learning

posted Mar 29, 2020, 5:18 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated Mar 29, 2020, 5:40 PM ]

Here we go: This week is the full roll-out of our online learning. I hope working through Friday helped you see where potential trouble spots may be so that you can adjust and provide your students the best experience possible. I will continue to post relevant things on the Online Learning Resources page as I find them.

Since we are still following the school calendar, there will not be any online classes this Friday (3 April) for Family Home Weekend. And yes, I get the weirdness of having a day off to be home with family during a time when everyone just wishes they could be anywhere besides staying at home with family. Based on my experience and feedback from others, students appreciated seeing each other in homeroom, so you may still choose to have an optional homeroom on Friday this week. Just let your students know.

Next week, there will not be classes on Thursday or Friday for Holy Week. To adjust, we will have time for all 8 classes on Wednesday, 8 April (the way a typical Friday would run (although, what is typical at this point?)).

We will pick back up with morning devotions this week: HSD devotions will be on Tuesday mornings in the HSD Zoom Room; all-staff devotions will be on Wednesdays in the Personnel Zoom Room. Devotions on those days will begin at 8:30am and run for about ten minutes.

After Tuesday this week, I will share a sheet with you all so you can let us know if there are students who have not shown any activity in your classes. That will help us see if there are trends across classes and know how better to respond. Moving forward, we will use a system similar to eligibility to raise flags about potential problems.

Later this week, you will all receive a candidate evaluation form. We are looking for teacher feedback on everyone running for ExCo or house chair to try to avert potential problems before putting someone into office. It will be similar to the NHS evaluation you received early in third quarter (back when we only had volcanoes to worry about). Be on the lookout for that.

Please remember to cross post assignments to Sycamore, tagging them as 'Current' and setting their due dates. You will end up putting them all in your grade book anyway, and putting them there sooner really helps parents track with their kids' work.

If you give any instruction over Zoom or another live platform, make sure you record your session and post it to your Classroom so it's available to students who may not have been able to attend the Zoom session. Due to a variety of accessibility issues, attendance at live sessions is not required for high school students. Last Friday, our family was able to make it work with five people in our house attending Zoom sessions at different times, but I can easily imagine having to pick and choose which Zoom sessions our family members will attend in the coming days.

I am putting together an Easter video for next week. If you would like to help me out, record a video of yourself saying, "He is risen, indeed!" and send it to me. I need videos by this Friday (3 April), and it would be helpful if you could record them in landscape, not portrait - even though I know that's counterintuitive now. Recording with a phone or webcam is sufficient.

Thanks again for all your work in modifying your classes to happen online. I hope things go smoothly as we move into making this happen for a longer stretch, but don't be hesitant to adjust if you realize something isn't working out as you had hoped. And please don't feel constrained to cover all the material you would normally cover if your classes were meeting in person.

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