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1-3 August - Off and Running

posted Jul 31, 2018, 10:59 PM by HSD Principal
Welcome to the new school year! Hopefully you all feel like you've got your feet under you and you're ready to meet your students tomorrow. 

For the first and second day of school, we will be following these schedules. The first day of school we will all meet in Tipunan at the beginning of the day for our welcoming ceremony and house sorting. Everyone will sit by house and the new students will all find out what houses they are in. Following that time, each house will meet together for some activities planned by the house chairs chosen last year. The plan is to tell the houses to go to the locations below. If you want to change yours, let me know.
Anastasis: L4 (chemistry room)
Kaio: Tipunan
Machaira: Drama Room
Tharseo: Home Ec room
At the meetings, you can give out house shirts to new students, so one staff member from each house should stop by the high school office and get a set of house shirts with a list of new people who should receive them. After the house meetings, we will have 33 minute periods for the remainder of the day.

On Friday, we will meet in Cadd for the opening flag ceremony, then have slightly shortened class periods for the remainder of the day. Next week, we will begin the regular schedule.

Your class lists should hopefully be pretty close to their final state, but students do have until end of the day on Monday, 6 August, to change their schedules. Please do not post grades until after that time so that students will not end up having multiple grade entries for your course.

Remember that this coming weekend - 4-5 August - is Family Home Weekend. There are no school activities and no homework may be assigned over the weekend. You may, however, request that students acquire supplies for your class. 

I'll leave the information short this week so you can focus on getting ready for your classes. I hope it's a great first few days for you all.