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1-5 April - Fourth Quarter is Underway

posted Mar 30, 2019, 10:24 PM by HSD Principal
How are we already this far through the year? There are only eight weeks of school remaining before seniors are done with classes and semester exams take place. Plan ahead so you can balance completing your courses with making sure you are not burning yourself or your students out in the process.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have a short HSD meeting. The rest of the afternoon is your time to work on your CPoE requirements or self-directed PD. This is the final Tuesday dedicated to those activities; PD reports for the year are due during ASERT on 14 May, so plan to de done with your PD work by that day.

The MUN team will return to class on Wednesday. They may wear their conference shirts that day.

Thursday is the NHS Blood Drive. Students should get teacher permission before missing class to give blood. You all are also encouraged to give blood if you are able.

Several students have asked for more latitude in planning their own homeroom activities. As of now, I don't think there are any required topics that need to be covered in homeroom this quarter, so we will allow homeroom/house leaders to determine how they will use the remaining seven homeroom sessions. If something comes up that needs to be done, student leaders will be given a week's notice.

ExCo is sponsoring a Pancakes and Pajamas day on Friday. Activity period will be moved before first period and a pancake breakfast will be offered in Tipunan while classic cartoons play. It will be a slightly relaxed non-uniform day; expectations will be explained in chapel on Wednesday.

This coming weekend is Family Home Weekend. There are no school activities Saturday-Monday and no homework should be assigned to be done during those days. Also, long-term homework should not be due on Tuesday or Wednesday. Due to the Day of Valor, there will also be no classes next Tuesday, 9 April.

Remember that since there are only three class days next Wednesday-Friday (10-12 April), that Friday will be a Monday schedule and all 8 periods will meet.

Begin thinking about whether or not your course(s) will need exams at the end of the semester. All courses are expected to have some culminating assessment, but that assessment may take different forms for different courses. A survey will be send out in a few weeks asking what your plans are. Let me know if you have questions.