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10-14 September - Costumes & Hijinks

posted Sep 9, 2018, 1:49 AM by HSD Principal
It's Spirit Week again. None of the activities should disrupt your class time, and you all are welcome to participate at whatever level you'd like.

If you haven't heard yet, Hanani will be on medical leave for a while. For the immediate future, Maddy will be the primary person covering the IG Biology classes. As a result, she will not be in the office. Joyce will be handling eligibility in the coming weeks, and VP issues can be passed on to me. Obviously, that isn't a great solution, so be praying for Hanani, Maddy, and all of us as we seek someone to cover the classes more consistently.

Also, last week the father of Sky and Bada Hong was arrested in China. He was later released, but the family was given three days to leave country - time which would be running out today. Keep the family in prayer as they have to make an unexpected transition, pray for Sky and Bada who are processing this all from afar, and as you have opportunity, they may need some grace in the coming weeks. At least they know their family is safe.

For ASERT on Tuesday, there are a few things going on. First, at 1:40, we will all meet in the high school lounge for 20 minutes. We will go over the annual goals process for this year; Mars will be sharing documents with you in the next day or two. At about 2:00, we will split up. Those helping classes prepare for presentations will go that direction. Everyone else will spend the next hour working on recording their goals for the year. The hope is that most of you will be able to finish that process on Tuesday, so you don't need to work on it sometime else.

As you're planning the next few weeks, keep in mind that all students will need to have grades that accurately represent their progress for the quarter by Wednesday, 26 September. We will have parent-teacher conferences that Friday, and parents need information to determine which of you they would like to visit during conferences.

Spirit Week Information

ExCo complied all the information and rules for Spirit Week in this info document. It was sent to all students, so you may reference it, and they should know what you're talking about.

Students will be dressing up according to the theme each day, but you still have dominion over your class. If a costume or prop is distracting or unsafe in your space, you have the permission to tell students to take off a costume piece (if they would still be covered appropriately!), or put a prop in the back of the room.

ExCo will count students dressed up each day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, that will happen during 4th period. The other days, it will be during first period.

All week long, students will be vying for the house flags. ExCo needs a log of which house has control of flags each period, so please keep track of who enters your class with flags, and send that info to the ExCo email at the end of each day. Since the student who brings the flag into the room is allowed to leave with it this year, there should be no fighting or racing for flags this year; they can just be left somewhere in the room that will not be distracting. Complete rules are on the Spirit Week Info document.

ExCo is still looking for some people to judge costumes during lunch each day (except Wednesday). If you haven't already, you can sign up for a judging slot. Lunch costume judging only takes a few minutes. The board judging after school on Friday will take a bit longer.

House performances will take place in Cadd during chapel time on Wednesday. All of you should plan to attend, watch the student performances, and cheer for your houses.

On Thursday and Friday during Homeroom and Activity Period, there will be house games. Again, come on out and root for your house. Lunch times will not be invaded with activities this week - except for the costume judging.

We are praying that - no matter who wins challenges or games - all students would have fun this week and feel connected and involved. As you have opportunity, you can foster those feelings as you interact with students.