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11-15 February - Outdoor Ed & ACSC Basketball

posted Feb 8, 2019, 5:54 AM by HSD Principal
With everything going on, it's going to be a bit of an odd week. Don't let that stop you from continuing to engage your students and promote good learning.

The Outdoor Ed seniors will be gone all week, along with about six high school staff - and me. In my absence, Carolyn has volunteered to be OIC for the week. Try not to cause any problems for her.

The ACSC boys will only be in class on Monday. They will have dedicated study time, so don't hesitate to send some work along with them on their trip.

The ACSC girls will be out of class Wednesday through Friday. As you are able, come out to support them in their tournament. If your class schedule can handle a bit of an interruption, you may bring students down to watch games during the school day. If any students would rather not attend with your class, they may work in the library.

We also want to be gracious hosts, so be welcoming to the visiting teams who will be on campus this week.

Tuesday for ASERT you will have self-directed PD time. If you need some options, they are on slide 4 of our last meeting presentation. Think through what would be the most helpful for you as you work through this quarter.

Homerooms will continue the AXIS series on Thursday. We are going through this series instead of doing a CST chapel this term, so please make sure your homerooms go through the material this month. Also, start to think about the extended homeroom time at the end of the quarter and brainstorm what you may want to do.

Remember that on Monday, 18 February, classed have been called off so that teachers can have a bonus work day. Sleep in a bit, but plan on being at school about 8:00-2:00 that day. We will have a high school meeting at 11:00 followed by lunch in the lounge. The rest of the day is yours to use. Again, some PD options are in the slides from our last meeting.

Updated grades also need to be posted by Monday, 18 February. If you post regularly, just keep on your schedule. But if your class has more infrequent assessments, make sure you've got something in your gradebooks so students and their parents can gauge progress this semester.

Have a great week. And if a lot of your students are out this week, it's a great time to build relationships with those who are still in your classes.