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11-15 September - We've Got Spirit!

posted Sep 10, 2017, 3:50 AM by HSD Principal
It's Spirit Week! Be prepared for a wide assortment of costumes, high energy games every day during lunch, and squirrelly students. Here is the Spirit Week info sent out by ExCo last week. If you have a 4th period class, ExCo officers will be coming around briefly each day to tally students in costume according to the daily theme.

In place of meetings during ASERT this week, you may help your houses during their final presentation preparations and rehearsals in Cadd. We will run activity vans on Tuesday in the hopes that all students will be able to attend and participate. If you were part of an accreditation committee that was scheduled to meet that afternoon, you can email your committee chair to let him or her know that you will not be attending.

On Wednesday, house presentations will take place during chapel time, but that hour has been moved to the end of the school day. The adjusted schedule has been posted in the Daily Bulletin and is also on the HSD Events Google calendar. Coaches have been alerted that students will be late to practice so that everyone can stay and make sure materials used by their houses are cleaned up and any borrowed items are returned immediately. 

Wednesday this week is also our scheduled lock-down drill. At the sound of the alarm, you should turn off the lights and aircon in your room, lock the door cover your windows if possible. Refer to the Crisis Plan Manual for full instructions. It is during 8th period, so it is likely we will need to wrangle wandering seniors into classrooms. Make sure students remain quiet for the duration of the drill. After the completion of the lock-down drill is announced, have your students practice a Drop, Cover, and Hold drill as outlined in the Crisis Plan Manual.

Mars has been busily scheduling goals meetings for those of you who have completed your goals sheets. If you haven't finished yours yet, get it done as soon as possible. Then be on the lookout for a calendar invite for your meeting time. Along with your goals, come ready to share what's been good or hard about this school year so far along with your furlough plans - as much as you know them at this point.  

The business office was able to activate a new SIM for the HS principal cell phone number, so I can now be reached at the number that was published at the beginning of the school year - it's in the sidebar. But I will also maintain my personal cell phone number so you don't have to all update your contacts.

There are only three weeks left in the quarter, so make sure you keep your grades up to date as much as possible and use the eligibility procedure to flag students in academic danger.