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12-16 November - All the Small Things

posted Nov 11, 2018, 2:13 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Nov 11, 2018, 4:16 AM ]
We are down to only four weeks of classes before semester exams - one month from Wednesday is the end of the semester. Use that time well. Later this week, you will be getting a survey about your exams so that I can begin to schedule that week.

Tuesday is the field trip to see Hamlet. About 90 students - mostly in grades 10 and 11 - will be missing the day to attend the show. Students should have brought absence forms to alert you last week.

For Tuesday's ASERT, we will have a 30-minute all-staff presentation (location TBD), followed by a high school divisional meeting. Sorry for the change in order, we have an outside presenter coming in.

Wednesday, we will be hosting the high school Academic Bowl. Again, the involved students (I believe it's about 14) should have brought you absence forms so you would be aware of their participation. 

There will be an earthquake drill Thursday during homeroom time, so we will not have regularly scheduled homeroom activities. Students will remain in period 3 classes for the beginning of the drill, then we will all evacuate to White Field. More instructions will be emailed from Peter and given in chapel. Hopefully, the drill will conclude during homeroom time so it will not conflict with anything else in our schedule.

Friday during activity period, Linda and I will meet with all grade 9 and 10 students about IGCSE exams. Cambridge has changed some things on us, and that will affect students' exam opportunities. If you are an IGCSE teacher, we will pass information onto you as soon as we have it.

Please post up-to-date grades by next Monday, 19 November so that students can know where they stand as the semester begins to wrap up.

So you know, I will be gone all of next week - 19-23 November - at the ACSC Administrators' meeting and the ICEC conference.

Have a great week of learning with your students.