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13-17 August - Picking Up Speed

posted Aug 12, 2018, 3:56 AM by HSD Principal
This is about the week when it feel like you are getting yourself and your classes into a rhythm. Hopefully you've had the time and energy to get things going well.

I'm sorry about the unexpected fire drills - both during and after school. As I mentioned, we will count that as our first fire drill of the year. The manufacturer finally came in and fixed our alarm system, so there should no longer be any false alarms as there have been for the past several months. We will still have a second fire drill at some point, as well as our earthquake and intruder drills, but I'll get you information before we hold those other drills.

We got an alarm clock for the lounge to beep every morning at 6:50 and remind us to pray. If you are around in the morning, join us for a short time of prayer for each other and our students. Tuesday, a member of high school staff will lead a devotion, and on Wednesday, all staff are invited to the lounge for a devotion. 

On Tuesday, you will have no ASERT responsibilities - unless you are cross-over MSD staff. You have the afternoon off because high school will hold Meet the Teacher afternoon on Wednesday. You will need to be available in your room for parents to come talk with you and find out about your class. Maddy sent out an information sheet for you to use and a schedule that parents will use to find you. Please make sure your space is organized and welcoming for parents on that day.

If you have not done so yet, please email me who your homeroom leader will be this year. I want to get all the leaders set up in the Google group this week as they will be sent information about what they will be doing at High School Retreat, which is the next time homerooms will meet. If you will not be attending retreat, your student leader will take charge of your homeroom's activities.

On Thursday during homeroom time, houses will meet to begin talking about ideas for Spirit Week. Unless you let me know otherwise, I will send houses to where they met on the first day of school - except Kaio will go to Steve's room (P18).

Friday's activity period will be spent holding class elections. If you are associated with a class, I will send you some instructions on what that will look like. Information will also go out to students early in the week.

High School Retreat is coming up next week. If you have not done so, please complete the staff chaperone form so ExCo can complete their plans this week. Cabin lists and bus lists have been made and will be shared with you, as well as expectations of staff while there. 

Beginning after High School Retreat, you will be asked to develop your yearly goals. Some goals will be given to you by the school, others you will set for yourselves. 

Just to confirm a few things that were said in the assembly last week:
  • Because there is no adult supervision in the library right now, the library has asked us not to send any students there without being accompanied by a teacher. That means study hall supervisors should not send any students to the library unless they take their whole study hall there and supervising them. If you are supervising students, it is your responsibility to make sure they are following library rules: not eating or drinking, not leaving trash or scattering books, leaving the space clean when finished. As Maddy said, seniors are the exception to this and may still use the library when they desire.
  • During any free time in class, students should be taking out a book to read and not engaging with a device. Please ask students in your space to follow that directive.