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14-18 August 2017 - Our First Real Week

posted Aug 12, 2017, 1:47 AM by HSD Principal
We made it through our first full week of classes, complete with four kids who may still smell like onion, some displaced sports try-outs, and four hours of AXIS presentations. 

Thanks for accommodating your schedules so we could host the team and allow them to speak to our community. As you are able, help your students recall concepts they spoke about and connect their presentations to your course content. Also, I've already received an email from one of them expressing a desire to return to work here "as soon as this tour is done", so we may end up getting a teacher out of the deal too!

Divisional devotions and prayer will begin officially this Tuesday morning. Join us in the staff lounge at 6:50 to start your day off being encouraged by the Word and each other. The schedule for leading devotions is here and in the sidebar.

This Wednesday is our HSD Meet the Teacher afternoon. Unless cleared it with me, all teaching staff are expected to be in their rooms from 2:40 until 4:15 on Wednesday afternoon. You should have one session per course you teach; check the schedule to see when parents will be visiting you. And here are some brief guidelines for how to spend the time. If you only have a few parents, feel free to break script and just informally chat with them about your class and their work. To make up for having to stay late on Wednesday, there will be no after school meetings or responsibilities on Tuesday - unless you are a cross-over teacher.

High School Retreat is next week. If you haven't yet, fill out the chaperone form so ExCo can work out adult roles for the retreat. The day we leave for retreat - 24 August - will be a half day at school, but we will not have classes. Students will spend the time electing class officers and beginning to plan for Spirit Week.

A reminder from the library: Study Hall teachers may send up to five students per period to the library. Other classes may not send students to the library unless accompanied by the teacher. If you plan to bring your class to the library for class activities, make sure to reserve the space you plan on using (conference room, IT room, open commons) in Google calendar to ensure multiple classes aren't expecting to use the same space at the same time.

The Tuesday before retreat - 22 August - we will have the odd double blocks on the same schedule we used during the AXIS week.

In getting ready for our double double block week, I've provided some resources below in the Teacher Talk section. Look them over before our divisional meeting 29 August.