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15-19 October - ACSC Season 1

posted Oct 14, 2018, 1:21 AM by HSD Principal
We're one week into the quarter, and that means we have eight weeks of class before semester exams. Make the most of that time with your classes.

If you missed last week's ASERT meetings, here is the link to what was shared at the short HSD meeting. Short version: 1) plan on visiting other classrooms this quarter and 2) let me know if you want any specific books for PD. Also, talk to someone in your department since each department reviewed departmental documents and then made goals that teachers will be working on this year. Initial progress on those goals will be discussed at the first ASERT of the month for the remainder of the semester.

It is ACSC week for first season sports teams. The ACSC lists have been updated to include the managers who will also be traveling with the teams. You should see all players on Monday, so feel free to give them work to do while they are away.
  • The boys soccer team and girls volleyball team will miss school Tuesday through Friday.
  • The girls soccer team and boys volleyball team will miss school Wednesday through Friday.
Students who miss class for ACSC tournaments have five school days upon their return to make up missed work. That means that they should be caught up fully by Monday, 29 October. You can work with students in your classes on the best schedule for making sure that happens.

Tuesday for ASERT there will be an All-Staff Meeting in Tipunan.

On Wednesday, we will have a special speaker in chapel. Brad Huddleston will be here to talk about how device use affects us. The original time announced in the Community Bulletin was a misprint; Brad's session will be during the regular chapel time, and we will not be running a special schedule. Middle school students will be joining us for the session, so we will meet in Cadd Theater again.

Thursday during homeroom, we will be using a resource from AXIS, the group that did the seminar for us last year. It is the first part of a four-part series that we will go through this quarter. Depending on how this one goes, we may use more of their programs for homeroom in the future. Homeroom leaders will be sent instructions in a few days.

Friday during activity period, student leaders will have a meeting covering the Leadership Agreement. All other students will have an extended lunch.

If you've got small classes due to ACSC absences, it might be a good week to schedule a classroom visit.