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16-20 April - OZ!

posted Apr 15, 2018, 1:49 PM by HSD Principal
Seriously, go see The Wizard of Oz this week. You will be so happy you did.

Here again is the list of students involved in the musical who have leniency on work that is due this week.

Double double blocks pick up again this week. Here is the schedule we will follow. Remember that our week begins on an even block schedule with period 2.

The activity period on Monday means that seniors will often have an extended lunch and be able to leave campus with parental permission. However, seniors may not leave campus if they are ineligible. So feel free to hold that privilege over your seniors who may be slow at getting assignments turned in. Since eligibility checks are on Tuesday, the previous week's lists will be used to determine who may not leave.

Our ASERT meeting will be a high school division meeting this week. I will try to keep it short and sweet, so make sure you are in the staff lounge by 1:40 so we can start on time.

Next Tuesday, 24 April, will be Carol Foutz Day to celebrate her 25 years of service. There will be an after school party for her, and for a brief time during the day, the entire campus is going to drop what it's doing to read. As soon as I hear specifics, I will let you know what that means for our schedule.

Next Friday, 27 April is the Junior / Senior Banquet. The class of 2019 is hosting the event to honor the graduating class of 2018. Since the banquet falls on a Friday, those attending have permission to miss school that day. I am sorry for that unexpected inconvenience; I did not stay on top of the event and was backed into a corner. A Friday banquet will not be an option next year.

The day before Jr/Sr, NHS will be holding its second semester Blood Drive. As usual, students may not miss your class to give blood without your permission. 

Each house has about 7000 Php available to use for house events this year. If you are a house coordinator, either you or one of your house leaders may make a proposal to me for how you would like to use those funds. Do something fun to get your house together.

This week I will start having conversations about roles for next year with some of you. We have some potential teachers in the application process and I need to be sure I know what positions we still need covered for next year. Be praying for that process; Jessica Ransom and crew are scrambling to respond to each hint of interest as quickly as possible so we can get the teachers we need on campus.