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16-20 October - Sports Travel Week

posted Oct 15, 2017, 1:43 AM by HSD Principal
This will be a short update since we have a divisional meeting on Tuesday after school. See you in the lounge at 1:40.

If you haven't gotten around to filling them out yet, here are links to the HSD First Quarter Reflection and the staff feedback form to help admin focus on ideas from the BCWI survey last year. You will have time to fill them out at the end of the faculty meeting if you don't complete them before then.

Because the field was soggy and we didn't want you to get your socks wet for the sake of a drill, the earthquake drill scheduled for last week was postponed. I'll let you know as soon as it is rescheduled.

This is first season sports tournament week. Four of our teams will be traveling, and we will be hosting the ACSC boys volleyball tournament. Don't be pressured by students to let them attend games, but if you can spare the time and your students would like to watch a game, you may bring your class.

I'll save the other details for Tuesday afternoon. Remember that Tuesday mornings are high school staff devotions: join us for a short Scripture reflection and prayer to start your day.