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16-20 September - Back to Normal Life

posted Sep 14, 2019, 11:23 PM by HSD Principal
Spirit Week is behind us and so ends the start of school year season. From this point on, our schedule is fairly consistent through the remainder of the quarter. The remainder of the quarter is only three weeks of teaching though, so plan your class time wisely.

If you have not done so yet, right now please fill this form indicating your expected teacher goal area for this year. We will be using that data on Monday morning to plan ahead and make some decisions.

ASERT on Tuesday is our normal schedule. There will be a short HSD meeting after school. Following that, new teachers will proceed to the ESD lounge and returning teachers will proceed to Tipunan. Returning teachers will need a device.

You should have received an email about homerooms this week. We will be starting another Axis series, this one on social media. So that houses can have more opportunities to see each other, all the house members of the same gender will meet together to watch the video. After the video, homeroom groups will split up for the discussion time. Houses will meet in the following spaces:
  • Anastasis: Woodason & Barner
  • Kaio: Summers & Hong
  • Machaira: Hardeman (in L5) & O'Day
  • Tharseo: Winslade & Barlow (in P26)
Next week homerooms will meet in pairs again (check the Brother/Sister tab on the house sheet), so check in with your student leaders that they are coordinating on a plan for that time.

Also, your homeroom members should now be visible and accessible for you on Sycamore. You can find them by going to My School > My Students, then clicking on the 'by Advisor' tab. Because Sycamore is weird sometimes, you may need to click on the blue 'All' link to bring up your list. Sycamore only allows one faculty member to be assigned as an advisor, so for joint homerooms, only one teacher could be assigned.

During activity period on Friday, team photos will be taken for all first season sports teams. Athletes may change into uniforms during that time for the pictures. All other students will have a long lunch (though they may choose to attend the Comic Art Club during that time).

On Friday afternoon, the MUN team will travel to Brent for their local assembly. To make the start of the event, they will leave after period 6. The list of involved students was emailed to you all.

Next Monday, there will be a lockdown drill at 11:00. It is intentionally scheduled during lunch so we can practice that situation.

If you need a last-minute sub, Marion has a new cell phone number to handle volunteer contact. You may call her at 0998-397-1841; she's up super early. That number will also be in the Contact Info box in the left sidebar as well.

Looking ahead to the last week of the quarter
  • Monday, 30 September will be a Friday bell schedule with even block periods. Even though it's a Friday schedule, homerooms will meet that day. 
  • Tuesday-Thursday will be a regular schedule, except that instead of homeroom on Thursday, everyone will have a long lunch at the end of the quarter.
  • Friday, 4 October, there will be a half day of classes with all 8 periods meeting. School will be dismissed at 11:00. (FYI, ESD & MSD have no classes Thursday and Friday for their parent/teacher conferences.)
  • From 12:00-4:00 on Friday, high school will have parent teacher conferences. We will all be in Tipunan and parents can meet with teachers individually.
  • So parents can plan on which teachers they would like to meet with, you need to have reflective grades posted on Sycamore by Tuesday, 1 October. They may be updated later that week, but grades need to be as accurate as possible 
  • So it's on your radar, that weekend is also the Landry Volleyball Tournament. Games will be running that Friday and Saturday.
  • Then you get a week to relax and sleep in!