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18-22 November - Diary of Anne Frank

posted Nov 17, 2019, 4:30 AM by HSD Principal
We've got a few regular weeks coming up for a change. But the next three weeks are the last three instructional weeks in the semester. Yeah, that's freaking me out a bit too. I've only got a small handful of meetings with you left, then my days get a lot less hectic. 

As Crystal mentioned in her email, on Monday, students in Advanced Drama will be acting as Jews during the time of the Holocaust. This activity is meant to help them better understand what it was like to live through that time as they prepare to play their roles this week. You are not required to participate according to the rules Crystal outlined, but it would be helpful if you made their lives unnecessarily uncomfortable for the day.

Tuesday during ASERT, we'll follow our regular schedule. There will be a short HSD meeting followed by either TIP or Growth Groups. 

During homeroom this week, groups will meet in pairs again. Check the master house document (HR Brother/Sister tab) to see who your homeroom will be meeting with.

The Diary of Anne Frank will be running Thursday through Saturday this week. Go see it. Really. There are limited seats each night, so get tickets soon. The students listed below are involved in the play and will be on campus late each night this week. Because of that, they are allowed to ask for extensions for assignments and for assessments to be rescheduled if needed. The students below the break have a lesser involvement and should continue to have time to complete out of class work during the show.
Christian Malessa
Josh Diener
Jan Pieren
Keegan Wolfenden 
John Gorre
Gracie Ransom
Nina Colenbrander 
Nia Kuy 
Kyla Helwig 
Kharis Young 
Karis Bland
Peter Kim
HaJun Kim 
David Zhao
Hana Park

Judah Stumbo 
Asher Schultz
Ben Hagen
Zach Hagen
Qian Bland
Kye Hong

Since we had to reschedule it from last week, there will be an earthquake drill this Friday at 12:51 - one minute before the bell rings. Please review the instructions in the Crisis Plan Manual found in your room so you know how to instruct your students during the drill. This is the longest drill since it requires assembling on White Field. 

Our boys and girls varsity basketball teams were meant to travel to Hong Kong next week, but their tournaments were cancelled due to the political unrest. As of now, there will not be a trip, but Josh Manthe is working to schedule another opportunity for them. If that pushes through, I'll let you know as soon as I know.

A delegation from MUN (Model United Nations) will travel for their regional assembly next week. Students will miss classes Friday, 29 November, and Monday, 2 December. That list of names will be sent this week and students will bring their absence forms around for you to sign.