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18-22 September - Back on Schedule

posted Sep 17, 2017, 2:18 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Sep 17, 2017, 2:26 AM ]
We made it through a very busy Spirit Week - made even busier due to the unexpected day off on Tuesday. Thanks for being flexible and working through all the craziness. ExCo is still in the process of counting the coins from the coin drive, so it will be a couple of days before we know the official winner of Spirit Week.

Homeroom groups will meet this week for the first time after 3rd period on Thursday. Please fill out meeting locations on this sheet by Tuesday afternoon. We'll post them on Wednesday so students will know where to go. Since your homerooms have met during retreat, hopefully you'll have an idea about whether your group is large enough to make it worth splitting. If you have multiple staff covering your homeroom, feel free to split into two groups if your homeroom would like to. If you don't have a homeroom since you did not attend retreat, feel free to jump into one of the homerooms in your house. More information about how you can spend that time this week will be sent out in a couple of days.

I am remarkably on track to finish yearly goals meetings before break. If you have not completed your goals yet, heed the friendly reminder from Mars to get them completed before our meetings. The teachers I have met with have had some good learning goals; we want to keep serving our students better.

If you have not completed all the sessions for the Truth Project in the past, you should have received an email from me about a week ago alerting you that you will be attending it this year, beginning during ASERT next week. Walt Spicer sent an email with information you will need for the first session. If you completed the Truth Project, we will be doing other learning related to Biblical Integration.

High School Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place next Friday, 29 September on the last day of the quarter. We will have a half day of classes, dismissing at 11:00. Then from 12:00 to 4:00, we will be in Tipunan for conferences. Parents will be able to sign up for 10-minute slots with the teachers they would like to talk with. More information will be coming out in the next week, but in the meantime, keep grades on Sycamore as current as possible so that parents have an accurate picture of how their children are doing in your classes.

Two weeks ago we had issues with students clogging toilets on campus with tissue. This past week, it has been issues with students wasting supplies in the CRs: throwing entire rolls of toilet paper out windows and emptying soap dispensers. The Lambert CRs are the preferred victims. As you are able, pass through the CRs in your areas - even if it's just to just rinse your hands quickly. Right now, it seems like students feel like the CRs are off teachers' radars and therefore their behavior is inappropriate. I want students to feel like they will be discovered if they misbehave in a CR.

I will be off campus Wednesday morning for a Philippine Rugby Football Union meeting scheduling our season for this year. I will also be out on Thursday and Friday this week for a conference in Singapore.