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2-6 December - The Advent of Advent

posted Dec 1, 2019, 1:13 AM by HSD Principal
And just like that, we are down to our final instructional week of the semester. There is a lot to do this week, so I'm hoping we make it through all five days. 

If you haven't heard yet, there is a significant typhoon heading our way. It should pass to the south of us on Tuesday, but it's big enough that it's expected to disrupt life in the metro area. I can't estimate a likelihood, but it's possible that we will not have classes on Tuesday. Come up with a plan for your classes in case you lose an instructional day this week and let students know what they can do at home to stay on track.

Our basketball players return to class on Monday and they may wear their tournament shirts with uniform bottoms that day. MUN delegates return on Tuesday and may wear their MUN shirts that day. All traveling students should be caught up by the end of this week.

If you have not yet, click on and submit the following forms right now. We need responses to both of them by Monday.
This is also your last chance to check the Semester Exam Schedule. We need to publish it for students, so let Maddy know ASAP if you notice any problems.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have a HSD meeting (with special holiday snacks) followed by CPoE or personal PD time. As you think about your PD this year, a good source of evidence is student feedback. In each of your current PD folders should be a form called Student Feedback to Teachers. Please send it to at least one class of students before the semester ends. Please do not modify or remove any of the questions currently on the form, but if you would like to add additional questions to get feedback on your specific goals, you may add questions to the end of the form. Of course, you are free to send the form to all your classes to get a broader range of feedback.

Wednesday is our final chapel of the semester. Later that evening is our community Advent service; it will be a time of reflection, anticipation, and celebration. So if you're not busy planning or grading - maybe even if you are busy - come celebrate the season together. 

Thursday is the final homeroom of the semester. Homerooms will meet individually and a plan will be provided, but you are welcome to go off-script and do something different to celebrate together.

Friday afternoon, come have a Merry Little Christmas at our staff Christmas party. It will be a time of informal fun and celebration.

As a reminder, next Monday and Tuesday will be our last class days. Monday (9 December) will be a Friday schedule with the activity period moved to the start of day so ExCo and Student Senate can feed everyone pancakes. 

If you received a budget sheet for the 2020-2021 school year, please complete it and return it to me before the break. Ask if you've got questions.

As Advent season is upon us, we will have small ways to celebrate each day over the next two weeks of classes. Check the whiteboard next to the mailboxes in the staff lounge for ways to increase your Christmas spirit.