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21-25 January - Hardeman Tournament

posted Jan 19, 2019, 9:59 PM by HSD Principal
The rhythm of the semester is underway and students should be settling into it and getting down to work. 

Hopefully you were all able to complete your mid-year goal update. I will be reviewing and commenting on those as soon as I'm able.

If you still have a budget sheet out, get it to Mars by this Friday.

As you may have seen in my email, in the coming weeks I'd like to start getting rid of unused resources that tend to linger around high school. If your classroom or office space has books that you are not using and there is no plan to use again, please bring them to the office or relocate them to the tables in P19 this week. That will be the central location for interested people to peruse all of the books.

Tuesday for ASERT we will have a short HSD meeting, followed by work on your CEUs or CPoE.

The Hardeman Tournament is this week, Thursday through Friday. It will not disrupt classes, it's just a chance for you all to see lots of basketball without having to leave campus. Miko will put out a schedule of games in the next few days.

Thursday's homeroom will likely be spent getting ready for Ministry Day. ExCo and I will confirm that by chapel time on Wednesday.

Friday during activity period, team photos will be taken for all second season sports. All student athletes and coaches should be prepared for their photos during the scheduled time. Jan Pieren sent out a schedule for when photos will be taken.

Next week is Spiritual Emphasis Week. Be praying for Pastor Mike Augsberger and our students as the week draws closer. Based on your feedback, we will be running a block schedule Monday through Thursday, beginning with even blocks. The whole schedule is here. Tuesday and Wednesday are the same as a normal week, and Monday's and Thursday's schedules match. There will be an optional prayer time Tuesday during lunch, and ExCo will provide a pancake breakfast Friday morning before chapel and Ministry Day.

Speaking of Ministry Day, we need you all to let us know which sites you would like to be at. Go to this sheet and sign up for where you would like to serve. We need to fill all the white slots for each site, the gray slots are optional. Some things to note:
  • We need one staff member to go to Destiny's Promise. It would be helpful if that person had a personal car he or she could drive that would seat up to 8 students.
  • We need 5 to 8 staff members to go to Gentle Hands, and 4 of those should be people willing and able to drive a school van down to Quezon City and back.
  • We can take up to 8 staff members to Kalayaan Community Ministries in Tondo. That group will take a bus down to Tondo, leaving before the final chapel on Friday morning and returning in time for the 4:30 vans. It's possible we may be able to take a few additional adults if we can work out a personal vehicle to leave after chapel is over.
  • All remaining staff will come to Cuatro Christian School. We are planning to have students walk there and back and we would need some staff to walk with them. If that poses problems, you can work out taking a personal vehicle. 
I pray that you all will be encouraged as you work with students - and with each other! - this week.