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22-26 April - The Music Man

posted Apr 21, 2019, 1:34 AM by HSD Principal
He is risen!

Tuesday for ASERT we will have a full-length HSD meeting. I'll see you in the lounge at 1:45.

The Music Man runs this week. A list of involved students was emailed to you. Those students fall under the policy below from our Activities Handbook. Students will do their best to keep up this week since they will be in class, but for the purposes of school work, they are considered "away" in the same way traveling athletes are.

For students in theatrical productions who are required to be on campus four hours or more each night during the week of a performance, projects and tests scheduled during the week of performances as well as the following Monday and Tuesday may be turned in up to the second Monday after the production without penalty. This would normally include members of the cast, stage crew and tech crew. It would not normally include those with lesser involvement such as the make-up crew.

Students involved in the musical may wear their show t-shirts on Thursday to promote and celebrate opening night. In order to get students home early and allow younger children to attend, the show on Thursday will be a matinee. That means that students who require a longer prep time will miss the end of the school day. I will confirm those students and how much time they require and I will let you know. 

Next week, we will have Wednesday off for Labor Day. To adjust for that, we will have a Wednesday schedule, including chapel, on Monday, 29 April.

The following week, beginning on 6 May, AP and IGCSE exams begin. Check the exam schedules sent out by Joyce and Linda.

He is risen indeed!