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22-26 October - Change in Seasons

posted Oct 21, 2018, 3:57 AM by HSD Principal
I'm writing this Sunday evening and there is still no internet on campus. Hopefully, it will be restored by the time classes start Monday, or it may be a rough day. Interestingly, students thought that we had intentionally disconnected it to prevent them from using devices after our speaker on Wednesday.

It was really encouraging that all the shout-outs at the all staff meeting last week were directed at high school staff. From my chair, it really seems like you all are working really well together and I hope we are able to keep up that momentum throughout the year.

On that note, be planning your teacher-to-teacher visits for this quarter. They will be more helpful the sooner they are carried out so that you have time to reflect and adjust your teaching practices based on what you observe.

ACSC athletes should all be back in class on Monday. They have one week to catch up on missed work, so they should be on track by next Monday, 29 October. Many will be trying out for second season sports beginning Wednesday, but they need to prioritize catching up in classes first. You can let them know that if they are not caught up by Monday, they will be marked ineligible for the week. 

Tuesday's ASERT will be in the library. All MSD and HSD staff will be together, so you all can go straight there at 1:40.

Wednesday is ExCo's Appreciation Day. Notes and tickets will be placed in student lockers after school Tuesday and food items will be distributed in front of the high school office during lunch.

Aladdin Jr. is running this week. On Thursday there will be a matinee showing, enabling students to get home early and not be so tired during class on Friday. Some high school students will be missing part of the day on Thursday in order to prepare. I am working with the staff to finalize who that is and will send out a list when I've got one.

For homeroom, we will be continuing the AXIS series on relationships. There are no large-scale plans during activity period, so most students will have an extended lunch.

You may have seen Brian's email that we are renewing our subscription to Turn It In after all. That comes with two additional parameters. All MSD and HSD long-form writing assignments should be collected through Turn It In. We had some plagiarism issues first semester that were only caught because teachers got suspicious. We want to train our students well and catch them in the act now when consequences are less severe. Also, the deadline on Turn It In defaults to midnight (11:59 PM, I think). But we want to encourage our students to get sleep, so I'm asking that you change the deadline on your assignments to 9:00 PM on the due date. Please do the same if you use Google Classroom. It's a simple change that I hope will help shift our culture a bit.

No one has let me know about PD books they would like to get. I'm going to place an order in about three weeks, so if there are books you'd like, send the titles my way.

Next week is a short week. We will follow the normal Monday schedule, but there will be an all-school chapel on Tuesday. Tuesday will still be odd blocks, and Wednesday will be even blocks, but the times will be a bit shorter. Then you'll get to enjoy a four-day weekend before the final six weeks of the semester.