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23-27 October - Seasons Change

posted Oct 22, 2017, 5:38 PM by HSD Principal
Things should be returning to normal with most of our first season sports ending and our traveling teams back - with the exception of the soccer girls who will return to class Tuesday. They will be playing in Cutts Cup this weekend, but they will not miss any classes for those games.

Please check the homeroom sheet to make sure your student leader is listed.

For ASERT this week, all teaching staff (even those normally in Truth Project) will meet in the meeting hall (due to Honk being set up in Tipunan) to work on biblical integration. If you were at the last meeting, come prepared with a lesson in which you integrated biblical truth. 

It's late enough in the semester that we need to make sure students and their parents have an accurate picture of progress. Make sure you submit eligibility entries for students who are struggling in your classes. If you feel students are in danger of not passing the semester, make sure that is clear in your eligibility description, but also have a conversation with them to make a plan to improve.

I plan on starting classroom walk-throughs this week. And this is your first weekly reminder to plan on teacher-to-teacher visits. If you've got a conveniently free period this week, think of using it to watch another class in action.

This Wednesday is ExCo's Appreciation Day. One of the options is a non-uniform day for Friday, 27 October. ExCo is currently working on a way to differentiate students who are allowed to be out of uniform.

FYI, try-outs for second season boys' sports have been moved up to this Wednesday through Friday. Due to Cutts Cup, girls try-outs will still be Thursday and Friday next week.

There are 9 high school students involved in Honk, the JV production, this week. Since they are running a matinee on Thursday, those students will miss the end of day Thursday. I'll send out a list of involved students later today.

Classes are off Monday-Wednesday next week, and Thursday and Friday are single-block days. Tuesday and Wednesday we will have in-services; Brian will send out information with the schedule and content for the two days.