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27-31 May - It's the end of the world as we know it.

posted May 26, 2019, 6:39 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated May 26, 2019, 4:03 PM ]
This is it. We have made it to the final week of the school year. It feels like all the things are happening this week, so I'll try to make sure you've got all the information you need. Please read everything below carefully.

Monday is the final day of classes. This will be the last time you see students before exams - or possibly just the last time if you are not giving an exam. Make sure you provide any information they need for the week. You will see them briefly on Friday just to return materials and check out.

Monday is also all seniors' last day. They should come around with their check-out forms for you to sign. If students have returned all books and materials, you can sign them out in your class. If you have seniors first period, please let them know they will need to get their lockers checked either during period 8 or immediately after school.

Senior grades are due for all classes on Tuesday at 4:00PM. After that time, Mars will begin to print report cards, transcripts, and other end-of-year documents. Please, please, please, make sure seniors' grades are current in Sycamore - and posted! - by that time. It is a real hassle to have to reprint senior reports because a grade was not updated. If underclass grades are not in, posting senior grades may temporarily alter their semester grades, but just let them know if you expect that to be a problem. Here is a link to the instructions for preparing grades for reporting. It's written from the perspective of first quarter, but everything happens in the same way. Remember that since we use semester grades in high school, you will only see quarter 3 grades for second semester.

Tuesday through Thursday are semester exams. Refer to the exam schedule and make sure you turn up for any coverage you've been assigned. Students may come and go from campus during those days, but they do need to be in specified locations if they stay on campus when they do not have an exam. During the week, hallways should be kept quiet as students may be taking make-up exams during study blocks, and extended time exams are being proctored in L12 and P19. If you hear noise in your hall, please stick your head out and ask students to be quiet, even if it's not an official exam time.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have our final All-Staff Meeting in Tipunan. It should be fairly short so you'll have time to finish up those senior grades by 4:00 :)

Wednesday morning is our final All-School Chapel. Students may not be around that morning, but everyone who is on campus should proceed to Cadd at 7:15. This is expected attendance for all staff who work on Wednesdays.

Thursday is our Academic Awards at 11:30. Because of the senior brunch, this will also be held in Cadd. This is required attendance for all high school students and staff. Mars will give your department reps the awards certificates to be presented at that time.

Thursday evening Baccalaureate begins at 6:00. It is seniors' final community worship service as part of our school. There will be corporate music and charges/challenges by some parents of the senior class. The service is about an hour long and there will be a light merienda afterwards provided by the parents of the Class of 2020. Attendance is highly encouraged for all high school staff, but everyone is welcome to attend.

Friday is the last day of the 2018-2019 school year! It is a half day and school will end at 11:00 - see the schedule on the last page of the exam schedule. Students in grades 9-11 will come around that day with their check out forms for you to sign. From 9:05 to 9:25, students need to get their lockers checked. If you teach in Lambert or the second floor of Poppinga, please be in the hallway during that time to sign locker forms. A locker can be signed off only if:
  • there is no damage
  • there are no stickers, tape, adhesive, etc. stuck inside or outside
  • it is not "rigged;" you should not be able to open the locker without using the combination
If there is a problem, note it on the student's check-out form. Also, please check that students are signing out the locker listed on their forms. Sometimes students switch lockers during the year, but they are still responsible for their originally-assigned lockers.

At the end of the school day on Friday, we are going to try something new. Seniors will come to campus with their caps and gowns at the end of school. They will then proceed to walk through the hallways of whichever division they first attended at Faith. As they walk, students will cheer for them, then follow them to the circle for the closing ceremony. More information and instructions will be given during the awards assembly on Thursday.

Commencement is on Friday at 1:00 (not 2:00 as the school calendar said as of two months ago) in Cadd. Our seniors have worked hard to get to this point, so come honor their achievement. The ceremony is usually about 90 minutes and is expected attendance for all staff.

Teacher check-out forms should be in your boxes. Before you mentally check out from the school year, please be sure you have completed all items on your form and turn it in to the office. I will be available to sign forms Saturday and Monday morning, but the offices (business, IT, library) are not open on Saturday, so if you are leaving during the weekend, make sure to get those clearances by Friday.

All semester grades are due at 4:00PM on Monday, 3 June. Again, please make sure you have followed all the end of term instructions. Double check that everything is complete. Once we roll the year over in Sycamore - which will likley happen mid-June - you will no longer have access to your grade books from this year.

The end of year also means our ref in the staff lounge gets its annual purge and clean. If you want to save something in the ref, please label it with your name and move it to the bottom shelf in the drink ref. Anything left in the staff ref as of Tuesday, 4 June will be discarded so the ref can get its long-overdue deep clean.

We are also going to sort our mugs and tupperware collections. If you have personal mugs, plates, tupperware, etc. that you would like to maintain, please take them home or put them in your mailboxes when school ends. All mugs, plates, bowls, etc. left in the cupboard will be labeled HSD and put into circulation for general use next year. Tupperware left will be given to Home Ec. or Tipunan kitchen. And if you have taken any cutlery from the lounge to your class, please return it.

And, before you leave campus for the summer, please be sure your room is clean and organized. If you have personal belongings, please secure them or take them home. I am not worried about theft, but rooms get all sorts of work over the summer months and your things may be moved around during cleaning, repairs on blinds or desks, painting, etc. 

I think that's all. I hope this final week is a good one for you and you feel like you have ended the school year well.