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27 November-1 December - Race to the holidays

posted Nov 26, 2017, 4:52 PM by HSD Principal
I don't know where this semester has gone. There are only two weeks of classes left before exam week and the holiday break.

This Wednesday we will be following a special schedule in order to give Fine Arts time to rehearse for the Prism concert the following day. The periods and chapel will be shortened to allow 8th period to begin at 1:00. The schedule is below (just pretend the date says November 29, 2017):

On that note, make sure you attend the Prism concert this Thursday evening to see the results of the students' effort.

You will be getting a semester exam survey later today. Please fill it out by this Friday so we can plan the schedule for exam week.

You will also receive an academic award form in the near future. Respond to that form by Friday as well.

And as we finish the semester, please make sure you are flagging all students who are performing poorly in your classes as ineligible each week. We want to make sure students and their parents have had ample warning and time to catch up if they are in danger of failing.

Also, there are many students who have F's in Sycamore right now. I am hoping not all of those students are actually in danger of failing for the semester. If you do have students who are in danger of failing and not getting credit, please email me directly with their names this week.