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28-31 August - Recovery Week

posted Aug 27, 2018, 4:42 AM by HSD Principal
Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way with High School Retreat. Until the bus fiasco as we were trying to depart, it went as smoothly as any retreat I have been a part of planning. I know feedback I get is filtered, but I have heard good things though third parties as students have been talking. As you have opportunity, reinforce the ideas talked about at retreat in connection with your class content. And if you missed retreat, feel free to ask students about it.

Students have also had their recovery day, so feel free to jump right back into your course content. We will not be altering our weekly schedule for the missed Monday, so this week will consist of two sets of block days Tuesday-Friday.

Tuesday for ASERT, we will have the first of our ELL instructional times for this year. It will be a longer session since there is a lot to cover, so plan on being engaged for the entire ASERT time until 4:15. Meet in Tipunan at 1:45.

Thursday during homeroom, houses will meet to continue to plan for Spirit Week performances. 

By this Friday, 31 August, please post grades for your classes. It's already mid-quarter so students and their parents need to have a picture of their academic progress so far. If for some reason, a current grade is not accurately reflective, make a comment explaining why.

Beginning this week, I will be including teaching tips from various articles in the Teaching Thoughts section below. Be sure to check it out and glean any tips applicable to your situation.