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28 September-2 October - One More Week Down

posted Sep 27, 2020, 8:50 PM by HSD Principal
I'm writing this heading towards my first very late night on this side of the ocean. I had two days last week I had to stay up until midnight, but I've got a 2:00am morning coming up, so I'm still drinking coffee after 11:00pm. Good times.

We are quickly moving towards the end of first quarter. When we knew school would be starting late, we moved October Break back a week so that the first two quarters would be more balanced. That means that after you plan next week's work for your class, you will be halfway through the semester. Quarter grades are not official and are not recorded anywhere; they are just progress grades towards semester grades. However, your quarter grades should be accurate reflections of students' progress in your course(s). 

Since we are ending the quarter, we will be having Parent/Teacher Conferences next week. These are meant to be times for parents to connect with their children's teachers one-on-one to answer specific questions and address specific concerns. Given our distance learning reality, we needed to come up with a new way to hold these conferences, so... 
⚠️ Please do the two above things by end of day Wednesday so that I can send the sign-up sheet to parents. Better yet, just go do it right now and get it done. Also, make sure your grades are as current as possible this week since parents will be using that information to decide who they would like to meet with next week.

My expectation is that teachers would not have student conferences next week so you all could use that time for parent conferences. You may however, still choose to meet with students if you have the time and/or meeting next week would be important for your course.

You should have been getting notices about the weekly house challenges. Feel free to help your student house chairs by playing "cheerleader" and encouraging students to participate. Homeroom is probably the best time to do that since you meet on Fridays when the challenges are happening and all the students in your homeroom are members of your house. Points earned by participation in the weekly challenges will go towards Spirit Week, which will take place the last week of October.

Alright, I'm off to psych myself up for some middle of the night conferences. 

Have a good week.