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29-31 October - Reformation Week!

posted Oct 28, 2018, 4:59 AM by HSD Principal
Among other things, this is the week that we remember Martin Luther posting his theses to the door of the Wittenburg Chapel 501 years ago. In celebration, you can take off Thursday and Friday to contemplate the importance of orthodoxy and orthopraxy in your life.

Monday is the one normal day this week. ACSC athletes should be caught up in their classes by the end of the day.

Tuesday we will have an All-School Chapel in Cadd during the regular MSD chapel time. To accommodate that, we will be running slightly shorter blocks this week. The bell schedule is in the bulletin.

Tuesday after school will be PD time. We will have a short HSD meeting in the lounge. After that, those in the Philosophy of Education group will meet. Everyone else will spend the time on their own PD activities.

Wednesday we will also be running a slightly modified bell schedule since we will not be having HSD chapel. The even blocks are a bit short, and we will have a homeroom time and a special assembly in Tipunan to communicate some things to the student body.

Wednesday is the NHS Blood Drive. Come and give blood if you are able. Students need to ask permission before missing class to give blood, so they should be checking in with you before donating. Since it is a block schedule, feel free to have them stay in class to complete activities before going to give blood.

I am planning on placing the book order in the next two weeks, so send me titles of PD books you would like to acquire this year. I've got a pretty good list going already.

You will need to make sure you have accurate grades posted during the week of 19 November. Students need to know how best to prioritize their efforts leading into the end of the semester. 

And it's still a bit early, but be thinking about your end of semester activities. Each class should have a culminating assessment at the end of each semester. You can determine if an exam, presentation, or some other performance assessment would be best. I'll be asking for your plans in a few weeks so we can schedule the exam week. If you've got questions, just ask.

Thursday and Friday, I am requesting that - as much as is possible - you sleep in, relax, put away the planning and grading and do something that will refresh you. It will be a quick ride to the end of the semester, so take some time for yourself while you can.