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3-6 April - Race to the End

posted Apr 2, 2018, 4:57 AM by HSD Principal
It's 4th quarter already! I hope you all have had a restful break and feel ready to tackle the last stretch of school before summer. To ease you back into waking up early, we will have two 4-day weeks to start off the quarter.

Our first day back from break, Tuesday,3 April, we will be celebrating Tine and Jan Hardeman's 60th year. Classes will be a bit shortened and there will be a ceremony at the end of the day in the eponymous gym. The bell schedule for the day is below. You should have seen in Anette's email, but we will all be wearing band-aids in recognition of Jan's long-time service in the nurses' office. 

7:10 - 7:46
7:51 - 8:27
8:32 - 9:08
9:13 - 9:49
9:49 - 10:15
10:19 - 10:54
11:01 - 11:37
11:43 - 12:19
12:24 - 1:00
Hardeman Celebration
1:05 - 1:30

As is the first day back to school after the ACSC Track tournament, the students who travelled may wear their tournament shirts and track jackets on Tuesday, 3 April. Some may also wear medals they won so you can congratulate them on their performances.

The remainder of the first two weeks back we will run a normal bell schedule. Remember that Family Home Weekend is 7-9 April, so do not assign work over that weekend. There will be no classes on Monday, 9 April.

Beginning the week of 16 April, we will again run Double Double Blocks. As it is our year of trying out bell schedules, we will try one more variation that will put all the single blocks on Friday. I heard from several of you that not having all your classes on the last day of the week makes it hard to run your scheduled assessments and wrap up units, so we'll move the single block day to Fridays. That does mean that the week will start with even double blocks, so students will need to remember to go to period 2 first thing on Monday mornings.

If you haven't looked in a while, now is a good time to review your goals for the school year and check what progress you have made. You still have a quarter to adjust practices or try out new methods to help you meet your goals.