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30 April-4 May - Last Month Already

posted Apr 29, 2018, 4:47 PM by HSD Principal
May? Really? Four weeks from today is the final day of classes. Take a deep breath; you've got this.

Monday we are running periods 1-8. Tuesday, sleep in and eat waffles. Wednesday and Thursday are double blocks, and Friday will be singles again.

I will be gone Tuesday through Thursday for the Lead Team retreat. Steve Hong has agreed to be the high school OIC in my absence. Hopefully you won't need to call on him for anything.

If you haven't yet, nominate a graduating student for Outstanding Senior Girl & Boy this week. The final voting will take place next week.

Wednesday during chapel block we will hold the ExCo elections for next year. Look for an email from ExCo as they will need some adult help in conducting the voting. 

I'll see you all on Saturday evening for An Evening With the Stars as we recognize those who have hit milestones at Faith and honor and bless those who are leaving us next year.

Next Monday is 8th grade orientation/shadowing day. Current grade 8 students will join the grade 9s for blocks 4 and 6, and have orientation activities during block 2. If you have grade 9 students during 6th period, there will be twice as many bodies in your room for that period.

At the divisional meeting next Tuesday, we will have some time to go over the feedback from the homework study. Please review the student's responses ahead of time so we can discuss them.

Coming up things to be thinking about:
  • Next week the final exam survey will be distributed. I need to know who will be giving exams during finals week so we can plan the schedule.
  • Next week we will also open nominations for academic awards. Once again, awards will be connected to SLRs, so start thinking about who you would like to recognize in your class(es). Academic awards will be held on Thursday, 31 May.