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3...2...1...Take OFF!

posted Aug 3, 2015, 12:35 AM by HSD Principal
Here we go! Lots of things to juggle and info to remember. Below are several things already covered during Division Meeting (i.e. they're reminders). Please also check the side-bar for dates and other announcements.

- New Parent/Student Orientation: For those who are free tomorrow (i.e. not helping with registration or attending other meetings), please join us briefly at 9:15am for introductions.  We will be in Tipunan. Please stand along the back wall with your department colleagues so you can make an easy exit immediately after intros. You are also welcome to stay should you feel so inclined. :-)

- Goals Meetings: These meetings will begin on Friday Aug.14. Ms. Mars will send you a calendar invite.   The goals sheets are in your Goals folders (accessible by clicking the Professional Dev't tab above).  Please fill in these sheets before your scheduled meetings. Also please upload your Unit descriptions and corresponding Biblical Worldview Essential Questions into your goals folder. 

- Single Blocks: Please remember that we are running single blocks for the first three school days.  There is a Flag Raising Ceremony first thing on Thursday.  The bell schedule for Thursday has been emailed to you and can also be accessed from the side bar.

- Family Home Weekend: This coming weekend (August 8-9) is Family Home Weekend.  No homework may be assigned and no school activities may be scheduled during this time. 

- PLCs: Every FT teacher is expected to join a PLC group. You may access the PLC sign up sheet here or by clicking on the Professional Development tab. There are 3 topics already suggested. You may suggest more topics (add boxes if you need to) but please sign up for a topic. PT teachers are very welcome. 

More announcements on the sidebar!