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4-8 September - Double the Fun

posted Sep 2, 2017, 1:09 AM by HSD Principal
This is our first Double Double week. I emailed the schedule last week, but it is also at the bottom of this post for your reference.

We have our first fire drill at 8:05 on Monday morning. Turn off lights and aircon in your room, but don't lock your door. Please make sure your students are quiet on their way down to the elementary court and while they are on the court.

It doesn't feel like it with all the days off, but we are more than half way through first quarter. So students and parents can have an accurate reflection of their progress so far, please post grades by the end of day Wednesday, 6 September.

If your primary responsibility is high school this year, you should have received copy of your goals sheet from Mars this week. Complete it by this Friday, 8 September. We will begin goals meetings next week. If you complete your sheet early, I may try to get some meetings in this week as well.

Two procedural reminders:
  • As you are giving assessments, make sure to check to see which of your students have ESSPs and provide the appropriate accommodations.
  • Use the eligibility reporting procedure (policy) to alert students and parents about academic concerns, but pair each eligibility report with a conversation with the student involved to make sure you both correctly understand the situation.
And two reminders about rules:
  • Enforce the English Only Policy and give demerits as needed. From 6:30 until 4:30, you should not hear students speaking in other languages in classes, hallways, or other activities.
  • We have had some problems with students disrupting chapel; please spread yourselves out in Tipunan and call students on disruptive behavior. Again, feel free to knock students with demerits for inappropriate behavior.  
One week until Spirit Week: break out those costumes.

double double schedule