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5-9 February - Outdoor Ed & Double Doubles Begin

posted Feb 1, 2018, 9:20 PM by HSD Principal
This week begins our month of double double blocks. The schedule is in the bulletin, but Rose will also put a paper copy of the schedule in your boxes so that you can have one to reference throughout the month. Take the opportunity to try some new things in your classes to increase student learning.

I, along with several other high school teachers and seniors, will be at Outdoor Ed for the week. You can pray for safety, good weather, and that God would work in everyone's lives.

The list of students traveling has been updated with the ACSC Honor Choir students. Students will still come around with Planned Absence forms the week before they travel, but you can reference the lists now to plan ahead.

This weekend is the final eligibility check for students traveling for ACSC Basketball. We will use the regular Monday afternoon eligibility check on 5 February as the verification point. If you have an ineligible basketball player, Miko will be confirming with you.

Tuesday afternoon, your book study groups will meet again. Many of your groups will be missing several people, but just carry on with those of you who are here.

As opportunities arise, remind your students about what we all learned during SEW and connect it to your teaching.

I'm privileged to work with you all. Have a great week.