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5-9 March - Accreditation Week

posted Mar 4, 2018, 3:56 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Mar 4, 2018, 4:02 AM ]
It's accreditation week, so just about all of this update will deal with accreditation happenings. The team members have all arrived in country; I just had dinner with them and they are very friendly and understand Faith's identity, so don't be intimidated by them.

As you think of it, pray for the accreditation team and the process. We want them to understand our entire community and acknowledge all that we have done and will continue to do.

The team will be visiting your classes during the week, so please:
  • dress nicely and wear your name tag
  • have a chair available near your door for team members to use while they observe
Other than that, just carry on as normal. Team members do have the authority to interview all staff members, so if they talk to you, take the time to answer their questions as best as you can.

The following students will be meeting with the accreditation team on Monday from 10:15-11:00 in the library conference room. Please let them out of class at 10:10 so they can be on time. 
JuHwan Kim, Zach Hagen, Jan Pieren, Caleb Arguna, Erika Isleta, Ariel Yu, Grace Baik, Hojean Jin, SaeYoung Hong, Isabel Kuy, and Scott Gocon

The following student leaders will be meeting with the accreditation team on Tuesday from 11:20-12:00 in the library conference room. Please let them out of class at 11:15 so they can be on time. 
Jaden Hong, Mikayla Hagen, HaEun Baik, Melissa Reyes, Sunny Kim, Fernando Martinez, Bekah Lehman, BeomSu Choi, Michelle Ishak, Cameron Henderson, Grace Ransom, Harry Nam, and Mim Farkas

As Brian mentioned in his email, there are two mandatory staff meetings associated with the accreditation process. 
  • Tuesday afternoon: HSD staff will meet in the staff lounge with team members
  • Thursday afternoon: the team will share their findings with the school community in Tipunan
Both of the above meetings will include snacks!

    And a few non-accreditation-related items:

The MUN trip is still underway, and those students will miss the first part of the week. On Wednesday, after chapel, the ACSC choir (click the next tab on the sheet) will leave for their trip and will miss the remainder of the week.

To prepare for their upcoming concert, students in the instrumental ensemble classes - strings and band - will have combined rehearsals with middle school during homeroom this week. If the accreditation team has finished classroom visits by then, I will ask you to release those students from 3rd period early so they can maximize their rehearsal time. I'll confirm that for you by Wednesday.

Students in grades 9 and 10 will be off-schedule next week - 13-15 March - for IGCSE internal exams. Linda should have emailed you the details if it affects you, but plan ahead if you teach underclassmen.

And while you are planning ahead, all seniors will be away on the senior trip the 3-day week before break - 17-21 March. So the last day you will see seniors in your classes this quarter is Friday, 16 March.

The three days before break - 19-21 March - will be single block schedules and we will not have chapel that week.

Since it's happened twice, it's tradition! We will have our end of third quarter chili lunch in the high school lounge during lunch on 21 March.