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6-10 August - First Full Week

posted Aug 5, 2018, 5:13 AM by HSD Principal
Thanks for all your hard work getting ready for the first few days of class. Hopefully you felt prepared and had some good interactions with your students to kick off the year. You may not feel ready for a full week of classes, but be thankful that we have full weeks. Sometimes we start school, but don't have a full week for almost a month.

Students have until the end of day Monday to make schedule changes. So by Tuesday morning, your rosters should be stable as we start block schedule days.

If you have not done so already, distribute and discuss your course info sheets / syllabi with your classes this week, then make sure they are posted somewhere accessible to students.

This week, we will start our schedule of morning devotions and prayer. As I mentioned, by default we will pause at 6:50 each morning with whoever is in the lounge and pray briefly for each other and our students. Tuesday morning, I will lead a high school devotion, then Maddy will put out a schedule of who will lead each week; it will also be linked in the sidebar on the left. Wednesday mornings, other staff will join us for school-wide devotions.

Tuesday after school there will be multiple different tech training options for ASERT. Brian will send out a schedule of what is available. All teaching staff are expected to attend at least part of that time, so check his announcement so you know what to plan for.

Friday, we will have a high school assembly in Tipunan during activity period. We will give students some instructions and reminders for the year. Please attend so that you all are on the same page as your students regarding expectations.

If you teach an AP class, a rep from College Board will be on campus Friday after school to discuss the program and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Teachers can meet the rep in the lounge at 2:45.

This week you will get a survey from ExCo confirming your attendance at High School Retreat and giving you a chance to sign up for activities you would like to be a part of. If you are primarily high school staff and teach at least three classes, you are expected to attend High School Retreat unless you clear your absence with me first.

For another way to connect with and impact students: we are in need of advisors. Advising is a great way to get to know a group of students and to work closely with and disciple the small group of student leaders. We are currently in need of advisors to help the following groups:
  • Anastasis - 2 (currently has no point person)
  • Kaio - 1 (working with Dennis Chow)
  • Tharseo - 1-2 (Crystal and I were working with Jerry, but we need to focus on ExCo this year)
  • freshman class - 2 (currently has no point person)
  • sophomore class - 1 (working with Dennis Chow)
  • Model United Nations could use a co-advisor with Steve (at least for the semester)
  • National Honor Society could use a co-advisor with Carolyn
Let me know if you have questions or are interested in helping students by filling any of those roles.