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7-11 May - faster and faster, it's all downhill from here

posted May 6, 2018, 2:01 AM by HSD Principal
We're fully into the end-or-year fray beginning this week. Both students and staff will be trying to balance end-of-year requirements with transition emotions, so I hope you are all able to finish well and help your students finish and transition well too.

AP exams begin this week. Students who have an AP exam may be excused from classes on the day of their exam. Joyce has shared the schedule and student lists with you all. And IGCSE Exams continue, so students in grades 9 and 10 will be out of class when their exams are scheduled.

Monday is the Grade 8 Orientation. Middle school students will be joining us in high school from the beginning of the day through the 6th period block. If you teach grade 9 students during 6th period, you will have additional students in your class for that block. Please make them feel welcome and help them look forward to high school next year.

If you have not done so yet, nominate students for the Outstanding Senior awards. After nominations are in, final voting will take place this week.

Tuesday after school we will have our final high school divisional meeting. We will work on wrapping up the year. As you plan ahead, here's a link to the end-of-year information for you. We'll touch on some bits during our meeting, but most of the information will be important during the final weeks of school.

At the divisional meeting Tuesday, we will have some time to go over the feedback from the homework study. Please review the students' responses ahead of time so we can discuss them.

Watch your inboxes: surveys will be sent out this week getting input on semester exams and academic awards. I will need input on both those things this week since they have a long lead time.

Our new Scantron machine is here! A few of you have already used it, and it was put to good use tallying the ExCo election results. An unexpected glitch is that it doesn't use the existing item analysis forms. On the plus side, it's connected to the office desktop, so you can save a spreadsheet with results and a question-by-question analysis. There will be a brief tutorial on some of its spiffy features at the end of the faculty meeting.