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9-13 October - Picking up the Pace

posted Oct 6, 2017, 9:30 PM by HSD Principal
Hopefully you all had a restful break and feel ready to take on second quarter. If you haven't yet, please take a few minutes to fill out the First Quarter Reflection; it will help me prepare for the remainder of the year.

We still begin the week with the all-school assembly Tom talked about a few weeks ago. Everyone should assemble in Cadd Theater at 7:10 on Monday morning. Students likely do not know this is happening, so be in the hallways after the warning bell directing them. After the short assembly, we'll follow a slightly modified bell schedule the rest of the day:

Special Assembly (Cadd Theater) 7:10 - 7:30

Period 1 07:35 – 08:17

Period 2 08:22 – 09:04

Period 3 09:09 – 09:51

Period 4 09:56 – 10:38

LUNCH 10:38 – 11:17

Period 5 11:22 – 12:04

Period 6 12:09 – 12:51

Period 7 12:56 – 01:38

Period 8 01:43 – 02:25

Wednesday morning, 11 October, all students in grades 10 and 11 will take the PSAT before lunch. So all those students will miss blocks 2 and 4 that morning. Due to the testing setup, high school chapel will be in Cadd Theater that day.

On Thursday, 12 October, at 12:42 we will be holding our first - and hopefully only - earthquake drill. This is the longest drill we conduct and usually takes a full 20 minutes to complete. You can read the full instructions for the drill on page 18 in the Crisis Plan Manual, but here are the highlights:
  1. An alarm will indicate that 'shaking' has begun; everyone should Drop, Cover, and Hold as outlined in the manual.
  2. The alarm will end, indicating 'shaking' has stopped, but everyone should remain still for 60 seconds in case of aftershocks.
  3. After a minute, a gong will sound signaling everyone to evacuate to White Field. Avoid going under or through building as much as possible and lead your classes down to the field via the road.
  4. High school will assemble at the north end of the field closest to the gate and students will line up by grade and gender as in a fire drill.
  5. Please make sure your students are silent throughout the drill so instructions can be given and heard.
All the stuff is happening in the next few weeks:
  • The Landry Volleyball Tournament is this weekend - 12-14 October.
  • The MUN team will travel to ISM on Friday, 13 October, so some students will miss the end of the school day.
  • Our varsity teams have their tournaments next week - 17-21 October. Information and lists of students involved can be found here. The girls soccer team will arrive from Thailand at 1am on 23 October, so they have been given permission to skip school that day. Some may still choose to attend classes.
  • The Cutts Cup is the following week - 26-28 October.
  • Honk, the JV drama show is also 26-28 October. They will be holding a matinee show on the 26th and students involved in that will miss the end of the school day to prepare.
  • But following all that, students get a 5-day weekend at the end of the month. You all will have a 3-day weekend with inservices on 31 October and 1 November.
I will be starting classroom walk-throughs this quarter - possibly this week, but likely next week. As I come through your classes, I will be looking for a handful of specific things. I am working on the rubric/chart, but I will share it with you before I start walk-throughs.

Saddle up, it's going to be a quick ride to the end of the semester.