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9 weeks and counting

posted Oct 16, 2015, 12:32 AM by HSD Principal
If you thought Q1 went by in a blur, hang on for Q2. Please take time to care for yourself as the days get busier. Next week in HSD:

- Student surveys: The student surveys of teachers is now available in hard and soft copy as a (google survey). You will be invited as collaborators on the electronic format. Please make a copy of the form using a unique name for each class you want to do a survey for and use this copy for your class. If you want us to print out hard copies for you please let Ms. Mars know. The recommended period for having the survey done is mid-October to mid-November. Your summary and analysis of the data from these surveys will be discussed during your mid-year goals review in January. 

- PLCs: Please make sure you sign up for a PLC group. There are some new topics listed on the PLC sheet or you can suggest another topic on the same sheet for others to be involved in. The next PLC session is on October 27. 

- Extra curriculars: Our volleyball teams and (boys) soccer teams will be involved in the ACSC tournaments here and overseas from October 20-24. Thank you for supporting them by assigning work ahead of schedule or restructuring their assessment deadlines as you are able. The Senior production, Julia Ceasar, is also coming up at the end of the month. Please note the accommodations given to those heavily involved in the production:

 For students in theatrical productions who are required to be on campus four hours or more each night during the week of a performance, projects and tests scheduled during the week of performances as well as the following Monday and Tuesday may be turned in up to the second Monday after the production without penalty. This would normally include members of the cast, stage crew and tech crew. It would not normally include those with lesser involvement such as the make-up crew.

- Tuesday morning devotions: Sign up sheet is on the staff lounge bulletin board. Please sign up for an opportunity to bless HSD colleagues by leading prayer time beginning with a 3-minute devotion as the Spirit leads. 

- OIC - I will be out of the office from October 26-30 for a back-to-back conferences in Thailand including the EARCOS Leadership conference. Vice President Wendy B. will be OIC in my absence.  Thanks Wendy!

Have a great week.