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A four-day week!

posted Feb 19, 2016, 9:57 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated Feb 19, 2016, 10:03 PM ]

It’s a short week packed with activity as always. Deep breath…

- GRADES: We are at the mid-point of Q3 (actually a little past). On Thursday, I will be encouraging parents to check their child’s grades on Sycamore. This is only a progress report. If you have been updating grades on Sycamore regularly, you just need to post grades for your classes and add comments for those students with Cs and below. If you haven’t been updating, there’s a little bit more catching up, unfortunately. Please complete these by Wednesday @ 2.25pm.     

- ELIGIBILITY REPORTS: Our HSD Eligibility system enables us to track students who are struggling in their classes and hopefully provide support where possible. We rely on teachers’ input to flag these students. Sycamore won’t do it for us! If you have students who are struggling, please fill in the eligibility forms that are  sent out to you weekly.  Continue to use your discretion as to whether an ‘ineligibility report’ is in order, but at the very least students’ names should be sent as ‘concerns’ if they are struggling in your class. Thanks for your help.

- PD opportunity: Happening right here at Faith Academy from June 7-10, 2016. TeachBeyond presents….

Transformational Education: Developing ambassadors of redemptive change

If you are seeking ways to grow in faith and impact your community through the transformational power of the Holy Spirit, this is the conference for you. In the mornings we will explore issues surrounding transformational education and intercultural adaptation to help you advance your personal and professional impact for Christ. Afternoons will start with interactive case studies followed by sessions in the learning track of your choice. We are committed to the transformation of the whole person, so in addition to interactive sessions, you’ll find opportunities for networking and relationship-building with fellow educators, as well as time for personal reflection. Visit http://teachbeyond.org/teachbeyond-conference/ for more information or speak to Leighton Helwig.

Interested staff members may apply for PD funds using this form.

- ASERT: Session 1 - PLCs; Session 2: ST (those involved in Curriculum Review) and Truth Project. For session 2, all the rest may continue with grading, Curriculam Trak or Biblical Integration work.

Have a blessed week!