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Can you believe it?

posted May 20, 2016, 5:24 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated May 21, 2016, 10:57 PM ]

Last FULL week of classes.  Some things never cease to amaze…

- EXAMS: Apologies that the exam schedule has not been completed yet. With Joyce away, we have needed to scramble a bit.  Please bear with us. It will be out early this week. Seniors who need to take exams will of course do theirs this week sometime if not done already.  

- END of YEAR: There are many details and dates to remember this last month of school. For your convenience, please keep this End of year - need to know 2016 handy.

- SENIORS: This is their last week. Check out forms should be distributed on Thursday by first period teachers. The forms will be in your boxes by Wednesday. Grades for Seniors are due on Monday, May 30 at 8am.

- ACADEMIC AWARDS:  This will take place on Wednesday this week during our regular chapel time. On Monday, I will send out specific instructions as to how this will be run this semester. In the meantime, as before, lead teachers and department coordinators, please make sure you have appropriate blurbs for each award. 2-3 sentences is more than enough. By the way, the list of awardees has been finalized.  There were only a few awards where your second choice awardee was given the award. Ask us if you want to know.

- ASERT: There are no formal ASERT activities scheduled this week, although early release is still happening. Many of you are trying to finish off your Curriculum Trak and Curriculum folder work. Please feel free to use the time as necessary.

Have a great week!