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Constant improvement required

posted Nov 7, 2014, 10:13 PM by HSD Principal
At the recent EARCOS conference, I was once again challenged to reflect on my efficiency as a principal. Conclusion: I need help! :-) In order to make improvements and escape the 'tyranny of the urgent', I have been working closely with Mars to carve out time in my schedule for all the important things that need to happen. Here are some of the changes you might have already noticed and what they might mean for you:

With these things in place, I actually hope to see more of you in your classrooms and also find more time to be with students. I have a few weeks before the first semester is done to make improvements. Thanks for helping me serve you better. 
Mid quarter grades are due on Wednesday at noon.  Here are just a few reminders:

- You only need to enter achievement grades in Markbooks -- no attitude and work habits grades required. Please remember to simply replace/write-over the achievement grades already in your Markbooks (instead of creating a separate task).

- Please enter comments for each student who gets a grade lower than a B-. There is a character limit for comments. Your comments get truncated if you exceed this limit.