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6-10 November - Double Double Doubles

posted Nov 5, 2017, 1:57 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated Nov 5, 2017, 3:42 AM ]
This week begins our second run of double block weeks this semester. After next week, we will get feedback from teachers and students to see how it went and determine what we will do for next semester. Here is the schedule we will be running for the next two weeks.

Since the double weeks provide us with two additional activity periods, here is how our extra time will be used over the next two weeks:
  • Homeroom, 9 Nov: planning for next week's extended homeroom activity (more below)
  • Activity, 10 Nov: combined meetings for all ExCo committees, training for student homeroom leaders
  • Homeroom, 16 Nov: extended homeroom activity, combined with lunch
  • Activity, 17 Nov: house games in the gym organized by ExCo
ExCo echoed the sentiments you expressed at the last HSD meeting that it would be good for homerooms to have some longer, unstructured time to spend together, so we have scheduled that for next week. This week you will have a chance to plan an activity with your homerooms for that time - it will be just over an hour. If you would like to leave campus, your students will need to get permission slips and you'll need to organize transport. If multiple homerooms would like to coordinate on an activity, that is ok as well.

I will try to get more classroom visits in this week. I enjoyed the ones I got to before the long weekend; there was a lot of diverse student learning happening. If I visited your class, the feedback will be in your goals/PD folder for this year. If I did things correctly, you should be able to find it by clicking on the Professional Dev't link above. Your folder should be in the box on the right side of that page; you can click on the responses tab in the walkthrough form to see your feedback.

Here's your next reminder to schedule some teacher to teacher visits if you have available time this week. Once you visit a class, have a quick conversation with the teacher you observed, telling them one thing you appreciated, found effective, or hope to use in your own class.

If you class borrows Chromebooks for the period, remind them to sign out and return the Chromebooks at the end of the period. We often have Chromebooks go wandering as students don't return them - unintentionally or otherwise.

This week, we will continue looking at biblical integration during ASERT. All teaching staff not involved in the Truth Project should assemble in Tipunan. Next week we will have a high school divisional meeting, so let me know if there are any topics you would like addressed during that time.

And as we finish the semester, please make sure you are flagging all students who are performing poorly in your classes as ineligible each week. We want to make sure students and their parents have had ample warning and time to catch up if they are in danger of failing.