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First full week of the last quarter

posted Mar 31, 2016, 11:21 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated Apr 1, 2016, 7:10 AM ]

Fourth quarter activities have ramped up!  This week and next in HSD….

- SEUSSICAL: The show opens week after next (April 14-16).  Those involved will have a heavy schedule this coming week and next. Please note that by policy certain concessions for homework and assessments are provided for those heavily involved in the production. The list of involved students will be sent to you next week. Thank you for supporting these students.

For students in theatrical productions who are required to be on campus four hours or more each night during the week of a performance, projects and tests scheduled during the week of performances as well as the following Monday and Tuesday may be turned in up to the second Monday after the production without penalty. This would normally include members of the cast, stage crew and tech crew. It would not normally include those with lesser involvement such as the make-up crew.

- TERRA NOVA: Grade 9 and 10 students will not be in your classes at all on Friday, April 8. Terra Nova testing will be conducted in that one day instead of over two as in previous years to minimize disruption.

- GOALS meetings:  It seems a bit early to be having final goals meetings but they need to start early in the quarter if we are to get through every staff member in HSD. Ms. Mars will start to schedule these for the 3rd week of April. Before our meeting, please fill in your goals sheets (last portion) citing evidence for the institutional goals (BWEQs, Curriculum Trak, Curriculum folders) as well as your professional goals for the year.

- PLCs: In lieu regular PLCs this quarter, all the three designated PLC sessions will be set aside for HSD staff to discuss/work on the house system either in big groups or in houses. This Tuesday, please come to the HSD staff lounge for the first session of ASERT.  The second session is for Subject teams (folks involved in Curriculum Review) and Truth Project.  Everyone else, may continue to work on finalizing their Goals Sheets, Curriculum folders or Curriculum Trak.

- YOUR INPUT: What do you want to get better at in order to help students learn? Please let us know what professional development topics are most helpful to you. Email your thoughts to Brian Foutz or myself.

- REMINDER: If you are planning on a class field trip of any sort, please make sure to schedule it before April 30 (following the regular procedures for such things). Field trips cannot be scheduled beyond that date according to policy.

Have a great week!