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Gearing Up

posted Jan 18, 2015, 12:18 AM by HSD Principal
A lot of things happening in the next several weeks. Please make sure to take care of your health!

- If you haven't heard from her already, Ms. Mars will be contacting you over the next week to schedule your mid-year goals review. Please be sure to fill in the Mid Year section of your goals worksheet before we meet. You can access this document by clicking the Professional Dev't tab above and going to your individual folders on that page.

-The Hardeman Tournament is happening this week. We hope not to have too many disruptions to your classes but please anticipate them anyway.  More information to follow.

- The SEW schedule will be sent to you in the next couple of days. The daily chapels are all a part of our school day. Staff attendance is expected. Sign-ups for ministry day activities will also come your way very soon. We need everyone's help to pull this off.

- The following HSD staff will be heading to Subic for Outdoor Ed the week after SEW: 
    Hubert C.,         Sonia W.
    Hannah SL.        Jon B.
    Emilio D.           Becca VW.
    Crystal M.,        Dennis L.
Let's support them in prayer and whatever else they might need. 

Tuesday afternoon is reserved for a divisional meeting this week. We'll be running a protocol to get everyone's input on possible steps forward for biblical integration. See you at 2:30 in the staff lounge.

- There is box labeled Professional Reading in the staff lounge.  Please take advantage of these resources. Catalogs for distance education courses are also available. Take one if you're interested in pursuing continuing education.

Have a good week everyone!