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Going...and going...

posted Jan 30, 2015, 7:05 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated Jan 30, 2015, 10:02 PM ]

We blinked and February is upon us! We know it will go by even faster from here on. Please remember to relish the moments of fun and encouragement along the way.

This week...

- SEW groups are meeting this Wednesday during chapel. If you need your group list click here. Jon has shared with us all the debrief questions to go over with our groups.

- The Boundaries program starts next week. Please watch out for our revised bell schedule for the two Tuesdays that we're running the program. (It will be the same as the SEW Tuesday schedule.) Please already be in prayer for our high school students and for each other.

- The annual TB check of our students begins this week. The Health Office has created a detailed schedule for the week. Please check the Daily Bulletin carefully. If your students appear on the schedule during your particular class time, you will need to send them to the Health Office as soon as your class begins. No other notices will be sent out to students and teachers other than the one in the Daily Bulletin. They will only be gone for a short time. Thank you for your assistance.

- During our protocol last week, many of you indicated the need for dedicated time to work on biblical integration. For the second semester, all the Tuesday afternoons that were scheduled for PLCs will now be used for Biblical Worldview Integration Workshops (BWIW) or just Workshops for short. :-) These can take many forms (ie.large group, subject teams, individual work time). Our first large group workshop day is February 10. We will join our MSD colleagues. Tuesday this week (Feb. 3) is a free afternoon for HSD. :-)

- Please continue to pray for our colleagues and MSD students who are away for Outdoor Education this week.

That's all folks! Have a blessed week.