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Home stretch

posted Nov 14, 2014, 7:00 PM by HSD Principal
We've passed the mid-quarter mark! Take a deep breath everyone, Christmas break is around the corner. Thank you for getting your grades into Markbooks. I hope you are finding the process getting easier each time we do it.  We still had a few glitches, mostly technical in nature, otherwise it wasn't nearly as stressful as the first time around.

A few notes for the week:
- Please remind your students that their attendance during your final exams is MANDATORY. Exceptions are made only in emergency situations. We've already had families making plans for early departure in December! A reminder has been sent to parents but it would help if you drove the point home with your students as well. 

- The Staff Christmas Banquet is on Saturday, December 13. Please mark it on your calendars already. Full staff participation is expected. We have precious little time to celebrate as a community, so do join us for this special occasion. 

- The PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) has appointed a parent rep for each grade level. The list is not final yet but so far we have Lenae Hong (Grade 9), Amanda Ross (Grade 10), and Kristi Tan (Grade 11). This is just an FYI.  

- I will be out of the office from Wednesday to Friday this week to join an ACSI accreditation visit.  Maddy is OIC. Thanks Maddy!

Have a blessed week everyone!