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Last week of January -- really!

posted Jan 22, 2016, 4:53 PM by HSD Principal
This week in HSD....

SEW: Prayer for SEW will continue to take place in front of Tipunan everyday next week from 7:00 to 7:10.  Please join us. Remember too to sign up for Ministry Day.

ASERT: There will be a special ALL-STAFF meeting on the second half of Tuesday's ASERT schedule (3pm). Please carefully read the letter from Steve Pardue before Tuesday and share your thoughts during the session. Your feedback is needed and valued. Attendance is expected. PLCs take place in the first session of ASERT (1:45pm).

INTERIM GOALS REVIEW: If you have not done so already, please fill in your Goals Sheet and Student Feedback forms ASAP. The deadline has passed. 

HEALTH OFFICE: TB screening for HSD students will take place in the first weeks of February. A schedule for pullouts will be sent to you next week. You are free to keep any student in class for quizzes, tests or activities they should not miss. Please just let the Health Office know which students are in that situation. Health Office staff members will personally come to your classrooms to get students who are scheduled for TB testing each period. 

SECURITY: These past two weeks, there have been repeated reports from security personnel of unlocked classroom doors, windows left open, or lights left on in High School classrooms. Please make sure to secure doors and windows and turn off lights etc.; and please be extra vigilant on weekends.

NEW STAFF: Please help me welcome Courtney Dowell and Dae Gyu Lee to the HSD for second semester. Courtney is coming in as Education Assistant and will take responsibility for some study halls and some library lunch duties among other things. Dae Gyu will be taking the Korean History classes.  

Have a blessed week!