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Mid quarter mark!

posted Sep 5, 2014, 10:39 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated Sep 7, 2014, 7:08 PM ]
Thank you all for working toward getting grade information out to parents and students this week. By noon on Monday, all high school grades will be 'processed' and readied for emailing out to parents. Please make sure all your mid quarter grades and comments are in Markbooks by then (or earlier). Jon shared a document with us all yesterday, which goes through all the steps for entering grades and comments.  Click here if you need a refresher. Please remember to write comments for students who get less than a grade of B-.

Truth Project begins this week. Those who are participating may go straight to their assigned venues. Other staff members will meet in Tipunan to begin work on SLR rubrics.  Start time 2:40. 

We all have one week left to prepare for Spirit Week.  Check out the daily dress up themes on the StuCo facebook page. 

A reminder: As part of our professional development program, it is an expectation that teachers visit another teacher's classroom at least once a quarter. Ms Mars will include a Teacher to Teacher Visit form in each of your goals folders for easier access. Please fill these out after each visit.  It's a very simple form.

Have a wonderful week!