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More bits and pieces

posted Aug 13, 2015, 10:13 PM by HSD Principal
Hopefully we will see the last of our late arrivals this week. Thank you for your patience and flexibility in this area; and most importantly for your support for these students who are desperately trying to catch up. 

This week, for your action and/or information:

- Staff absences: There are very clear procedures to follow for planned and unplanned absences in the document called Procedures for absences. Please take the time to review this document. The list of Approved Subs is also available on the side bar on this site.

- Sycamore: On Monday morning, all parents will be sent their login credentials for Sycamore. Please make sure that your class syllabus and major summative assessment due dates are posted on your class pages on Sycamore. Parents will be checking those in preparation for Meet the Teacher day. Eventually [i.e. within another 2 weeks], ALL your summative assessment due dates should be available for students and parents to see]. 

- Meet the Teacher: Thank you for filling in the attendance survey for next Wednesday. Please review the Meet the Teacher reminders and guidelines that were sent a few days ago. Name tags and classroom assignments to follow. [Note: You don't need to print out your syllabus if you have uploaded this information onto your class pages in Sycamore. Instead, you might want to project your class syllabus for parents to see when they visit your classroom.]

-ATTENDANCE: First and fifth period teachers --- when you take attendance, please check either the present or absent box before submitting. Our system does not know what to do with blank entries, so each student must be noted as either present or absent. [Note: you do not need to bother with the Excused and Unexcused column.  The HSD office will take care of that].

-ASERT: Dismissal this coming Tuesday will still be at 1:30pm.  Class, StuCo and other Club advisers: Please come to the Activities Advising meeting at 1:40pm in the HSD Staff Lounge on Tuesday. There will be no other ASERT meetings that day as MSD has their Meet the Teacher event. 

- New Gym: You may have noticed the incredible new flooring in the Hardeman Gym. Even if you are not a coach or PE teacher, please help enforce the Hardeman Gym Usage Policies, especially during home games. It will take the whole community working together to make sure we take care of our facilities. So please do not be shy about reminding students and grown-ups about what's acceptable or not in the gym. 

-Central Office Conference Room: If you need to use the conference room at the Central Office, please run your request by me before booking with Ms. Cherri Jose. 

Whew!  That's all, folks. Have a restful weekend and be refreshed for the following week.