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Moving right along

posted Aug 31, 2014, 11:30 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated Sep 1, 2014, 2:22 AM ]
A month into school! I trust you are continually enjoying working with our students and colleagues. I am certainly very grateful to be working with you all; and was reminded again this weekend what a privilege it is to call you colleagues. :-)

A few things to take note of this week.

- Mid quarter reports are due next Monday, Sept. 8 by noon. Grades are required for all students but comments are only necessary for students whose grades are lower than a B-. Please be sure to attend one of the Markbooks training sessions offered every period tomorrow (Tuesday). Sign up here

*We've been mulling over ways that we might help students become more proactive in tracking their own progress. It would be interesting to ask students to 'guess' at their mid-quarter grade and ask them to articulate the basis for their 'guesses'.  Such an activity could bring to light some of their possible misconceptions about grading in your class or bring about greater awareness among students. Let us know if you decide to engage your students this way and what the results are.

- Truth Project sessions begin next week.  Please be sure to answer the survey that was sent out last week. Please check your email to access the survey. 

- PLCs continue tomorrow. Please track your discussion and determine a format through which you might want to share your group 'learnings' with the rest of HSD staff. (A google doc with bullet points would be an example). Two groups may be asked to share a 2 minute PLC slam in our divisional meetings. :-)

- Spirit week is in TWO weeks (not next week as previously announced).  There's been some concern about students in sports not being able to participate fully in hall decorations because of the afternoon practice schedule. So this year, let's try something different.

>Hall decorating will be on Tuesday afternoon and judging will be done on Wednesday.

>Chapel will be shortened that Wednesday to give more time for judging.

>As students will need to be supervised during hall decorations and PLCs are running at the same time, class advisers can alternate between hall supervision and attending PLCs; OR members of a PLC can opt to run their PLC during 7th or 8th period that day depending on members' availability. 

- As goals meetings start to wind down, I will be starting pop-in visits (walk throughs) into classrooms. I'll typically stay for about 20 minutes in each class.  If you are having a test or showing a video, I'll probably opt to return at another time. I will try to be as unobtrusive as possible. Please bear with me as I move from classroom to classroom throughout the school day. 

Thanks for all you do!